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It remains unclear how exactly the Blue Bell Ice Cream production facilities became contaminated but that is not stopping Blue Bell from taking immediate and decisive action to protect the health of its customers. After the dangerous listeria bacteria was traced back to the company’s home production facility in Brenham, Texas and previously at another on in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Blue Bell has issued a 100% recall of every product and is offering a refund for any ice cream product that customers have in their freezers currently. This is the first recall ever by Blue Bell which has been producing ice cream and selling it commercially for 108 years and it will have an effect on a variety of convenience and grocery stores across 23 states and some international locations.

Listeria primarily affects pregnant women and their newborns. However, older adults and people with immune systems that have been somehow weakened by cancer, cancer treatments, or other serious conditions. Blue Bell is keeping both the Brenham and Broken Arrow plants closed until the source and cause of the bacteria is found and the facilities have been completely sanitized. As for the other distribution and production facilities…once the recall is complete the company will test every product before either sending them back out to be sold or are destroyed. Currently, Boraie Development says the company is increasing its training program to its employees and their bacteria testing by sending daily samples off to be examined at a microbiology testing facility.