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Mobile wireless services provide high-speed internet connection access to their customers from arbitrary locations. Today, services are no longer being offered like they used to a few years back. Technology advancement has played a tremendous role in diversifying service offering platforms to ensure cheaper and more accessible services to the end user. Mobile wireless uses wireless technology to broadcast internet signals everywhere. Contrary to when the technology began operating, nowadays, the connection speed has been increased significantly. Providers have installed high-speed servers in different places to ensure that users do not experience low connection speeds.

In the event that the user is also roaming on a different network, the connectivity has also been improved to an enormous extent. Because of the servers, contrary to before, the connection does not get interrupted when someone enters a building. What has made these services very attractive is the fact that they are even cheaper when compared to traditional services being offered by telecommunication companies. There is nothing as irritating as slow internet to many people, and that is why they will very quickly become loyal to a provider that offers a fast connection. At the end of the day, what we are all after is cheaper and better service.

One company that has brought ripples to traditional giant telecommunication companies is FreedomPop. This company was founded on the precepts that internet connection should be available and affordable to anyone. It offers free wi-fi plans to customers per month while giving them the chance to upgrade to unlimited access for only $5 per month. What has made this start up a phenomenal one is the fact that many people did not think that it would go this far. Many were associating it with the caliber of startups that make a lot of noise about how awesome their services are until they close business.

FreedomPop is not only in America. This company has also spread its wings in the UK. It has started with a sim-card connection service that is giving users free 200 minutes talk time to any network, free 200MB data as well as 200 text messages. Judging by the way things look, it will take a good share of the UK market as well.

FreedomPop does not take fear the big sharks; if anything, it is them who fear this company. Plans are underway to roll out the unlimited wi-fi service to all parts of the country. Talk about bringing affordable, fast internet to every mobile device. Because over 75% of the total web users are mobile device owners, this company has a dazzling future indeed.

Recent research shows that even the biggest number of online shoppers nowadays is mobile device oriented. Being a success so far, FreedomPop can only be expected to grow and offer better services. It has so far put the necessary infrastructure in place to be able to achieve that. The world is also very receptive to services being offered phenomenally nowadays. No one wants to be associated with analog services. Everyone wants to be involved in the best company offering the most phenomenal services.


Jeremy Lin truly had his fifteen minutes of fame when he was playing for the New York Knicks and absolutely took over the nation. Everybody around the country was talking about him and it wasn’t limited to sports. The president talked about him and nearly every news outlet was screaming Linsanity every single day. It was pretty surreal, as he went from a Harvard grad that was bouncing around the D-League and the NBA while getting 10 day contracts here and there to literally the biggest celebrity in the world for a few precious weeks. He took over New York and literally everyone wanted a piece of him which was apparent of facebook. Carmelo Anthony’s son told him to say what’s up to Jeremy Lin for him and literally everyone wanted to interview Lin about his rise to success. It isn’t hard to imagine that falling from that type of level is a big blow, but he did receive a ridiculous contract for how little he had played. He got offered a three year, twenty-five million dollar contract from the Houston Rockets and is now playing for the Lakers. He has played pretty terrible basketball since and probably will not get another good contract. His pay is going to go down substantially after this season, but he is a Harvard grad and it is safe to say that twenty-five million was invested correctly and he will be set up for life.

Technically speaking, Xfinity, Comcast’s internet offering, is pretty hard to be beat in terms of price and speed. While the company has been implementing annoying internet data usage caps, their caps range from 250GB to 300GB which is far higher than rival AT&T uses at 150GB. However, Comcast still reels from their past transgressions of taking advantage of customers and lack of customer support. In recent years, the company has been making an earnest effort to shed their negative image.

Now, the Comcast is looking to secure approval by federal regulators to purchase Time Warner Cable in a $45 billion deal. Online streaming giant Netflix has voiced their opposition to the proposed merger. Why? Because Netflix claims that Comcast has a dislike to them and has throttled their internet speed in an effort to stymie their growth.

Comcast is clearly threatened by any Netflix’s criticism. In their FCC filing, Comcast referenced Netflix 179 times and even claimed the streaming giant is too big to criticize their merger plans. Comcast is among companies like Kaufman and Broad who have adopted a zero tolerance corruption and business fraud policy directed by champions of transparency like Bruce Karatz who are adamant about non-engagement in anti-competitive practices that would slow down Netflix’s traffic. In fact, they accuse Netflix of intentionally degrading their performance earlier this year in an attempt to force Comcast and other ISPs to offer them free interconnection services.

After 59 U.S. senators voted for giving the green light to the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, we were told that the bill had failed since it did not garnish 60 votes. 60 votes have long been needed to break up a filibuster, according to Senate rules, but no one mentioned that anyone actually was carrying on a filibuster. Therefore, either the Democrats silently changed the rule without telling anyone, or the bill actually passed.

A simple majority has always been sufficient to pass most bills through both houses of Congress. Andrew Heiberger feels the bare fact of the matter is that a 60 vote “super majority” was only required to end a filibuster, not for every single vote of any kind whatsoever to be successful is a ridiculous setup.

Apparently, the Democratic controlled Senate has decided to end the need to actually filibuster by simply requiring 60 votes for every bill. That is undemocratic and will bring on gridlock like we’ve never seen before. There was a day when senators only filibustered on select occasion and had to actually get up there and do it. Now, they don’t even have to get up on the Senate floor. Next thing will be that every tiny thing will need 60 votes, and someone will always object.