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The onset of crisis in the real estate industry has greatly affected America with masses moving to New Jersey, posing a threat to the residents. Being densely populated, this area is surging in a rebound of housing. Zillow, a real estate tracking device indicates that New Jersey has the highest shares of mortgages that are currently facing the risk of foreclosure across the state. Consequently, real estate businesses have significantly scaled back in the country. Although the foreclosure rates have tremendously trickled down, there are consequences that come with stringent policies in real estate. Basic fundamentals like the generation of households, high employment rates as well as home prices continue to be affected by the crisis. The future, however, holds a lot of positivity with the market trends shifting to bridging the gap between shortages. According to Philly Purge, the real estate industry is taking a new dimension towards growth.

 The Future

In Lawrence Yun’s opinion, the future of real estate in America could take a negative toll faced with high risks of housing emergency because of an impending shortage. With the progressive growth of demand and a low supply, housing permits are on the lower side when it comes to accessibility. It therefore, means that more new properties are hitting the market for sales. New Jersey is likely to move from the current situation to a worse scenario. Reports from Bloomberg continue to indicate that houses prices will shoot up within three years. New Jersey is not exempted from these effects.

Boraie Development

To solve the housing crisis, many new house developers have come up. One of these realtors is Boraie Development. Based in New Jersey, the firm has been gracing real estate with well architecture property. Having a track record of excellent performance for over twenty years, Boraie Development has accomplished so much in real estate. Perhaps, its real success story lies in the New Brunswick, a project that Omar Boraie worked to achieve lovely homes for the people of New Jersey. According to the leadership skills that have been exuded in the organization, Boraie Development is set to make tremendous steps in real estate development. This company works with all teams to ensure that the supply suits the initial demand of a client. With Omar in charge, the company has made tremendous progress. Boraie works with the best financial advisors, architectures, project managers, real estate advisors and agents. By creating strong relationships at work, Boraie Development has managed to win the hearts of many clients.

New Brunswick and its residents owe a ton of gratitude to the visionary and altruist leader, Omar Boraie. Forty years ago, Omar set out on a quest to transform the skyline of this American city into something spectacular. For decades, New Brunswick had been on a downward spiral and, the town became a ghost town after people left their offices in the evening.

Tower One is Born

According to the blog Central Jersey Working Moms, Omar’s first agenda once settled in was to secure an office space. The developer ended up owning the building, Tower One which housed his office and, the entire block eventually. By 2003, Mr. Boraie had bought over 20 high rises. Now the real work envisioned by Omar finally commenced.

Most of the high rise properties acquired by Mr. Boraie’s company were in derelict states. Omar realized that to attract clientele, then, hard work needed to take place to improve the quality of the residences.

Welcome to New Brunswick 2.0

Omar Boraie went back to the drawing board, with his experts, and, came up with new architectural plans. The infrastructure of the block got a massive overhaul. Tarmacked dog walks and small parks complete with benches got introduced. Affordable office spaces and retail spaces emerged to cater to the business community interested in calling New Brunswick home.

Critics and Naysayers

In the beginning, there were quite a large number of naysayers and critics to the ambitious projects by Omar Boraie. Many experts rubbished the claims by the immigrant from Egypt about being able to breathe new life into the desolate and stinking hell hole, Brunswick had become by the 80’s. Today, however, Omar proved to everyone what is possible with the right attitude and determination.

Boraie Development LLC specializes in providing high end residential and commercial properties to young professionals in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Their presence can be felt all across the state and nation, as well. The company has constructed million-dollar condos, high rise apartments and offices in Atlantic City, Newark and, in New Jersey.

About Omar Boraie

Omar, 72, is a highly successful property developer living and working in New Brunswick. His ancestral roots trace to the land of the Pharaohs, Egypt. As a student, he had a chance to tour the European continent and behold all of its majestic sights and sounds. Later when he relocated to America, he got a rude shock upon discovering how certain areas got neglected. The buildings in places like New Brunswick were in dire need of an expert retouch to make them comfortable to the tenants. It would take Mr. Omar 40 years to achieve just that.

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