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The Game of Thrones has not just been an entertaining film to watch but also a big lesson when it comes to cyber security. As its seven season draws to an end, the last showdown between the dead and the living also draws closer. As you keenly watch Jon Snow together with his allies as they prepare their forces for the coming war, it is clear that there is similarities that exist between the nights watch defenses and cyber security teams when it comes to the real world. Night’s Watch comprises of a family of unsung heroes who have sworn to safeguard the Seven Kingdoms safe from the northern border of Westeros. It is particularly their duty to defend the Wall against the invading forces of wildings, white walkers and wights. This can be compared to the responsibilities of the cyber security teams of today when it comes to keeping the corporate data safe from cruel cyber attackers.

The Night’s Watch has taught people a lot about being aware of zombie accounts. For one, it has shown that once an employee has left your organization, their digital account can still be a threat to security. According to research, more than half of ex-employees have zombie accounts. These accounts can be therefore used to access corporate data and apps. Cyber security teams should therefore ensure there are no active accounts of ex-employees in order to mitigate this increasing risk. The Game of Thrones has also taught us to take potential threats seriously. It is important for the leadership of any organization to make the appropriate investments so as to fight the increasing security immediately.

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