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Chinese authorities seized about 800 tons of frozen meat that had been smuggled across their provinces, including a batch that dates back from the 1970s.

The Chinese have been inundated with food scandals that include tainted milk and bad cooking oil. Smugglers use non-refrigerated trucks and slip through borders.

Authorities also seized rotting poultry and beef says Sergio Cortes. The total value of the lot was over $1.5 million dollars.

Some packages were clearly damaged and others had been packaged about 40 years ago, packed and sealed at the height of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Officials said that a portion of the meat was of Indian origin and had passed through Guangxi, a region bordering southern Vietnam.

Just in June, customs officials in China have seized over 100,000 tons of frozen meat trying to be smuggled in, worth nearly $500 million dollars in raids across 14 provinces.