Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Jon Urbana is not your typical everyday person. Sure, he is human and has wonderful ideas, we all do. But Jon Urbana makes them happen. Jon went to college right here in Philly, at Villanova. His decision was based on the strength of their lacrosse program.

While he was at Villanova, Jon studied economics and continues to aspire as an entrepreneur. Jon was Villanova’s top rookie in 2002 and was a second team all-conference pick in 2003. Additionally, in 2004, Jon Urbana accumulated an honorable mention All-America honors and was also the Colonial Athletic Association’s Defensive Player of the Year.

Jon’s love for lacrosse has turned his dream to be an entrepreneur to a reality. Jon Urbana founded Next Level Lacrosse in 2011 with Lou Braun. Throughout his career Jon has received awards and recognition which even includes making it to the Tewaaraton Award watch list. Jon created the Next Level Lacrosse Camp to help other young players build skills alongside the players of tomorrow. The camp was named one of America’s 10 best lacrosse camps in 2015.

Lacrosse Article Mentions Jon Urbana and Next Level Lacrosse Camp from Jon Urbana

However, lacrosse is not the only thing that Jon Urbana is known for. Jon Urbana is also known for his works with charities. Jon works on Facebook with charities that work with Animal Rescue and Adoption. He also supports Earth Force Inc. ARAS is a no kill cat shelter and they are committed to providing safe haven to cats in the Denver area without homes. ARAS is the city’s most prominent nonprofit and a long time advocate against animal cruelty.

Besides the work Jon does with charities and his work with the camp, Jon is an amateur photographer. He takes photos of all sorts of categories. He takes pictures of meals, which is all done with both digital and vintage methods. His work can be viewed at his official blog; and also at can even follow him on Instagram at @jonurbana1.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

And his photography is not the only thing that he is interested in. Jon has a great interest in music. Jon was a late bloomer to the music world however, with nothing but Ableton software and a guitar at home. Jon has taken full advantage of all there is to offer in electronic music. He would remix songs and craft some original tracks. He recently built up a following on Soundcloud and he looks forwards to sharing more of his music.


When Dave Morin think of Philadelphia, the one thing that typically comes to his mind according to is the iconic shot of Rocky running up the stairs and jumping up with his fists in the air as he is officially ready for his epic boxing match.  Most people travel to the location when they are in town, but a handful of tourists got the shock of a lifetime when they actually ran into Sylvester Stallone at the top of the stairs.

They were in complete shock and who wouldn’t be at seeing Rocky himself standing at the top of the stairs that made him so famous. They jumped on the opportunity to take a selfie with Stallone and he looked to be very much enjoying the moment with the tourists.

The picture has hit the internet and gone viral and gained a lot of attention on social media sites such as twitter and Facebook. One thing is for certain, the three people that landed a shot with the famous Sylvester Stallone on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of art will have an extraordinary story to tell for the rest of their lives. One thing is for certain, they will not be forgetting this anytime soon.

Christmas is full of miracles, as two Philadelphia transit workers can attest to. A Philadelphia women went into labor while riding on the Market-Frankford subway train. 

Instead of just calling for help and standing by, Sgt. Daniel Caban and Officer Darrel James went right to work according to witness Bruce Levenson. They could tell that the woman was in distress and that her baby was not planning on waiting any longer. They helped the woman get comfortable and were there for her as she pushed the baby at. They were the first ones to hold her baby when it arrived. 

The baby was born at 5:53 on Christmas Day. One thing is for sure, this baby is never going to forget the story about how they came into this world. 

The woman and her baby are doing well, and were transported to a local area hospital after the transit workers helped her deliver her child. There is no word yet on what the woman named her baby. However, Sgt. Daniel Caban and Officer Darrel James were just happy that they were able to help and they got to take part in such a unique Christmas miracle. 

A police officer in Philadelphia, Mark Kimsey, responded to a priority call at 5:25 p.m. Saturday night. While on his way to his destination a Toyota pickup trucked rammed into the police cruiser.
Then, a teenage volunteer firefighter along with members of his neighborhood responded to save Kimsey from the burning police vehicle. The teenager, Joe Chambers, who is only 17 years old jumped into action to help. Chambers and another man had to drag officer Kimsey out of the window of the burning police cruiser. Other bystanders rushed to assist the injured passenger of the pickup truck.
Kimsey and the passenger were then rushed to the Hospital of University of Philadelphia. The passenger suffered head trauma, but is stable as well. The 17 year old Chambers suffered minor injuries, but Sam Tabar tells me he is otherwise fine.

The Philadelphia Eagles suffered a huge blow on Monday with news that starting quarterback Nick Foles will be out for an extended period of time with a broken clavicle.

Foles went out of Sunday’s game in the first quarter against the Houston Texans holding his shoulder following a sack by the Texans’ Whitney Mercilus.

The Eagles would go on to win the game 31-21 to improve to 6-2 on the year and move into sole position of first place in the NFC Eastern Division, ahead of the Dallas Cowboys, who dropped their second consecutive game.

Prior to the injury, Foles had been attempting to come close to his amazing output level from last year following a slow start. He currently has 13 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions for an NFL quarterback rating of 81.6.

Last year, Foles threw 27 touchdown passes while throwing only two interceptions. That gave him the third-highest NFL quarterback rating ever with 119.6. That resulted in a Pro Bowl appearance in which he earned offensive Most Valuable Player accolades.

Replacing Foles will be former New York Jets signal caller Mark Sanchez, who was signed by the Eagles during the offseason. Next Monday’s start at home against the Carolina Panthers will mark Sanchez’s first start in 23 months. Sanchez didn’t play at all last season after tearing the labrum in his right shoulder during the preseason. It’ll be interesting to see what Sanchez can pull off after this time away, so me and Bruce Levenson will be watching to see if the Eagles can continue their successful start to the season.

Can inspiration be pushed too far? This is the question that must have gone through the mind’s of more than a few people at a recent commencement ceremony. Normally, the speaker has the means and ability to give the speech at the university. However in the case of Goddard College in Vermont, this did not seem to dissuade the administration from chooser their honored guest. Who was their selection and why did it evoke more than the normal range of emotions at this event?

The man chosen is certainly no myth but is a legend for different reasons. Mumia Abu-Jamal graduated from this college back in 1986. This is an unusual school focused on alternative educational means. No exams or grades and the students spend approximately eight days on the campus two times a year. Nearly twenty students were in attendance to hear the thoughts of a man convicted of murdering a Philadelphia policeman.

Instead, he implored people to think outside the box and critically in all circumstances. Philadelphia law enforcement agencies were adamantly against his use as a speaker. Heck, even Khaled Shaheen was displeased. The widow was flabbergasted as to why the convicted should have a voice when her late husband was deprived of his decades ago. It was a peaceful ceremony but leads to the following question. Who knows what paths will be taken next to impart knowledge onto future classes at Goddard College?

Philadelphia hasn’t legalized marijuana, but they may as well have. A new law states that starting October 20, if you have less than 30 grams of weed in your possession you are now subject to a $25 dollar ticket. That’s a little more than the price of a single gram. I suppose that the judges were getting sick and tired of having simple possession charges backup their courtrooms. Music to my ears.

Other cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago are treating small possession of marijuana as ordinance violations as well but the fines are much larger. At a price of less than blowing red light, I wouldn’t be surprised the new law actually encouraged people to smoke due to the light consequences. Lawyers like Lee Lovett have been pushing for this for years.

It wasn’t clear, but I would hope you get the option. Whether it’s $25 for possessing or $100 for smoking, users can now exhale, err, sigh. Check out this video to see what the mayor has to say!


Signaling the official death rattle of the tobacco industry, Philadelphia is introducing anther new tax on the substance. Revenues from the sale of tobacco products have already dropped dramatically throughout the state, as new sanctions on smoking have hit in the past decade.

However, that hasn’t stopped legislators from putting further taxes on an already burdened addiction. The expanded tax will add $2 per pack of cigarettes, building on the tax that had been added to chewing tobacco three years ago.

A partial response to falling tax revenues from the sale of tobacco, one wonders if this move isn’t going to worsen the tax money collected.