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With the benefits of organizational restructuring ranging from new talent acquisition to additional modern skills in management, Securus Technologies was excited to announce the addition of an executive staff member in the sales department. Mr. John Bell joined the high-tech team in late 2015. He was appointed the senior vice president of the sales team.

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Bell John

Mr. Bell is an alumnus of Holy Cross, Wharton School of Business as well as the Kellogg School of Management. Throughout his professional career, he worked at IBM, AT&T, Time Warner Cable as well as Verizon companies. Following his extensive experience in the mentioned companies, Bell was put in charge of 100 people in the sales team. This number includes sixty individuals in the field as well as sales associates.


Rick Smith is the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies. He was elected in July 2008. Most individuals believed that he was the right person for the job following his vast experience in technological companies. Throughout his career, Smith has executed focus and drive to achieve great career objectives. This is what has enabled him to drive Securus technologies to a level of receiving massive positive customer reviews over the years. With his unique talent and leadership skills, Smith has always chaired the development of new technological gadgets to aid in communication in correctional facilities. From working in the finance sector, operations, business development, information technology and telecommunications, Smith understands the importance of technology in business. He has always exuded excellent leadership skills while handling employees.


Smith’s expertise in the technological industry began in 1972 to1998 where he worked in several companies across North America. At Global Crossing, he was the chief information officer as well as the controller. He later joined Frontier Information Technologies where he was the president. From Frontier, he joined Midwest Telephone Operations as the vice president. His great corporation in those companies landed him in Network Plant Operations where he was appointed the director of business development. He was also the president in the sector of finance.


Smith is a career executive and scholar with strong academic credentials. He is a holder of an associate’s degree having majored in information technology from the Institute of Rochester. Being visionary, he advanced his studies at the University of New York State. He also attended the Simon School of Rochester University for an MBA. Visit for more info.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the leading correctional facilities service providers of communications gadgets. The organization has its headquarter in Dallas. Since its establishment, Securus Technologies has developed at least one safe communication device for inmates in a month. A testament to its ability to serve diligently, Rick Smith Securus bagged the Stevie Gold Awards for best customer service in 2016.

Thanks to Securus video visitation technology, family time is no longer a casualty of prison sentences. Securus Technologies has developed the next generation for jail visitation: a video chat. Normally, prison rules allowed families to visit inmates during a predetermined time [2-3 days per week], limiting communication, but this new service allows families to keep in touch in a more efficient and convenient manner. “This new service impacts children the most because prisoners are able to perform video chats after school and help with their kids homework. It’s much more personal now,” says one associate. Visitation by video chat is now available seven days a week.

How Efficient Is Securus Video Visitation?

When you consider the travel and wait time to visit an inmate, not to mention the limited visiting hours, it’s crystal clear that Securus video visitation is a convenient option. Many families take hours to travel to a jail, just to get a one hour visitation and in many cases, children under a certain age are not admitted. The Securus video chat is available any time of day, via computer kiosks set up in the jail and inmates can remotely visit with family members. “The video chat feature has become such an optimistic service,” says one associate. Imagine helping your children complete homework problems, or reading a story to your child.

Securus Services

Securus Video Visitation isn’t the only service available. Securus technologies also offers phone, email, and voicemail services that help families securely communicate with inmates. Securus also has mobile apps available, making video chats even more appealing. On-the-go visitation is a brilliant, innovative idea and has triggered a major shift in inmate visitation, in particular how children of inmates are impacted.

Until now, kids only had one option to visit incarcerated parents but Securus video visitation can strengthen those relationships. According to an article in Education Week, one of the byproducts of incarcerated parents is developmental delays in children like ADD or language and speech deficits. Video visitation maintains a consistent connection, thereby supporting a child’s mental and emotional health.

All of the Securus technology services can in one way or another, provide a more personal relationship, and also diminish or eliminate travel time to jails, depending on which service you choose, and the technology has been well received nationally in the same positive spirit.

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