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With an incredible career practicing law in Puerto Rico at the young age of 27 to running Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid as deputy campaign manager for Puerto Rico, Franciso Domenech has made a deep political impact in the representation of the people of Puerto Rico that still resonates today in the politics of the island.

His political career began like many others, canvassing neighborhoods, organizing fundraisers for candidates and pushing voter registration. Moving up the ranks Mr. Domenech soon found himself as the chief legal counsel for the Senate of Puerto Rico where he oversaw the representation of the Senate and provided legal advice to the organization. In 2005, Mr.Domenech was appointed Director of the Offices of legislation services for the island. During his time as director, Mr. Domenech would grow the department to support 130 employees and introduced provisions that would assist in providing access to the blind and handicapped to the department’s services, all while delivering a constant surplus every year. Read his article at

In 2008, Mr.Domenech was quoted as saying that “there was too much at stake for his generation” in the 2008 presidential elections. He was a strong advocate for Hillary Clinton and was soon appointed co-chair of the HillBlazers. Later as Clinton’s deputy state coordinator, Mr.Domenech brought her not only large contributions as a lead finance co-chair but also an enormous 62-32 primary victory against then-Senator Obama. Eight years later, Mr.Domenech would again volunteer for Clinton’s second bid for the presidency as national co-finance chair. Once again he brought her large contributions and a major victory against senator Sanders in the primaries.

After his work with the Clinton campaign in 2016, Franciso Domenech would go on to be Representative Jennifer Gonzalez’s campaign manager. Although he received backlash for supporting a Republican candidate, Mr. Domenech echoed that his vision regarding equal representation of women and the advocacy of statehood for Puerto Rico, both which Representative Gonzalez was a proponent of, aligned with his beliefs. His work would send Rep. Gonzalez to the U.S Congress as the youngest person to represent Puerto Rico.

Today, Mr.Domenech is an entrepreneur, serving as a managing partner for Politank, a consulting business which he built from his home that assists large businesses with public policy and representation. Visit: