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While education is the foundation of productive societies, parents hardly know who is teaching their children in school. That is the main difference between Charter School of Rocketship Education and other schools. At Rocketship Education, parents are involved in the selection of teachers. These teachers are usually hired months before the beginning of the school course work.


According to an article written by Perry Stein of Washington Post, there is a segment of evaluation that involves interviewing teachers before admission to the charter school. These interviews are normally conducted at the main institution of the charter school in Washington D.C. The teacher’s interview is not a new thing to Rocketship. For an education system that operates 13 schools, it is bound to be a guiding policy that selects the best teachers to lead their children.

Parent’s Involvement

In the opinion of the chief executive officer of Rocketship Education Mr. Preston Smith, parent’s participation is a leading factor that establishes a strong foundation for the school. Having been implemented in 2007, the policy seeks to familiarize parents with the main handler of their children. Rocketship Education continues to receive national attention and public recognition for its customized as well as blended learning style the school has thrived on making the parental program its core focus.

Job Interviews

In each school campus, parents merge through their job interview panels. Often, three to six families undergo training in order to be able to conduct the interviews. In different scenarios, schools hold community meetings that allow the parents to meet the job finalists. The parents ‘input matter because hardly have the two parties had a disagreement concerning teachers vetting.


There are times when the interviewee figures out that they are not fit for the specified job. In such scenarios, a meeting is held with the presence of the parents. The agenda of the meeting is finding a way forward through a clear selection process. A testament to the seriousness of this institution, in an interview, a teacher walked out after intense grilling. The candidate stated that the parents were too intense and the pressure was unbearable. Smith explained that it was the right decision given that the team needed to settle with determined teachers who are ready to offer the best lessons to scholars.