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A nonprofit which helps children in poverish communities such as South Africa’s Cape Province is helping to raise large amounts of money through the Ubuntu Education Fund however they were still unable to affect many of the lives of the people. The cause of this is due to the stipulations that are placed onto them by the donors of the money donated. The Ubuntu Fund will turn down the grants as well as the donations offered to them where any restrictions have been placed. This nonprofit helps to work with a much smaller amount of money but is able to help those lives due to the lack of stipulations.

Andrew Rolfe believes that if donations are restricted by the donors, if the donor is dictating how the money is going to be used is not benefiting the people at all. Now, the donors who are helping with the fund are benefiting the lives of the children in these communities. Each fund is going to work on an individual case allowing for help in education, health as well as other areas to assist in getting them out of the level of poverty.

It is not an easy task to find donors who wish to donate money without having any strings. Some of the donors wish to dictate how much of the money is used on a program while others only want to contribute to the day to day lives of the people. With donors who are serving the nonprofit board, there are some donors who are being beneficial to the system while others are only creating pressure.

What a charity needs is really the level of ongoing streams of money without any kind of restrictions. The money that the charity receives is spent on the program as well as the training and support of the program.

Andrew Rolfe is the head of the board at the Ubuntu Fund. He is giving his unconditional support to the fund and the programs that the fund helps. He has been on a number of the committees for the fund including their more recent fundraising gala’s. He has shown his level of commitment to assisting the children in Africa.