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Jordan Lindsey is a successful Forex trader and the founder of JCL Capital. He grew up in New York and during his childhood greatly enjoyed participating in sports. During his youth he loved competition, and he realized that he had a mind of an entrepreneur. By creating businesses and looking for opportunities in order to improve things he knew that he would change the way the world function from a young age.

Today he is a self-taught programmer and systems architecture designer and has utilized his experience to develop trading algorithms. Recently he has created his own cryptocurrency utilizing an algorithm that will help to generate demand for the token. The algorithm uses the principles of supply and demand to cause an appreciation of the value of the token. The token was launched during the second half of 2017. When asked as to what has helped him be successful Jordan Lindsey has responded that his experience as a leader has led him to improve stability to run a team. In order to be successful, a team requires trust and friction. In order to be an effective leader you must be able to responsibly delegate duties to those that you place in leadership roles, and you must not micromanage them.

As an entrepreneur, Jordan Lindsey has learned that in order to be successful you do not need to be, in fact, you only need to be right once. Through failure, you can be a success. By going outside of your comfort zone, you’re more likely to fail, however at the same time you’re more likely to encounter potential solutions to problems. If you stay within your comfort zone the only thing, you’ll be successful at his being mediocre. During your failures, you are subject to your greatest periods of learning. This is something that he has learned as an entrepreneur from the first-hand experience.

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of bitcoin growth bought a training algorithm that is 100% transparent and is part of a lending program that is accessible by anyone of the general public. It is one of the first trading algorithms that has been implemented on blockchain technology.

Radical Islam has long hated the west, western freedoms, and western values. Adherents to radical Islam execute homosexuals, and oppress women. They should be, and were, traditional enemies of the extreme political left, but the times are changing. Radical Islam, long allied with right-wing radicals, are forming new alliances with politically extreme left-wing activists due to a common hatred of modern influences, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and general tolerance among ethnic groups. Radical fundamentalists are coordinating actions and reinforcing anti-Semitic movements across the political continuum.

In today’s world, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel actions and literature has flooded the west due to the new alliance of Muslim extremists with political extremists of the left and right. The new political correctness views Muslims worldwide as small children being oppressed and discriminated against, especially by Jews.

This anti-Semitic leftist alliance has spread to universities. Students at exclusive Tufts University printed and distributed a “Disorientation Guide.” In it they assailed the university’s chapter of the Jewish organization Hillel and repeated referred to Israel as a “white supremacist” power and a colonial state.

One of the outspoken critics warning of the anti-Semitic threat is Adam Milstein. A former Israeli soldier and former managing partner of the multimillion dollar commercial property management firm Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein repeatedly sounds the alarm on established and emerging anti-Jewish threats.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila formed the Adam Milstein Family Foundation, which offers support to specific types of organizations:

** University Organizations offers pro-Jewish view to counter anti-Semitic campus activities

** Groups forming and strengthening ties between Israel and Non-Israeli Americans

** Organizations providing community services, including medical and educational services supporting Israeli and non-Israeli Jews

** Non-profit organizations offering information tracking of media outlets and monitoring of anti-Semitic organizations

** Non-Governmental Organizations supporting the state of Israel as the Jewish homeland and offering young people the chance to discover and reinforce their Jewish identities.

Greg Secker is the English entrepreneur who is known a philanthropist, entrepreneur and expert in forex that made him receive attention from the media. He is the owner of Smart Charts Software, Capital Index, and Learn to Trade Company. He is the author of books such as Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom through Forex just to list a few.


His career started in mid 1990s at Thomas Cook Financial services as trading technologist that made him develop a forex trading systems. In 1998 he created Virtual Trading Desk which is a forex trading online that helps customers get real-time quotes from transaction they make in foreign exchange which made him scoop award with British Telecom. He was made the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation at the age of 25 which helped his trading account to grow. He became a full-time foreign exchange trader in 2003 after leaving Mellon Financial Corporation where he founded Learn to Trade Company.


His public speaking journey debuted in 2008 when his company started hosting international financial trading seminars. In 2009, National Business Awards announced him as the finalist for the course on “knowledge to Action” by 2010 he had 30%increase in attendees. He was awarded by World Finance Magazine as the Best Educator. In 2011 he was the main speaker in National Achievers Congress, in 2013 he started the Global Success Summit that is held in South Africa.


Greg Secker is also known for his philanthropist work, in 2017 he was appointed as the Ambassador for City Philanthropy as a member in the board. He is the one who came Greg Secker Foundation in 2010 which its mission is to have a positive impact on people’s’ lives by improving their quality of life. He also started a project of building high quality homes in Philippines.


He is celebrated for creating trading companies that make local people experience freedom and also owning the biggest trade coaching company in Europe. In 13 years, over 200,000 people have attended his workshops and seminars internationally. He stands as a man who is passionate and ready to assist people learn on how to become successful s