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Being able to earn cold hard cash at home without having to do much is a dream that a lot of Americans have for themselves. Unfortunately, up until now, the methods being used are inconsistent and expensive. This is why the Market America platform was launched and is changing people’s lives for the better. You might be curious as to how this works for you and what you need to do in order for this to work. To begin, you need to make use of the right type of software and you can find that with Market America.

Once you go with the professionalism of the Market America platform, it is just a matter of choosing a good website, creating it and launching it on the worldwide web. From there, you’ll be able to quickly start selling a product line of your choosing. Once sold, you’ll get a small percentage of the actual sale, which can really add up the more that you both market and advertise your site. This is a method that works and is currently being used by thousands of people all throughout the country.

There are lots of reasons for why Market America just works, and it has to do with an undeniable platform and software program that is effortless for even the most beginner entrepreneurs. Now that you know what this company is and how it can work for you, it’s time to give their method a try for yourself and see just how different it can be for your money making requirements. This is the time to take charge of your life and start making money in a way that benefits both you and your family. If you’re struggling with finances, as the majority of us do, you need to be able to earn more cash in a way that isn’t going to compromise your time with your family. Market America allows for this to happen and it is going to be effortless and inexpensive for you to get started without it being too pricey and without it being a major issue for yourself in ways that are beneficial for you.

When Spring rolls around most people see it as the perfect opportunity to give their home a good thorough cleaning. There are a few places that, if you tackle them right this Spring, you won’t have to do a deep clean again until next year.

Here are three areas in your home you should deep clean this Spring:


Cabinets can accumulate quite a bit of scum over time. Especially if you are the type of person who never uses the exhaust hood when cooking. To cut through the dirt and grim, invest in a good cabinet cream. A good cabinet cream will remove the dirt and leave the wood nice and moisturized.


When most people clean their windows they focus on the inside only. However, during Spring cleaning you want to clean the outside of the windows as well. This will remove the spots you usually don’t have time to tackle.

A quick pro tip is to clean the outside of your windows on a cloudy day. This way the sun won’t dry the cleaner before you get to wipe it down.


This is an appliance most homeowners completely overlook. The dishwasher is easily one of the hardest working appliances in your home. And in order for it to continue doing its job properly, it must be thoroughly cleaned every once in a while. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to give it a little TLC.

Let Handy Do The Hard Work

Giving your home a deep cleaning is no easy feat. That’s why hiring a professional cleaning service is often the best way to go. Handy is a home cleaning app that matches you with a trusted professional in your area.

All professionals have undergone an in depth background check and are fully insured. You simply set your appointment and the app will take care of the rest. The Handy team will confirm your appointment and securely process your payment.

And don’t worry, if you aren’t happy with the service you are covered by a 100% money back guarantee.

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Philip Diehl is someone whose opinions about currency counts for a lot. As a former director of the U.S. Mint, he has spent a lot of time overseeing the production of legal coins and tender. Currently, he serves as the president of U.S. Money Reserve, a top provider of precious metal coins to investors and collectors. Based on his experience and expertise, CNBC interviewed Diehl about a very interesting topic. He was asked to give his formal opinion on the future of the penny. Diehl’s outlook for the age-old coin is bleak.

Diehl pointed out a fact that traditionalists may not want to hear. Basically, there really is no need for the penny in the current economy. There really isn’t much out there that can be purchased for a penny. The prices on products are not likely to cost $1.32 or $5.47, and this cuts down on the need for keeping a few pennies in a wallet. The overall uses for currency are decreasing as well. People buy online in tremendous numbers. Person-to-person sales frequently rely on the use of debit cards. Even very minor purchases are paid for with plastic, and this further reduces the need for currency. The penny, in particular, serves less of a purpose.

The end of the penny is not exactly going to occur without warning. Likely, the coin will be phased out over time. Again, Diehl does not see why the government would continue to mint a coin no one needs.

Diehl definitely understands coins. He is, after all, in charge of one of the top precious metal coin sellers in the United States. Headquartered in Austin, TX, U.S. Money Reserve acquires only the best gold, silver, and platinum coins for resale. These coins are all legitimate currency per the U.S. Mint. In the current global economic landscape, demand for precious metal coins seems to be increasing. U.S. Money Reserve is available to meet the demand.

If you use the internet, chances are more than fair that you have used Wikipedia at one time or another. You may have even noticed how there is a link to the Wiki page whenever you look up something in your search engine. That is because Wikipedia has become the go-to for general public knowledge. It is now the internet staple equivalent of the encyclopedia, only it has more information currently than the latter does. With the English version of Wiki being in the range of 5 million articles, where the paper version counts 120,000. The difference in volume is staggering really, when you consider how briefly Wikipedia has been a thing. 

When you need the info, this is typically where you find yourself at the end of your search. It starts at Google and ends at Wiki. This fact is paramount for anybody looking to have recognizable status online. If your business does not have a Wikipedia reference page, it may not be considered as heavily nowadays. That is the impact the site has had on social media and the internet information age in general. The company is comprised of 280 essential staff and the rest of the info is on a volunteer basis. Anybody can update relevant facts. This does not mean that you can post anything however. The information is researched for credibility purposes. With the site getting half a million edits per day, an artificial intelligence is necessary to sort through the misinformation.

This is largely in part because of trolling (messing with people) or newbies who aren’t aware of Wikipedia’s practices as they should be. The API built into the system helps largely to detect damage from bad edits. The site is being refined constantly for the benefit of the person searching. This brings back the point of it’s importance to business owners or even solo advertising. The point is; when you have a Wikipedia page dedicated to you and your business, it gives the best impression to prospects who are serious about you. Either way you use it, Wiki is here to stay and it’s only getting better all the time. For business owners, it’s an easy way to explain your company without talking or even being in the room. For personal purposes, it can reflect a lot about an individual as well. What an age we live in.

Many company decide to hire Wikipedia writers instead of creating a business page of their own. Using a Wikipedia writing service ensures that you will get the cream of the crop of writers and editors in the Wikipedia world. Services like Get Your Wiki include guarantees that your page will not be flagged or taken down once they create it for you. Get Your Wiki also offers a continuation plan so that not only will they be the ones to make a Wikipedia page for your business, but they will manage any edits as your business grows. These Wikipedia writers are also versed in the rules of the site, thus the guarantee that the page will not be flagged or removed.

Mobile wireless services provide high-speed internet connection access to their customers from arbitrary locations. Today, services are no longer being offered like they used to a few years back. Technology advancement has played a tremendous role in diversifying service offering platforms to ensure cheaper and more accessible services to the end user. Mobile wireless uses wireless technology to broadcast internet signals everywhere. Contrary to when the technology began operating, nowadays, the connection speed has been increased significantly. Providers have installed high-speed servers in different places to ensure that users do not experience low connection speeds.

In the event that the user is also roaming on a different network, the connectivity has also been improved to an enormous extent. Because of the servers, contrary to before, the connection does not get interrupted when someone enters a building. What has made these services very attractive is the fact that they are even cheaper when compared to traditional services being offered by telecommunication companies. There is nothing as irritating as slow internet to many people, and that is why they will very quickly become loyal to a provider that offers a fast connection. At the end of the day, what we are all after is cheaper and better service.

One company that has brought ripples to traditional giant telecommunication companies is FreedomPop. This company was founded on the precepts that internet connection should be available and affordable to anyone. It offers free wi-fi plans to customers per month while giving them the chance to upgrade to unlimited access for only $5 per month. What has made this start up a phenomenal one is the fact that many people did not think that it would go this far. Many were associating it with the caliber of startups that make a lot of noise about how awesome their services are until they close business.

FreedomPop is not only in America. This company has also spread its wings in the UK. It has started with a sim-card connection service that is giving users free 200 minutes talk time to any network, free 200MB data as well as 200 text messages. Judging by the way things look, it will take a good share of the UK market as well.

FreedomPop does not take fear the big sharks; if anything, it is them who fear this company. Plans are underway to roll out the unlimited wi-fi service to all parts of the country. Talk about bringing affordable, fast internet to every mobile device. Because over 75% of the total web users are mobile device owners, this company has a dazzling future indeed.

Recent research shows that even the biggest number of online shoppers nowadays is mobile device oriented. Being a success so far, FreedomPop can only be expected to grow and offer better services. It has so far put the necessary infrastructure in place to be able to achieve that. The world is also very receptive to services being offered phenomenally nowadays. No one wants to be associated with analog services. Everyone wants to be involved in the best company offering the most phenomenal services.

Bernardo Chua is a Philippine born businessman who has had great success when it comes to marketing at the multilevel. Chua showed much interest in business from a very young age and his success has truly been immense. Currently Bernardo “Bernie” Chua is the CEO of Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a company that was founded in 2008. It has its headquarters in Vancouver British Columbia and it is a very well-known global gourmet coffee company. This company sells certified organic coffees and teas.

Previously Bernardo Chua had worked as a top executive in Gano Excel while he was living in the Philippines. He later was able to help expend his company to other countries such as the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong. Later Chua moved to The United States and he began working on the start up of his new business Organo Gold. Organo Gold currently is a company that is operating in over 35 different countries and it has had huge success when it comes to being a well know networking Corporation. Bernardo Chua has been highly recognized for his success when it comes to multilevel marketing. He was a recipient of The Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Metal and he is sure to have much more success to come in the future.

Bernardo Chua has gone to great lengths since his humble beginnings in the Philippines, he is a perfect example of how ambition and drive can get a person to get to great heights in their life. Chua’s company Organo Gold has met with much success much mostly due to his hard work and his skills when it comes to multilevel marketing. In reality Bernardo Chua is a wonderful example for anyone who wishes to push ahead and do more when it comes to business, marketing and managing. Like Bernie on facebook for more info.

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