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With an incredible career practicing law in Puerto Rico at the young age of 27 to running Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid as deputy campaign manager for Puerto Rico, Franciso Domenech has made a deep political impact in the representation of the people of Puerto Rico that still resonates today in the politics of the island.

His political career began like many others, canvassing neighborhoods, organizing fundraisers for candidates and pushing voter registration. Moving up the ranks Mr. Domenech soon found himself as the chief legal counsel for the Senate of Puerto Rico where he oversaw the representation of the Senate and provided legal advice to the organization. In 2005, Mr.Domenech was appointed Director of the Offices of legislation services for the island. During his time as director, Mr. Domenech would grow the department to support 130 employees and introduced provisions that would assist in providing access to the blind and handicapped to the department’s services, all while delivering a constant surplus every year. Read his article at

In 2008, Mr.Domenech was quoted as saying that “there was too much at stake for his generation” in the 2008 presidential elections. He was a strong advocate for Hillary Clinton and was soon appointed co-chair of the HillBlazers. Later as Clinton’s deputy state coordinator, Mr.Domenech brought her not only large contributions as a lead finance co-chair but also an enormous 62-32 primary victory against then-Senator Obama. Eight years later, Mr.Domenech would again volunteer for Clinton’s second bid for the presidency as national co-finance chair. Once again he brought her large contributions and a major victory against senator Sanders in the primaries.

After his work with the Clinton campaign in 2016, Franciso Domenech would go on to be Representative Jennifer Gonzalez’s campaign manager. Although he received backlash for supporting a Republican candidate, Mr. Domenech echoed that his vision regarding equal representation of women and the advocacy of statehood for Puerto Rico, both which Representative Gonzalez was a proponent of, aligned with his beliefs. His work would send Rep. Gonzalez to the U.S Congress as the youngest person to represent Puerto Rico.

Today, Mr.Domenech is an entrepreneur, serving as a managing partner for Politank, a consulting business which he built from his home that assists large businesses with public policy and representation. Visit:


The Diario de Comercio recently published a piece that discussed the future of BMG. BMG is a bank that not long ago joined forces with Itau Unibanco. The goal behind this merging was to take on payroll loan division matters. It encouraged BMG to enhance its management techniques as well. BMG strived to increase the professionalism of its management approach. It did this by paying a lot more attention to the recruitment of executives. Pentagna Guimarães is the name of the family company that’s in charge of BMG. It’s from this point forward going to have a say in BMG’s shareholders council. It’s going to give professionals who work in marketing the chance to come in as well. It plans to multiply the firm’s payroll deductible loans by two. It, at the same time, is also going to do away with any and all products that don’t offer advantages.

BMG is going to concentrate on concepts that lead to positive outcomes and positive outcomes alone. It’s going to make sure to take the shift away from consumer credit as well. Consumer credit, after all, isn’t the heart of BMG. Other priorities for BMG are going to be vehicle operations, sizable company supply chain financing and beyond. BMG does not have a credit portfolio that lacks restrictions and boundaries. That’s the reason it has to get rid of products that don’t lead to significant returns. This is to boost consignment operations considerably. BMG isn’t going to concentrate much on personal credit and consumer financing credit details. Direct consumer credit will no longer have as much power over the company.

Ricardo Guimarães is a professional who works for BMG. He’s the bank’s capable and knowledgeable President. He resides and works in Belo Horizonte in Mina Gerais. This is a part of Brazil, his South American home nation. This widely known executive went to a school that was called Una Faculdade de Ciências Gerenciais. He completed his studying at the school at the end of the eighties. His graduation year was 1988. He received a business administration degree at that time. This degree is one major thing that helped him prepare for his rewarding career in the leadership world. It helped get him ready for an action-packed career in finance, too. Profit is a concept that’s extremely familiar to Ricardo Guimarães. This is yet another reason he’s perfectly suited to a banking vocation.

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Ricardo Tosto is one of the best lawyers in the Brazil. He started law practice when he was 26 years, he has served in the legal field for many years since then. As a leading lawyer in the country, he usually handled high profile cases that no ordinary lawyer can handle. He has experience and mastery of the law that is needed to handle high profile cases. He is normally hired by big corporations in the country and outside the country. He has also been hired by politicians in the country to represent them in cases of elections. Apart from being a commercial lawyer, he handles issues of election law.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the best people to handle cases of business litigation that one might be having. He assures his clients of doing his best to achieve a good ruling for them. He takes time to study each case and make a detailed judgment depending on individual cases. He is a dedicated lawyer who takes his time to handle all the issues that his clients have. He is listening and that is why he is able to attract many clients to his law firm. Ricardo Tosto also offers clients the benefit of being able to represent them in English. In Brazil, the primary language is Portuguese. Many lawyers in the country, therefore, cannot handle cases in English.

Ricardo Tosto has been recognized by a number of bodies in the region for his ability to represent clients. He has been nominated by the Who’s Who, a lawyers’ body in Latin America. He was nominated him as one of the best commercial lawyers in the region. Ricardo Tosto has also been featured in magazines and legal publications. He is a force to reckon with in the legal fraternity. Ricardo Tosto has one more achievement to his name; he is the lawyer who introduced mass litigation technique in Brazil.

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Urban law is a major part of the development of Brazil, and Bruno Fagali is a strong proponent of following the new urban laws of this nation. There are many people who must hire Bruno to help them with their new projects, and this article shows how Bruno does his work, and it explains how his legal services make investment and development in Brazil easier. Zoning get, development, urban improvement and other items are aided by Bruno and his staff.

#1: What Is Urban Law?

Urban law is an important part of legal field because it impacts any part of an urban setting. The companies that wish to development in urban locations must hire Bruno to help with zoning and permits, and they must ensure that they are developing rule the right ways.

#2: What Is Compliance Law?

Compliance law pertains to companies following the rules and regulations that have been set before them. All government agencies are regulating certain businesses, and there are many different people who need help when they are riding the line on the urban law. They may be close to stepping over the edge, and Bruno will his clients ensure that they have not caused any problems with the government.

#3: How Does Bruno Help?

Bruno is willing to sit in the conference room of any business to help them make decisions. He answers the questions that must be asked, and he shows his clients what must be done in each situation. He wants them to make informed decisions, and he knows that there are a number of people who will need to have every question answered before they do a single thing.

It is important for Bruno Fagali to help many Brazilian businesses when they are developing, and he is helping his clients make choices that are good for them. Someone who wants to make a few different decisions that will pertain to their business must ensure that they have found all the information they need. Bruno works quite hard on each case, and he is willing to take these steps on retainer for each client to learn more: click here.

There’s good news for Brazilian law students and recent graduates who want to leverage their studies and credentials into a new career. Two organizations, FundaçãoEstudar (Study Foundation) and Na Prática (In Practice) are organizing their second annual conference for the legal industry. The conference will take place in October in Sao Paulo.

The event is geared to law students and attorneys and connects young lawyers with law firms and businesses, as well as introducing the future of the legal profession to new markets and practice areas, including consulting, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisition, litigation, taxation, and corporate law. Around 30 firms and companies will be present at the event.

350 students will be selected based on their resumes and academic record to participate in special coaching sessions and panels on different practice areas, as well as presentations by a number of leaders in the profession. In addition, these scholars will have face-to-face access to recruiters from top law firms click here.

Ricardo Tosto is a preeminent attorney based in Sao Paulo with interests in a variety of fields, including civil litigation and electoral law. Although his firm, Ricardo Tosto & Associates, is highly specialized in litigation and dispute resolution, it has a solid reputation as a full-service law firm, with offices in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

Ricardo Tosto’s law firm also practices corporate law as well as mergers and acquisition. During his career, Ricardo Tosto has represented well-known clients in a number of well-publicized cases. Throughout his Twitter, Ricardo Tosto has shown a commitment to customer service, thorough research, and top-notch representation. In addition to his interests in the legal field, he is also a published author and a noted speaker.

Are you looking for a lawyer to advise or guide you during a complex business dispute? Need a competent lawyer in Brazil? Perhaps you have read a lot about Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and his team of highly knowledgeable and experienced legal practitioners.

If you are dealing with legal matters in Brazil, find a good lawyer to help protect your rights and provide effective representation. Keep in mind, not all lawyers are created equal. You need to do your home work and find someone who is experienced and has a good record with the monitoring agency.

Although there are many lawyers and law firms in Brazil that handle business and commercial law issues, not all of these legal practitioners have the resources or experience to provide advice or guidance in the area of law you are interested in. Find a lawyer or law firm that deals with business litigation and one that suits your needs.

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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho comes highly recommended in the legal community. Mr. Ricardo Tosto is among the most reputable and successful practicing Brazilian lawyers. Ricardo Tosto is highly knowledgeable and has a thorough understanding of business and corporate law. He has a courtroom style and negotiation skills that separates him from the rest. Mr. Ricardo Tosto has been recognized for his excellent work and nominated for several awards.

Ricardo Tosto has practiced business law for over 22 years, and specializes in civil and commercial litigation, banking, corporate restructuring, credit recovery, M&A, electoral law and international law. His clients include some of the most popular companies and corporations in Brazil. He also provides legal services and representation for entrepreneurs, politicians, the government sector and high-profile individuals. Ricardo Tosto will protect your best interests, and ensure that you obtain the best outcome in your case.

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