Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Tacos are good all over country, but one of the capitals of Tex-Mex is obviously Texas. Lots of interesting businesses make Texas their home, even world class plastic surgery.

Dr. Rod Rohrich was born the 1950’s in North Dakota. He obtained his under graduate and postgraduate degrees at North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota. He then went on to Baylor College of Medicine to obtain his medical degree. Dr. Rohrich also went on to study pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University in England after he he did his general and plastic surgery residencies at The University of Michigan Medical Center. He also completed a hand and microvascular fellowship program at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Dr. Rohrich graduated with top honors in all of these programs. He then began working in the Division of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center, and later became the chairman of this division in the early 1990’s.

What makes Dr. Rohrich a renowned plastic surgeon is his compassion and care for his patients. He puts his patients safety first and foremost with every surgery he performs. Dr. Rohrich’s specialties include body contouring, cosmetic breast surgery, rhinoplasty, and cosmetic facial surgery. He operates out of two of the best locations in Dallas, The Dallas Day Surgery Center and Zale Lipshy University Hospital. Dr. Rohrich uses the latest technologies and only employs board certified anesthesiologists. Each of these facilities offer private rooms, or suites to expedite the recovery process. Prior to any surgery, Dr. Rohrich schedules an in depth consultation to help patients decide what is the best surgery for them and to make sure those goals can be met in a safe practice. He will go over the basic facts to best derive a surgery plan. Each surgery is unique for each patient. The key to his success is that Dr. Rohrich is that he individualizes each surgery that best benefits the patient. Cosmetic surgery should be thought out carefully and not be made in haste. He suggests that, prior to the consultation, for patients to list their top areas that they would like to improve, and he will sit down with them and offer the best way to achieve those goals.

Along with being one of the top plastic surgeons, Dr. Rohrich has also published several articles and has served on several board committees such as the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeon and has been a member other committees for the American Board of Plastic Surgery including the Ethics Committee and the Oral Exam Committee.

Jared Haftel is a young up-and-comer in the world of investment banking and he worked hard to get there. Haftel is a Duke University graduate. He began attending Duke in 2005 and graduated in 2009. In the 5 years Haftel attended Duke he managed to receive 3 Bachelor’s degrees in science, math, and economics. During the summer of 2008 while attending Duke, he also did an internship with Credit Suisse. These 3 degrees that Haftel received, as well as his internship, have helped to propel him into a career in investment banking and analyzing.

After leaving Duke University, Haftel has worked for several high profile firms. The early highlight of his career was working for Merrill Lynch as an investment banker analyst. With his career at Merrill Lynch he was responsible for tracking commodities information in which he focused on defense and aerospace, mining, metals, and chemicals industries. He also worked to provide top notch information and insight to high profile companies such as GeoEye and CONSOLE energy.

Working at Merrill Lynch has provided Haftel a stepping stone into other high profile firms such as most recently working as an investment analysis for Bank of America and as an associate for Vector Capital.

His pieces openly give advice and productive criticism to those seeking to follow into the corporate world he is a part of. His advice ranges from learning how to tie a tie, give a proper handshake, and have the right kind of attitude in the work place. Haftel also gives points on how to write a resume for a career in investment banking as well as how to interview for a position if you make it to that point.

Not only is Haftel an experienced investment banker analyst, but he is also someone looking to help others make the first steps to their career as well.

The business world is filled with people who have made some quick money convincing other people to follow their plans. However, those people are just talking heads. Vijay Eswaran is a person who has worked from the ground up to create a business that allows him to help other people. His QI Group started as an MLM, but it has grown to be a multi-national business that works in many areas of the world.

The goal of Vijay’s empire is to make sure that people have jobs and the resources they need to make their lives better. He wants his company to expand so that he can give more people jobs, and he does his own part to make sure that people all around Asia are able to learn how to succeed in their own endeavors. Most people who are looking to Vijar for advice can find that advice in his books.

The Books

The books that Vijay has written are all designed to give the readers a look into how he manages his businesses and his life. He has been able to write books about managing your daily schedule, and he has written books showing how he grew the QI Group into such a large company. These two books alone help people who need advice when they are striking out in the business world.

Vijay has been able to change many lives in southeast Asia with his businesses and books. He has also started more than one charity that is there to help people who need it most. He wants children to have the best start in life that they can get, but he also wants to make sure that young business owners do not give up on their dreams. He wants all the people around him to succeed as he has.