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David Zalik is the official owner and founder of GreenSky Credit  with a position at the company as the CEO of the organization, so his business entails making sure that things are running smoothly inside of his business venture which he has capable control of. He is the boss, so what he says goes. David Zalik was not always the successful entrepreneur who got rocketed to the moon with his business plan and massive action steps towards greatness. He lived inside of the country where the communist movement was the most prevalent which feigned tyranny in the citizens of the country of Argentina. He and his family witnessed and experienced much hardship at the hands of a corrupt governmental system which obviously does not promote or endorse the action of starting a business for money in a free marketplace like the United States does. David Zalik was always fascinated by the subject of allocating an income through the means of starting a business even as his family and he moved to different parts of the world searching for the freedom that they were so desperate to discover. David Zalik and his family finally happened upon the fertile land of the United States Of America which is where he began constructing his master plan in building a business that allowed its customers to proved the goods and services of credit to customers who came to them. Thank his determination and hard work ethic that remained consistent a steady, he accomplished his goals and is now a billionaire listed on Forbes and the newest member of the billionaires club. His business system currently makes an average of about two hundred and fifty million dollars per annual cycle and company has about three billion and five hundred million dollars so far in assets derived from the loans they gave to the individuals and companies who needed financial assistance in some way, shape, or form. David Zalik never gave up on his goals and thanks to his vision and his ever continuing efforts, credit and loan services are now available to all who need to provide credit to their clientele base. sky-billionaire-David-zalik-built-a-tech-empire-from-age-14.html

One of the biggest names in the world of technology in the United States is that of Jason Hope. He is the co-founder of many of the technology start-ups and has invested in a stream of mobile technology firms over the years, which has grown to become highly successful. Jason Hope believes that even though it may seem that the days of mobile technology is over and the market of mobile tech is highly saturated, there is a lot of scope for growth, innovation, and development. Many of the mobile technology companies that he is associated with are researching on finding breakthrough technologies for the personal and professional use of the people.

As a technology enthusiast, Jason Hope is always on the lookout for new technologies. One of the latest technologies that have fascinated Jason Hope is the Internet of Things technology. He believes that the Internet of Things technology has the power to change the future and make things much easier than what it is now in many of the sectors and even in personal applications. Internet of Things technology would actually connect different devices on the same network and these devices would then communicate with each other and work as a unit. It would help in making things faster and efficient at work and also help in reducing cost. In many of the industries, including in the manufacturing sector, such a technology would assist in streamlining many of the processes and reduce the workload on the employees. Thus, it would assist in increasing productivity and improve efficiency while at the same time decreasing the cost of the processes.

Jason Hope feels that the Internet of Things is the next big thing in the world of technology and can help with the development of many sectors. He is excited as there are many IoT enabled devices that have been launched recently, many others are due to be launched soon. As more and more people get to know about IoT and use it, more, it would make its way into the mainstream world, which is what Jason Hope is hoping for. He believes that the smart technology in use today would be replaced by the Internet of Things technology in the future. For more info about us: click here.

The aviation industry has already started adopting the IoT technology, and Jason Hope says that IoT has many applications in the transportation sector as well. He has done graduation in finance from University of Arizona and Masters in Business Administration from the reputed W.P. Carey School of Business. As a futurist, he also believes that the human beings can live for much longer than the current average lifespan and research on it extensively; he donates generously to the SENS Research Foundation. It is one of the biggest research foundations of its kind and does extensive research on many popular topics, including anti-aging and mortality.

Eric Pulier is a venture capitalist and he provides startup capital to entrepreneurs with an idea, who are looking for funding to start their own companies or other small companies who are looking to expand but do not have the capital to do so. He has been on the front line, in the transformation of some of the best technology used today. As the founder of vAtomic he has helped many entrepreneurs to attain their dreams because he believes that without passion and capital, even the best ideas in the world can fail to be realized.

Eric Pulier is always searching for new ideas to invest in and with his experience, he has become skilled in recognizing which ideas are worth investing in and which entrepreneurs are passionate enough to fully invest their time and energy into growing their businesses. As an optimistic person in nature, he never doubted once, that he would be able to succeed, instead, puller has chosen to learn from his struggles in the management of the business and develop the tough skin needed to navigate the highs and lows of the technology industry. He credits much of his current outlook to the running of this first company The Digital Evolution which he founded at a very young age. The company also taught him the importance of quality customer service and delivering as promised, the two which are still a priority in all of his business affairs today. Other than referrals

Eric Pulier points out that pay per click type of advertising has been the most effective for his business. He advises entrepreneurs to always keep track of returns on their investments with each marketing method, to avoid being caught up in the excitement of new strategies without considering whether they are profitable to the business or not. He points out that his strength lies in the thoroughness of his business process, he completely invests time energy and resources into new ventures and in the development of new ideas.

Eric Pulier is from New Jersey. From a young age, it was evident that he was already a genius and that education was only going to play the role of sharpening him right from a young age he was able to handle programming tasks that were way above his education level. By the time Eric Pulier was finishing high school, he had started his own a database company.

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Eric Pulier is a great speaker, Entrepreneur, columnist, great author and a world’s greatest philanthropist. He has founded so many companies that are now worth billions of dollars. Eric is potential richest man in the USA and is currently helping so many children access basic things in life. The great entrepreneur has so many companies he has co-founded and even founded himself. They are Desktone, Akana, Media platform and also a company by name TM forum. He has superb entrepreneurial skills and a great master in business start-ups. He has been on the frontline helping businesses to start. They offer basic guidelines on how businesses can succeed in life. He has hard work and passion and has been loved by many people because of his skills in managing several businesses across the great globe.He is also trusted by several business directors and is always respected by his high tech decisions when he heads several companies boards.

Eric Pulier the great businessman is a citizen of the United States of America a county called New Jersey. He joined the Havard University and Pursued a course in Computer programming. Havard is believed to be the leading company in World and therefore the skills he got from his days in the campus were enough to take him to the next level. At his time in school, he got to exercise his skills and started writing articles for the university press. He talked in terrorism insecurity. He also focused more of his attention on technology. He had skills that were even published on the Havard’s school blog site. He wrote until he left the campus to write his own book. He has several journals published by different media of the United States of America.

Eric Pulier through his technological skills has been tagged as a great World philanthropist. He is always on the first line towards helping children suffering from chronic diseases. He has contributed a lot of funds towards ensuring that stigma for the children suffering from these diseases. His greatest effort in this issue is creating a platform for children with these diseases to interact freely. The fund he has been helping is called “painted turtle”.He has also been on the board of several non-governmental organizations and is at the heart of many needy people. He is loved for his passion in caring for the less fortunate.

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With the benefits of organizational restructuring ranging from new talent acquisition to additional modern skills in management, Securus Technologies was excited to announce the addition of an executive staff member in the sales department. Mr. John Bell joined the high-tech team in late 2015. He was appointed the senior vice president of the sales team.

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Bell John

Mr. Bell is an alumnus of Holy Cross, Wharton School of Business as well as the Kellogg School of Management. Throughout his professional career, he worked at IBM, AT&T, Time Warner Cable as well as Verizon companies. Following his extensive experience in the mentioned companies, Bell was put in charge of 100 people in the sales team. This number includes sixty individuals in the field as well as sales associates.


Rick Smith is the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies. He was elected in July 2008. Most individuals believed that he was the right person for the job following his vast experience in technological companies. Throughout his career, Smith has executed focus and drive to achieve great career objectives. This is what has enabled him to drive Securus technologies to a level of receiving massive positive customer reviews over the years. With his unique talent and leadership skills, Smith has always chaired the development of new technological gadgets to aid in communication in correctional facilities. From working in the finance sector, operations, business development, information technology and telecommunications, Smith understands the importance of technology in business. He has always exuded excellent leadership skills while handling employees.


Smith’s expertise in the technological industry began in 1972 to1998 where he worked in several companies across North America. At Global Crossing, he was the chief information officer as well as the controller. He later joined Frontier Information Technologies where he was the president. From Frontier, he joined Midwest Telephone Operations as the vice president. His great corporation in those companies landed him in Network Plant Operations where he was appointed the director of business development. He was also the president in the sector of finance.


Smith is a career executive and scholar with strong academic credentials. He is a holder of an associate’s degree having majored in information technology from the Institute of Rochester. Being visionary, he advanced his studies at the University of New York State. He also attended the Simon School of Rochester University for an MBA. Visit for more info.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the leading correctional facilities service providers of communications gadgets. The organization has its headquarter in Dallas. Since its establishment, Securus Technologies has developed at least one safe communication device for inmates in a month. A testament to its ability to serve diligently, Rick Smith Securus bagged the Stevie Gold Awards for best customer service in 2016.

2016 has been a good year for Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, and everyone that is associated with them. They made news this year for winning two awards and now they are making even more positive news for making upgrades to their video chat . Things just keep looking up for Talk Fusion and many people are saying that 2016 is going to be the best year yet for the company. However, this is the type of company that is only going to get bigger and better as time goes on because they have the right mentality and the right people working there. Every year is going to better as there are things here and there they like to tweak with and improve.


Here is the cold, hard facts, though: Talk Fusion is already terrific and it is like a fine wine in that the older it gets, the better it will be, which is saying something considering all they have done so far. They really wanted to make the video chat look and feel better. A lot of people rely on it to track their business and see how it is growing and see what the employees are doing in terms of progress. They want to use Talk Fusion to the fullest.


Everybody wants their business to grow. A lot of people have quit their day jobs because of Talk Fusion and they have put a lot of faith and trust in the company. It has made their lives better than they ever could have imagined. They offer video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences. These are all useful tools for someone that wants to start their own business from home and really make it as successful as possible. If someone is running a company, video emails are really helpful in that they allow people to send out mass emails to people that are interested in their business.


It is important to keep them updated and by allowing them to see the face of the person, they can really get a sense of what they are about and how much this truly means to them.