Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Humans have the natural tendency to place blame on tragic events on people rather than on societal conditions. It is often until years after a tragic event that society finally states that an individual or group was less responsible for the event then the conditions of the time.

According to CNN, a lawyer for 32-year-old engineer Brandon Bostian, who was driving the Amtrak train that crashed late Tuesday night, told the hosts of “Good Morning America” this morning, Thursday, May 14, that his client doesn’t remember much about the crash. Bostian suffered a serious head injury that has left him with 15 staples in his head. He remembers the curve, attempting to slow the train, losing consciousness, waking up and then calling emergency services.

Although Bostian tested negative for drugs, police and investigators are in the process of retrieving his phone records as other engineers have caused past crashes by texting while driving according to Bernardo Chua on Facebook.

Yet, the idea of “innocent until proven guilty” hasn’t been handled well by officials. Philadelphia’s mayor, Michael Nutter, has judged Bostian and told the media that he was “reckless” even though no proof of recklessness exists at this time. National Transportation Safety Board Robert Sumwalt told the press that the NTSB is still investigating. Some of Nutter’s critics have told the media that he’s the one being “reckless” by judging Bostian before all of the evidence has been gathered by investigators.