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Dr. Sameer Jejuirkar is based in Dallas, Texas and is a board-certified plastic surgeon and a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He focuses his craft on cosmetic surgery for the body, breast, eyes, face, and nose. Dr. Jejurikar has used his skills and training to help the less fortunate by participating in medical missions, including an annual trip with the organization Smile Bangladesh.

His education and training include being an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, attending University of Michigan Medical School and being part of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. His residency in plastic surgery took place at the University of Michigan Medical Center and his training in aesthetic surgery was at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.

He has memberships and certifications from Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, American Society of Plastic surgeons, of which he is an active member. He is also an active member of the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is a Diplomate for the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Medical Association.

He has had publications in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Annals of Plastic Surgery, Journal of Surgical Research and has written on Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery as well as Microsurgery. He is affiliated with three locations in Dallas, Texas, Dallas Day Surgery Center, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, and Texas Health Surgery Center Dallas.

According to, he was ranked as one of the top physicians in the country and had been awarded the Compassionate Doctor Certificate. This is based upon feedback left by patients about their experiences with their physicians. Only the physicians with near perfect scores for bedside manner and overall scores are selected for this recognition and only 3% of the nation’s 870,000 active physicians were given this honor in 2012, which would be about 26,000 who were awarded.

Dr. Jejurikar also runs a blog on his website where he writes about a number topics ranging from basic skin care, liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast reconstruction, the use of lasers and fillers, as well as myths about breast implants.


Wes Edens is a renown financial investor and business owner. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration. He is also known for his purchase of the Milwaukee Bucks and the owner of the eSports Team FlyQuests. He is the Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors for Fortress Investment Group. His career experience in the financial industry spans from his humble beginnings with the Lehman Brothers in 1987 to his current position with Fortress Investment Group, which was established in 1998. Wes Edens made his mark by becoming a partner and managing director at Lehman Brothers. While at Lehman Brothers he cultivated and honed his financial skills to catapult him to his next position with Black Rock.

Here at Black Rock, Wes Edens held the reigns for the private equity division as its managing director and partner. Wes Edens is best known as the man with the golden touch, he has an in tuned intuition on using his investment skill to create and build up businesses. His firm, Fortress Investment Group, is the first to become a publicly buyout trading firm. Due to creative share purchasing into the company, it is now worth billions since 2006. It seems that Fortress Investment Group will continue to grow at a steady pace with Mr. Edens and the collective founders championing the way.

As of 2008 Mr. Edens has been listed as one of the top 500 billionaires in the world. Eden was also responsible for the purchase of Springleaf Financial Services, a subprime lender. Because of his financial instincts the meager investment of 124 million in to Springleaf brought a major return of 3.4 billion to Fortress Investment Group and its stockholders. Mr. Edens is also the force behind Naionstar Mortgage formerly known as Centex Home Equity, a major subprime lender in the United States. With Mr. Edens making financial decisions, there seems to be no end to how for Fortress Investment Group will grow. Wes Edens is truly the man with the golden touch.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998. Previously, it was a private company. Fortress Group always has been benchmark within its industry. The company had its initial public offering (IPO) in 2007. During this public offering, the company was highlighted clearly as being the first most prominent private equity organization to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Presently, Fortress Investment Group is a significant worldwide investment management organization that controls more than $43 billion of liability for more than 1750 investors in hedge funds, private equity, and permanent capital vehicles. The organization has a policy of ‘strong risk-adjusted returns’ for both public and private investors over the more extended period. The company has more than 900 employees and has its main offices in New York. The company has three principal namely Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger.

The Fortress Investment Group has its areas of expertise that it has specialized in such as operations management asset-based investing, capital market, corporate mergers and acquisition, and sector-specific knowledge of institutions and organizations. The company’s asset-based investments via credit funds and private equity are constructed out of a wide diversity of assets, such as capital, real state, as well as financial vehicles which generate long-term cash flow. Fortress Investment Group has considerable expertise in owning, pricing, financing, and managing both financial and physical assets. In addition to this, the company’s operations management has created robust tools for mining value from the highly complicated investments it creates. Fortress shines at strategic, operational and structural ‘facts on the ground’ when supervising its portfolios.

For the two decades, the company has been in operation, and it has acquired in-depth proficiency in managing mergers and acquisitions. The company personnel understand and have connections with a broad range of management professionals, corporate board members as well as other corporate stakeholders.Fortress Investment Group employs its deep experience including its specialized expertise as well as various investments approaches to assist investors all over the world. The company plans include private equity, liquid markets, credit, and traditional asset management. Michael Novogratz joined Fortress Group in 2002 as the fund manager. Before joining fortress, Michael was working at Goldman Sachs.


Sussex Healthcare, a firm that provides care home services, has been offering care to seniors as well as adults who require specialized care for last twenty years. The two chairmen, Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani, have used their divergent backgrounds and skills to steer the company to higher heights.

The combination of Boghani’s experience in the hotel industry as well as Sachedina’s medical background, have helped create a vibrant as well as award-winning care network. The first Healthcare facility opened in the year 1985. Nowadays, there are more than twenty facilities that ran under the umbrella of the company. There is also daycare facility, modern gym as well as full-care residential houses.

It is important to note that the firm specializes in running live-in facilities for the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease and younger people with neurological disabilities as well as other cognitive issues. The company runs facilities, which take care of persons with extensive care requirements as well as those whose requirements are more limited. Sussex Healthcare has highly skilled caregiving staff as well as support team who are highly knowledgeable when it comes to taking care of people who live at the facilities.

Their facilities have programs, which encourage residents to remain engaged as well as active in their surroundings. This involves activity plans depending on the patient’s interest earlier in life and individualized leisure. Residential facilities at Sussex have skilled chefs as well as staff who prepare nutritious meals on a daily basis. They also take good care of those with special dietary needs.

About Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a well-reputed firm that provides care homes as well as support services. It is situated in Sussex. The company runs 20 shelters that provide services focusing on care for elderly individuals (including individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease). They also offer specialized care for people with physical as well as learning difficulties (including individuals with neurological disabilities).

For the last twenty years, the company has been headed by two co-chairs: Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Shiraz Boghani runs about 20 hotels. Conrad London St. James and Hilton London Bankside are examples of the hotels. Shafik Sachedina is a renowned dentist. He received his training at Guy’s Hospital in London.

Anil Chaturvedi is currently the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. He was appointed to this position in 2011. Due to his experience in the financial industry, he is one of the people who can be relied upon to help banking institutions meet their goals. At Hinduja Bank, he is tasked with the role of the corporate advisory. He has experience in a wide range of services offered in the banking industry. He has dealt with issues such as acquisitions, restructuring, mergers as well as inviting investors. He has a good reputation in the industry and the fact that he is the MD of the bank of good enough to influence business for this bank. Four the past four decades, he has been working in the banking sector. He has experience working in the private, commercial and investment banking sector.


Anil Chaturvedi is a holder of Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from Meerut University. He then enrolled for MBA at the Delhi University School of Economics. With this education, he was ready to fight for his space in the corporate sector. Since he had the passion for this work, he did not struggle to fit into the industry. He wanted to make it in the industry and grow his career, and therefore when he got a chance, he did in the best way he can. Over time he impressed various employees, and that is how he managed to move from one institution to the other.


Anil Chaturvedi started his career at State Bank of India. His role was to work on development and planning of the bank’s operations. He worked with this bank for four years before he left for another institution. However, he left after helping State Bank of India make over $500 million in four years. His record was great, and definitely, when he left, he was headed for greener pastures.


Anil Chaturvedi earned a position at ANZ Grindlays Bank and later moved to Merrill Lynch. It is at Merrill where his career became recognized. He spent 17 years in this investment bank helping it make huge profits through his brilliance in attracting investors.

Graeme Holm is the Co-founder of Infinity Group Australia. He launched his company Infinity Group Australia in the year 2013. The purpose of launching Infinity Group Australia was to provide assistance to Australians that would help better their assets and protect their prospects. Infinity Group Australia has transformed into one of Australia’s quickest developing debt decrease and currency running services.


Prior to launching Infinity Group Australia Graeme Holm had looked over and reviewed for several months difficulties/complications going on in Australia with the mortgage space. Graeme Holm discovered lack of continuing funding, information, management, and amenities for families. Therefore, he wanted an innovative method that would offer a private financier to help clienteles emolument their finances off much faster. With this distinctive approach in mind he was able to develop Infinity Group Australia and make such changes possible. Graeme Holm’s approach enabled clienteles to get rid of more of their mortgage loan within 3 months compared to using another banking source. The direction and sustenance from Infinity Group Australia enables clienteles to get rid of about $41,000 in dues within 12 months. Infinity Group Australia offers a wide range of services to its clients such as debt decrease, wealth establishment, and retirement possibilities.


Graeme Holm and his partner Rebecca Walker brought their idea to actuality when they launched Infinity Group Australia’s first workplace in the beginning of its development. Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker brought forth the idea of consistent direction and support for each individual while going through the journey of dealing with a loan. Graeme Holm constructed a beneficial method that enabled Infinity Group Australia to continue to help clients recompense mortgage loans in record speed throughout the years. Through the years Infinity Group Australia has demonstrated that this company stands by a positive, loyal, and helpful approach. Infinity Group Australia consistently helps clients feel at ease with economic worries and helps each of its clients to achieve their supercilious economic objectives.


Graeme Holm has several years of financial knowledge. He has 17 years worth of knowledge and expertise in the economic services subdivision. Part of his impressive career includes him completing several certifications. Graeme Holm has completed certifications in economic planning, real estate, and general economics. Graeme Holm created his successful company Infinity Group Australia after being around funding for almost a decade.


In conclusion, Graeme Holm is a very knowledgeable and successful individual.

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Recent news making the headlines is the appointment of Mike Bagguley as the Chief Operating Officer of Barclay’s investment. The move came as a means to reshape the Company’s investment options and ultimately return it to its former glory where it belongs. This new appointment only makes Mr Bagguley only answerable to Tom King who is the Chief Executive.

The former head of Macro Market was appointed the COO of Barclay’s Investment in November 2015. Mike who has served the Company for 14 years graduated in 1998 from the University of Warwick with a Bachelor for Science in Mathematics. The Bank believes that only Mike Bagguley best qualifies for the position, and his incredible skills would help propel Barclays investments. One of Mike Bagguley’s duties will be to align various infrastructure functions and ensure the coordination of all major projects in Barclay’s Bank. His skills should also help cut costs and at the same time improve profits.

Mike Bagguley while talking to the Wall Street Journal said that “the old FICC models no longer work” this is evident as the trading volumes for European Fixed-Income have dropped by 24% compared to the previous year. Much pressure has been imposed on Banks including stringent regulations which is limiting client activity. Barclays is one of those Banks affected by these tough, and for this reason, they are laying off workers and cutting off investments to adapt to the increased pressure. Mike Bagguley is in charge of several positions in the Company. He has been the head f commodities Foreign Exchange since 2013. He is the Managing Director and also the head of FX Trading. Other previously held positions include Head of Interest Rate Swaps as well as the head of FX Cash Trading.

Mike Bagguley is realistic, determined and a risk taker just like the former Chief Executive Bob Diamond. Analysts claim that this new change is a definite mark as all Banks are striving to strengthen their investment banking options. Bagguley takes the Chief Operation Officer position at a very tough time but also an incredible opportunity for him to showcase his brilliant skills.

Many organizations focus on health, but very few focus on eye care. Fewer are as renowned as Sightsavers. The UK organization focuses on eye diseases that relate to blindness. There are a surprising number of diseases and conditions that may cause blindness. Some people become blind because of accidents, but many go blind because poorer countries cannot afford medication needed to treat permanent blindness. Sightsavers finds creative ways to bring these necessary treatments to people. They also focus on making people aware of these issues. The organization also fights for blind equality. Blind people are often stigmatized in society. The company’s founder became permanently blind at a young age. This is the reason he fights for this cause.

There are many issues related to global eye disease. Sightsavers tries to identify these issues and find unique ways to solve the problems. The organization also raises money through fundraising. These fundraising operations usually collect money needed to bring treatments to people in countries like Africa. They work closely with the World Health Organization. The WHO created many protocols that are designed to treat diseases like trachoma and river blindness. River blindness is a disease caused by a parasitic worm. This disease does not have to be diagnosed before it can be treated. Sightsavers can simply distribute preventative antibiotics to people who are at risk. This method is extremely effective. Millions of people that risked permanently losing their eyesight were saved because of this organization’s efforts. Sightsavers uses technology to fight these diseases. They collect and compile large databases of statistical geographic information.

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Sightsavers has saved the eyesight of many people like Winesi from Africa. He was blind for a few years. He received surgery that corrected and saved his eyesight. This would not have been possible if Sightsavers had not intervened. Winesi was suffering from cataracts. This is a common eye disease that causes the lenses of the eye to become cloudy. This mainly happens because of sun damage. Sightsavers has come a long way. The organization was created to prevent blindness, and it is doing it in ways that founder Sir John Wilson likely never even envisioned.

Jacob Gottlieb is a son of Polish immigrants who relocated to the United States back in the 1960s in search of better working conditions. The parents of Gottlieb had successful careers such that the mother was a pediatrician while his father was a professor in economics. As a result of the early exposure in economics and medicine, Jacob Gottlieb developed an interest in the two disciplines where he pursued them in the higher education. The love and passion for investing were identified at an early age. For instance, when he was in 7th grade, Gottlieb won a stock selection contest that was held at his school. As a result of his newfound passion, his father set him up with his investing trading account. Later after completing his secondary education, Gottlieb enrolled in the university where he studied the two discipline of economics and medicine. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in economics and Doctor of Medicine from the University of Brown and NYU Medical School respectively.

Jacob Gottlieb at first had interest in pursuing medicine, and he even completed an internal medicine internship at St. Vincent Hospital before changing his mind and enrolled for a finance course on Wall Street. Changing his career from medicine to finance proved essential since it enabled him to develop crucial managerial skills. After completing his studies, Gottlieb began his trading in 1998 by working with Sanford C. Bernstein as an analyst dealing with global healthcare. After a short duration working with Sanford C. Bernstein, Jacob left to advance his career and became the healthcare portfolio manager in Merlin Biomed Group. Jacob Gottlieb did move from Merlin to Balyansy to become a top earner. After having an extensive portfolio gains Jacob and his team left the BAM and went on to incorporate Visium in 2005. Consequently, Jacob enabled the Visium to generate more than $8 billion worth of investment with more than 170 employees.

The popularity of Jacob is not a result of only enabling Visium to become the largest hedge fund but also by charity work he engaged. For instance, he was involved actively in the operation and the management of Covenant House. The Covenant House is a global organization that has been in operation since the 1970s, and the primary purpose is to help and protect children from a poor background. The primary focus of the organization is to give shelter, food and other essentials to the youth who are homeless as well as running away from human trafficking. Besides, Jacob is involved in Math for America Foundation.

Being able to have a steady balance of work and life is a skill that is necessary for any individual in the workplace who seeks an outside pursuit and passion. Jeff Herman is such an individual. As a law professional he has his stunning practice, and while he is not in the office or in a court of law he is out in the public advocating victims of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. Mr. Jeff Herman is the perfect example of what it is to be a symbol of honor and civility in the world today.

Jeff Herman has some rather interesting practices that allow him to be effective at law. From being able to take a widely speculated case and simplifying it to only the facts has been a method that has allowed him some of the highest rates of success in courts of law today. With the victim’s advocacy programs sweeping the nation and voices being given to those who had no such voice in times past, Mr. Jeff Herman has increased his pursuit to empower such people. Jeff Herman has some very notable methods what he uses to do such actions.

Because Jeff Herman has a heart for the people, this has allowed him to understand his client’s individual situations so that he can better assist them in any way possible. As being a trusted individual in the law field, Mr. Herman understands what it means to be overwhelmed at times. Some attorneys that are overwhelming often quit due to the increased mental pressure that is often brought on them in deep hours of the night. At such times Jeff Herman himself have thought about quitting the law field. But with professional doctors at the ready, such a decision was not made but rather utilized to increase his understanding of his clients and the legal field in better ways than before.

In conclusion, Jeff Herman has provided those seeking the law field with a fine guidepost that should be recognized and heeded to for all individuals seeking to embark on a career in the law field today.