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Many organizations focus on health, but very few focus on eye care. Fewer are as renowned as Sightsavers. The UK organization focuses on eye diseases that relate to blindness. There are a surprising number of diseases and conditions that may cause blindness. Some people become blind because of accidents, but many go blind because poorer countries cannot afford medication needed to treat permanent blindness. Sightsavers finds creative ways to bring these necessary treatments to people. They also focus on making people aware of these issues. The organization also fights for blind equality. Blind people are often stigmatized in society. The company’s founder became permanently blind at a young age. This is the reason he fights for this cause.

There are many issues related to global eye disease. Sightsavers tries to identify these issues and find unique ways to solve the problems. The organization also raises money through fundraising. These fundraising operations usually collect money needed to bring treatments to people in countries like Africa. They work closely with the World Health Organization. The WHO created many protocols that are designed to treat diseases like trachoma and river blindness. River blindness is a disease caused by a parasitic worm. This disease does not have to be diagnosed before it can be treated. Sightsavers can simply distribute preventative antibiotics to people who are at risk. This method is extremely effective. Millions of people that risked permanently losing their eyesight were saved because of this organization’s efforts. Sightsavers uses technology to fight these diseases. They collect and compile large databases of statistical geographic information.

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Sightsavers has saved the eyesight of many people like Winesi from Africa. He was blind for a few years. He received surgery that corrected and saved his eyesight. This would not have been possible if Sightsavers had not intervened. Winesi was suffering from cataracts. This is a common eye disease that causes the lenses of the eye to become cloudy. This mainly happens because of sun damage. Sightsavers has come a long way. The organization was created to prevent blindness, and it is doing it in ways that founder Sir John Wilson likely never even envisioned.