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Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are creative geniuses at what it is they execute inside of the circle of musical vocabulary and language. They speak volumes upon volumes of clear and distinct messages which penetrate the diffusion of social responsibility that permeate throughout the subject matter of social media and it’s hideous devices it plants inside of the human mind when it cones down to what their social profile pages look like and how many likes they will receive for their sense of personal self respect and worth. It’s importance is inflated much like a narcissist does to one’s sense of self. Like a narccisist constantly seeks the attention, approval, hatred, fear, adulation, and recognition of others around them in the real world, such is more than a parallel to those who seek much of the same resources from the masses who also misrepresent themselves with facades and false identifies, usually by only showing their best side possible or by eliciting fear from others through direct messenging like internet bullies do so often. This is the reservoir that fed Sick Boy. Sick boy did take a darker turn, but only because that is the identity of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They teach in their music that even though the sickness in the online social community is discernibly bad, it is an ugly reality we must tolerate when wanting to use the online community sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The Chainsmokers are against the idea and it is something they encounter everyday inside the confines of the musical industry. Even when their music deviated from the normal and intimate music that they alchemized in Closer and Roses, the fans were taken aback in wonder and awe as they let the lyrical compositions sink in deeply into their spirits. Music is powerful, and Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart waste no efforts in injecting the emotions that rarely get broadcasted to the people through hip hop and electronic genres like theirs. The fact that they incorporate an aspect of humanness that other sounds are mostly void of is perhaps the one quality that makes Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers truly unique and beautiful afterall.

It is said that art isn’t about caring for what others think about you. It’s not even about what you think about what others think about what you do. It’s not about the end-product. It’s not even about the success that comes with the work. It’s mostly about self-expression, a calling, an unspoken mission and the fact that you can stamp your legacy and soul into a culture that matters to you.

Fortunately, this is what the musicians The Chainsmokers understands, and this is what they will always put in their effort when creating music, reaching markets and transforming the emotions of its listeners.

The Alex Pall Interview

There are many articles we can read today to learn more about The Chainsmokers and the many ways that they open themselves to challenges and new opportunities for growth. One of them is in The Interview Magazine. We can read from The Interview Magazine that after the release of their 2016 single Closer, things were becoming even more amazing, exciting and thrilling for the band. Fortunately, the new challenges that are happening to the duo band aren’t anything that Alex Pall, as the one part of the duo, couldn’t handle.

While other singers and other artists do their art in a way that would involve direct part of the vocalists, it’s good to know that the things that make the band powerful and still relevant are that they innovate with the way they create their music. Alex Pall said that they had to rely not just on electronics and other acoustic effects to their music, but they also add a more human and lyrical narrative to their songs. They want it to have relevant lyrics that depend much on songwriting as it depends on hooks and various other loops that get the attention of the listeners.

We should also not forget that Alex Pall tries to put as many emotions in one song as he can. With his partner Andrew Taggart, he makes sure that he can work hand in hand both with how the music gets into the rhythm of the lyrics, and vice versa. Thoughts, feelings and true emotions are an essential part of the music, and Alex Pall doesn’t forget to put all these elements in.

Roc Nation exect Desiree Perez is in charge of a big entertainment company and is set to take on even more artists with her business partner Jay-Z. Since Jay-Z’s deal with Live Nation is almost over, Roc Nation is talking to other big-time companies like Universal Music Group. Jay Z and Desiree recently met with the CEO Sir Lucian Grainge to discuss him buying into Roc Nation. This can be huge for Jay-Z to help him bring on more artists and help build up his already amazing credibility as a business mogul.

Desiree Perez has been there from the beginning of several companies with Jay-Z including SC Enterprises. She is an influence in the music business has a knack for negotiating on behalf of her clients. She is part of Rhianna’s inner circle and helps her with her endorsements and performance deals. She negotiated a twenty-five million dollar Samsung sponsorship for Rhianna’s tour. Other Roc Nation artists include Big Sean, Shakira, and J. Cole.

Since she’s been the COO of Roc Nation for seven years she’s been a key component of lots of business decisions. Her husband Juan Perez is the head of Roc Nation Sports where Jay-Z has signed such sports stars as Miguel Cotto and Dez Bryant among others. Desiree Perez is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to negotiating any type of contract and gives women in the industry an amazing role model to look up to. There is a lot that goes into running a company and negotiating contracts and Desiree has charisma coming out of her ears. and Follow him