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The information age has brought about a number of changes in the manner in which businesses perform their operations. Previously, a company could run successfully without IT professionals, but today this is close to impossible. When the likes of John Goullet graduated from college, there was fire need for people, companies or business professionals who fully understood IT. He worked as a technician before moving ahead and starting his company. He states that his inspiration in starting the company came from seeing other companies making the mistake of matching the open slots they had with the wrong professionals.

He therefore started the company, and named it Info Technologies. His dream was to use the company to help upcoming businesses recruit the IT staff they needed so desperately. He confides that getting clients when they started out was a little hard, but with time, and as they continued to build the trust of the people around them, this changed and they have moved from being a boutique HR company, to a company that offers services to fortune 500 companies and eventually, to a fortune 500 company in itself. All this can be attributed to the exceptional leadership at the top of the company, the teamwork and most importantly, the leadership skills offered by John Goullet.

The company has since changed its name from Info Technologies to Diversant, and as their client list grows, they are learning more innovative ways to deal with their clientele. The one thing that stands out about John’s company is that it is the most successful IT companies owned by African Americans. There are other key positions that John held before starting the company, these include the time he served as the Senior Vice President at Experis and when he was the National IT leader at Kelly Services.

John believes that getting the right team to work with is the first step towards success in any business. The team he has selected to head his company includes Jim Yoshimura, Chief Operations Officer, Paul Vogel as the Chief Financial Officer and several others. This is team that has led to the success of the team.