Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Someone recently shattered an eating record. They ate 3 72 ounce steaks and the sides in twenty minutes flat. This must be some big man with an appetite to devour all that beef right? Wrong. The champion is none other than Molly Schuyler who weighs in at about 120 lbs.

Molly Schuyler is a mother of four who has found her niche in competitive eating. She has the record at The Big Texan now, which according to them, they have never seen before. The Big Texan staff reports that they have been holding the steak eating contest since the 1960’s, and they have never before seen anyone attempt to eat that many steaks, let alone the steaks AND sides.

For winning this contest, Molly received $5,000. WSJ suggested if there ever was a dream one would want to live out, it would be eating meat for massive bucks. Molly’s success does not only relate to The Big Texan, she has had recent success with chicken wings, bacon and mushrooms. This one isn’t just a one hit wonder, she does it all.