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Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the Chairman and CEO of Osi Group LLC. He has an academic background in Accounting. Sheldon began his career in the banking industry and later his own financial consulting firm. He had a shift in the industry to the meat industry in 1970 during the financing of Otto and Sons as he was part of the assisting in organizing the deal. He also serves in other and is the President of Osi International foods Limited; he is the trustee of Rush university medical center. Lavin also serves as the director of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Osi Group is a global supplier of custom value-added food to leading food service and retail brands. It’s a privately held company which offer premier services and products. The company develops custom-made food products from sourcing to distribution. The group has its presence in 17 countries with 65 facilities and over 200,000 employees. The firm offers foods including meat, vegetables, fruits and proteins which include beef meat, poultry, seafood, pizza and baked goods. The company staff ensures the products are made uniquely and precise to the specifications. The company has different products made from beef including burgers, meatballs, steak and metal loafs. Pork is also used to make various products including sausage patties, roasted port, and ribbies. Poultry is used to make strips, nuggets, patties and turkey products. Apart from meat products they also make vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomatoes, corn, and fruits.

The company strives to ensure the sustainable relationship with the community around them ensuring social, economic, and environmental positive impact. Under the stewardship of Lavin, Osi group has several awards including health management, safety and risk and environmental management awards. The British Safety Council gave the company the 2016 Globe of honor due to its risk management policies. In 2016 Sheldon was given a global visionary award. The global visionary awards those who persistently achieve their dreams something which Lavin has done. For more info about us: click here.

Through the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company has acquired international acquisitions, enhanced growth, and increasing revenues. Lavin who manages the day to day organization operations has made the company move to a higher height, and in 2016 it was worth 6billion dollars.Lavin has managed to build one of the most influential brands in the meat industry providing consistently good and healthy food products.

Running a global company necessitates professionalism for one to navigate complex issues like cultural nuances, government regulations, consumer’s taste buds and talent pool. OSI Group, a global food supplier, has expertise in managing all these factors. This situation has helped them to achieve tremendous success in diverse markets across the United States, China and Europe. The premier global supplier, which is among the largest privately held food service companies in the US, supplies value added products like beef patties, sausages, pizza, and sandwiches to leading retail and food service companies. With a distinguished profile in the food market, OSI attributes its success to its superior leadership. David McDonald, the president and chief operating officer of OSI Group, is the man behind the company’s impressive performance in the competitive global market.

David McDonald worked relentlessly to enhance the growth of the company. OSI is reputable for its capacity to expand to new markets, a strategy which David is credited for establishing. Speaking to Food Drink Magazine, David said that they have a global network consisting of people from different regions and local management teams that are well versed with local cultures and tastes. He explained that they are keen to satisfy their customers’ needs. To this end, they develop consumer oriented products. They tailor food products that not only fit the specific needs of their clients, but also add value to their businesses.

David McDonald was the company’s project manager before assuming his current positions. In addition, he serves as the chairman of North American Meat Institute. The visionary leader is an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A., which acquired OSI’s operations in Brazil and Europe. He sits on the boards of OSI and is a committed director of OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty Limited. He is a graduate of Iowa State University where he where he studied animal science.

OSI Group has extensive capability of developing custom food products and distributing them efficiently due to their global supply chain management strategy. The company ensures their customers receive value for money, thus enabling them to maximize their profits. They operate over 65 factories in 17 countries. Presently, they have employed over 20,000 individuals.

About David McDonald OSI Group:

OSI group is a privately owned American company that specializes in food processing. The Aurora-based company has recently acquired the former Tyson Food Plant in Chicago. The transaction’s record as maintained by the Cook County Recorder of Deed shows that it was bought at $7.4 million.

Apart from making meat products such as bacon and sausages, OSI Group has also been providing other retail brands and food service. They have been operating in more than 16 countries through their over sixty facilities.

Tyson Foods, on the other hand, has been preparing and offering food to the hospitality industry. Some of the food they made include crepes, meatballs, chicken cordon bleu, soups, omelets, tempura chicken, and sauces. While announcing the company’s closure, Tyson Food said that their facility was not able to meet the growing customer’s demand leading to the close of one of their plants. Two of the company’s food plants located at 400 S. Jefferson St. and 3548 N. Kostner Ave. will still be operational.

Tyson food had announced earlier that about 480 career opportunities would not be available anymore because of the planned closure of 4201 S. Ashland Ave facility. The plant’s last day of production was June 2, and by the time the facility was officially bought by OSI Group, only 250 employees were still at service. Caroline Ahn who was Tysons Food Spokeswoman said that a large part of the employees remaining got employed by OSI Group.

Alison Kovaleski is the spokeswoman for OSI Group, and she refused to disclose any information on the number of employees that they absorbed from Tyson Food. She also didn’t reveal the plans of the company claiming it’s the policy of the company to keep such information undisclosed. Such information includes details of their products as well as those of their stakeholders.

Apparently, on June 28 OSI Group gave a brief information on its website stating that the 200,000 square feet facility located in the back yard poses a great opportunity for the continued support of the business growth.

Kelvin Scott who is a senior executive vice president of OSI Group in North America, expressed his delight in the acquired facility saying that it will help them satisfy the growing need of their clients. He added that OSI Group at large appreciates having the facility as part of their manufacturing network.

About OSI Group

OSI Group is a food production company located in Aurora, Illinois specializing in meat processing. The company prides in the ability to serve the food service industry and other retail brands. It started its operations in 1909 under the leadership of Otto Kolschowsky. By then, the company was known as Oak Park and focused on satisfying their customer’s needs more. Maintaining the constant dedication OSI group has managed to emerge as the leading worldwide food provider.

Being locally and internationally present in the market, OSI Group has gained a competitive advantage in the market. It enables the leveraging of their international supply chains which in turn allows financial suppleness and cost savings as well. Despite that it serve international markets, the group operates as a small company that is privately owned and ensures satisfaction of their clients.

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