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The Greyhound Diaries is a result of the brain-mind of Dough Levitt. Greyhound Diaries makes use of music to vividly describe the incredible stories of travelers who are always struggling.


The impact of Greyhound Project


The Greyhound Diaries project has lasted for more than ten years. The project involves traveling more than one hundred thousand miles using the Greyhound bus. It has turned out to be a huge success with the majority of songs being written and sang, pictures of travelers being taken and several stories being written.


This project drew an excellent portrait of how America looks like. Up to date, thanks to the project, two records have been released. A one-man stand show also resulted. Numerous writings have been published, photo exhibitions and web series have been hosted.


Dough Levitt’s personal life


Dough Levitt is an American singer and songwriter. He was born in the year 1972 in Washington D.C to Carol and Davis Schwartz. Before he embarked on his Greyhound Project, Mr. Levitt used to work as an international correspondent to top media houses such as NBC and ABC. In his family, he is the youngest child. His mother was a mayoral candidate and a city council member.


Dough Levitt’s strong educational background


Levitt attended public schools in Washington District of Columbia. He later proceeded to Woodrow Wilson High School. His education prowess saw Levitt get admission into the leading Cornell University. Due to his exceptional performance in academics, Dough Levitt was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship.


He proceeded to pursue his master’s degree from London School of Economics where he specialized in international relations.


The career successes of Dough Levitt


It was while in London that Dough Levitt made a bold step in shifting jobs. He quit his job as an international correspondent to concentrate his efforts on writing and singing songs. He worked hand in hand with David Henry who was a successful records producer. The two would later form a strong collaboration while working on Greyhound Diaries. Dough Levitt has showcased his amazing works in many centers and homeless shelters all over America.