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Handy will soon be announcing its progress, and it’s the profit is expected to be huge. This is because the demand for online and even mobile home cleaning and repair booking services is getting better. Many people have started to embrace the idea.

Just two years after it was launched, the cleaning company has hit more than $ 1 million made in bookings every week. According to the operational officer, Mr. Umang Dua, the company has gone all the way from $3 million to $52 million in their run rate.

According to the owners of the company, Hanrahan and Dua, the services provided by Handy are offering good and quality services to the consumers and even the people working in the organization. The company has a brand new mobile app, and the cleaners employed in the company call it an ATM machine in the consumer’s pocket.

Handy treats its consumers and employees very well. Most of the cleaners in the company are professionals, and they are paid a hourly wage of $ 15 to $22. This gives an average of $ 18 every single hour. The services enables its employees a very convenient job because they can choose their working hours and the pay is good too.

Handy and Homejoy are the two major cleaning companies in the country, and the great revenue that has emerged have come after the two companies decided to redefine the businesses by rebranding and introducing the new apps for the mobile devises.

With time, many consumers are adapting to the idea of booking the cleaning services using their mobile phones. There are several mandatory checks done on the professional cleaners in the company, and this assures the consumers of their security. The employees are well vetted in all levels.

According to Hanrahan, the services provided by the company will be like a simple remote control in the consumer’s home. The company looks forward to improve its facilities in the recent months to serve the consumers even better.

Handy and Home joy are both planning to provide better services, and they also want to do more for the consumers. Apart from cleaning, they will be introducing new services, but at the moment, the major revenue is believed to come from home cleaning.

The company is now in over 25 cities at the United States. It is also offering its services in Canada and London too. more countries will soon be enjoying this service.

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The business world has long existed without technology. In recent years technology has begun to infiltrate the ranks of the business world to not only aid in the dispensation of information and knowledge, but also to become a business in and of itself. Technology has become the reason why so many businesses have been able to boost their bottom lines, and some businesses have left behind their old ways to embrace technology as their primary business agenda.

There are a number of business men and women who have devoted their life study and their professional endeavors to technology. One such individual is Shaygan Kheradpir. Born in London, and raised in Iran, this individual commenced the course of study in technology in Switzerland. After completing high school in Switzerland this individual moved to the United States to earn a bachelor’s, master’s, and then PhD at Cornell University in upstate New York.

Early work entailed employment as a network routing tech, and then moving up into the ranks of management as a Chief Information Officer. Experience served well as technology became more complex. Garnering the information and experience necessary to boost many a company far into the information age and proving that technology and business are good partners.

As Shaygan Kheradpir has proven through life work technology can not only be an integral part of the business world, it can be the focus and main agenda of the business. Many companies have enhanced their service offering as well as their product lines to adjust to the ever changing technological advances.

Product lines are reflecting the need for better and faster technology that can keep not only the business well connected, but also the people who work for it. Getting work tasks done can now be simpler and faster no matter where the executive or line worker is located. Technology has also streamlined the process of developing better technology as well as manufacturing the prototypes used to test the newest advances.

The ability to test products while still in the development stages is also something that the newest technologies offer business. Some companies can actually put a test to the product before it ever even hits the manufacturing stage. This allows for the kinks and problems to be worked oout, saving many companies millions of dollars in failed products.

Saving money is something that technology is good at. If it is not at the testing and prototype stage helping to avoid flops form being manufactured, it is at the development stage that technicians can tweek ideas and make the new gadgets even better.

Technology has quickly taken its place in the business world. It can be used to track profits, engage consumers, and develop new products. Technology is making reaching out to new consumers and prospective business partners even easier. As the technology we use continues to get faster and more effective, our productiveness in the business world will continue to grow. Business may have existed without technology in the past, but the future demands technology in order to boost effectiveness.