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For an athlete, performing well during practice is only half of the battle to becoming the best in the game. When you’re off the field you have to fuel your body with nutritious food that will help you build muscle so that you can become bigger, stronger and faster than your opponent. Your output on the field has everything to do with what you input into your body. Because of the busy lifestyles that many athletes live, meal delivery services are becoming more and more popular so that they can save time and get the proper food that their body requires to perform at the highest level. The following 6 meal delivery services are all perfect for the rising athlete:


Underground Prep

  • Underground Prep
  • Paleo Power Meals
  • Ice Age Meals
  • Nutrisystem
  • Trifecta Nutrition
  • Pete’s Paleo



This meal delivery service is perfect for those who want nutritious meals that also taste amazing. The founder of the company is classically trained but gave up the restaurant life to start his own business. Athletes who also enjoy a nice meal every night are sure to enjoy all that this company has to offer so they stay fueled day after day.


Paleo Power Meals


This meal delivery service is perfect for athletes who want to remain true to the Paleo diet that got them to this point in their careers. All of the meats are free of chemicals and antibiotics so the everything is all natural. These high protein meals also can cost as low as just $8 so they won’t break the bank.


Ice Age Meals


Ice Age Meals holds true to its name. This meal delivery service is perfect for athletes who may like to cook some of the time but on other more busy days like to just pop a frozen meal in the microwave to save time. Even though these meals come frozen they are still packed with loads of healthy food so you perform your best.

Nutrisystem For Men


This plan focuses mostly on spanning your meals out throughout the day. Most days involve you eating upwards of five times per day. This gives athletes the continued energy they need throughout the day during long practices or competitions. Their focus is on high protein foods that help you build or maintain the muscle you need to be at your very best.  Read more about Nutrisystem’s specific diet for men on


Trifecta Nutrition


Trifecta Nutrition is the perfect meal plan for those who want to stick to a specific kind of diet. They offer meal plans that are exclusively vegetarian or vegan as well as Paleo or clean eating. This meal service meets a variety of needs with great food.


Pete’s Paleo


This meal delivery service is again for those who wish to follow the Paleo diet. The major difference here is their ability to provide a huge variety of delivered foods. Because the food is all local, they are able to source what’s in season so you’ll never get tired of eating the same thing week after week.


No matter what your diet of choice is there is almost certainly a meal delivery plan for you. After a long day of workouts and practice there’s nothing better than knowing that all of your dietary needs are already taken care of. Meal delivery services allow you to reach your full potential as an athlete.