Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

If you use the internet, chances are more than fair that you have used Wikipedia at one time or another. You may have even noticed how there is a link to the Wiki page whenever you look up something in your search engine. That is because Wikipedia has become the go-to for general public knowledge. It is now the internet staple equivalent of the encyclopedia, only it has more information currently than the latter does. With the English version of Wiki being in the range of 5 million articles, where the paper version counts 120,000. The difference in volume is staggering really, when you consider how briefly Wikipedia has been a thing. 

When you need the info, this is typically where you find yourself at the end of your search. It starts at Google and ends at Wiki. This fact is paramount for anybody looking to have recognizable status online. If your business does not have a Wikipedia reference page, it may not be considered as heavily nowadays. That is the impact the site has had on social media and the internet information age in general. The company is comprised of 280 essential staff and the rest of the info is on a volunteer basis. Anybody can update relevant facts. This does not mean that you can post anything however. The information is researched for credibility purposes. With the site getting half a million edits per day, an artificial intelligence is necessary to sort through the misinformation.

This is largely in part because of trolling (messing with people) or newbies who aren’t aware of Wikipedia’s practices as they should be. The API built into the system helps largely to detect damage from bad edits. The site is being refined constantly for the benefit of the person searching. This brings back the point of it’s importance to business owners or even solo advertising. The point is; when you have a Wikipedia page dedicated to you and your business, it gives the best impression to prospects who are serious about you. Either way you use it, Wiki is here to stay and it’s only getting better all the time. For business owners, it’s an easy way to explain your company without talking or even being in the room. For personal purposes, it can reflect a lot about an individual as well. What an age we live in.

Many company decide to hire Wikipedia writers instead of creating a business page of their own. Using a Wikipedia writing service ensures that you will get the cream of the crop of writers and editors in the Wikipedia world. Services like Get Your Wiki include guarantees that your page will not be flagged or taken down once they create it for you. Get Your Wiki also offers a continuation plan so that not only will they be the ones to make a Wikipedia page for your business, but they will manage any edits as your business grows. These Wikipedia writers are also versed in the rules of the site, thus the guarantee that the page will not be flagged or removed.