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Americans love coffee, that’s no secret. Coffee keeps everything moving; America is a country of workaholics and people who have adopted the philosophy of, “I’ll sleep when I die.” Without coffee to keep everyone awake, even if only artificially, America would slowly grind to a halt. But U.S. citizens want more: more energy, less sleep, more time to live and make money. But to make this happen America needed something better, something more powerful than coffee. Dave Asprey believes he has accomplished this impossible task; he has invented the newer, better coffee, and he calls it Bulletproof Coffee.

What is Bulletproof Coffee? Essentially, it’s hot coffee blended with big, fatty, hearty chunk of butter. Coffee and butter; what could be more American than that?

It isn’t just coffee and butter, and surprisingly, Dave Asprey didn’t get his original inspiration for the bulletproof coffee concoction in America. In 2004, Asprey traveled all the way to Tibet to learn how to meditate. At first, the altitude didn’t agree with him, but he soon discovered yak-butter tea, a Tibetan drink that not only made him feel great, but tasted great too. Over time, Asprey perfected his own version of the drink but with an American twist, coffee.

Asprey is opening his own coffee shop serving his signature drink, Bulletproof Coffee. The drink contains coffee made from special beans that do not contain the toxins that Asprey claims to be the cause of jitters and crashes. It also contains butter that comes from grass fed cattle, and a derivative of coconut oil.

The bulletproof coffee mix is said to boost energy, curb cravings, increase focus, and even help weight loss. How can a 460 calorie drink to cause weight loss? The claim is that the fat-filled drink of Bulletproof coffe gets rid of hunger and sugar cravings for hours, helping those who drink it resist eating sugary foods all day long, so they can burn fat instead of putting on more. Asprey has even designed his own “Bulletproof Diet.”

With all the buzz about Bulletproof Coffee, will it live up to the hype? Many celebrities are already professing their love for the miracle drink; Jimmy Fallon even praised Bulletproof Coffee on The Tonight Show as Shailene Woodley sipped the drink during her interview with Fallon. Will it be just another shortcut miracle too-good-to-be-true fad? Or, is it possible Bulletproof Coffee is the next great American revolution?