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There is nothing that beats out the development created b ClassDojo to help connect teachers and students to the parents. Very recently, ClassDojo has raised $21 million in a venture to help fund the tech development that can help connect educators to parents who want to keep updated on their children’s lives at school. Using the capital to grow their team, they are looking to complete the final creation of this useful mobile tool to help enhance the school experience and now bring parents closer into their children’s daily lives.


This new breakthrough in technology is allowing parents to avoid those once-a-semester parent-teacher conference meetings that usually involve longwinded updates on their children’s progress in the class. This in turn usually causes friction because of late chances to tell the parents about a child’s need for help in certain areas. Whether it’s a lack of participation in class or losing interest in certain subjects, teachers can provide instant connections with parents via video and messages. In fact, this technology allows for teachers to take pictures or videos of a child’s accomplishments to parents.


It’s a tool that is going to revolutionize how kids go to school in today’s age, and it’s the way to see how things go with kids at school. ClassDojo is a brand new app just beginning that will help parents and teachers connect to students because now teachers can let parents in on what is happening on a daily basis. This small new technology is going to change education.