Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Adam Milstein is a longtime real estate investor who cofounded Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate property management firm of which he is currently Managing Partner. Hager Pacific Properties has many commercial and residential real estate holdings across California, Texas, Illinois and now Wisconsin. Milstein is also a philanthropist whose non-profit groups, including the Milstein Foundation are aimed at strengthening relations with the Jewish community and the US, and supporting Israel’s welfare. Active philanthropy is an important cornerstone to Milstein’s business and recently Ideamensch, an independent entrepreneur’s blog interviewed him to find out what’s made him successful and how philanthropy impacts his decisions.


Milstein told Ideamensch that he got the idea for Hager Pacific Properties while completing graduate school because he felt the real estate field was something he could get into on his own. He said one thing that’s made him successful is having the drive to accomplish something even if it means doing it all on his own, and he says entrepreneurs should always be willing to take the initiative to do things. He also says making contacts and always following up with them is essential both for successful business and philanthropy. For Milstein active philanthropy helps give his day structure because in the real estate market you never know what any given day will bring.


Adam Milstein is from Israel where his parents relocated to from Latin America back during the nation’s founding in 1948. He’s the oldest of three sons and the first to serve in the military. He fought in Ariel Sharon’s unit during the 1973 invasion of Egypt in the Yom Kippur War. After completing his tour of duty he joined his father in building framing and married Gila Elgrably. He and Gila have three daughters and now several grandchildren.


Milstein got his bachelor’s degree from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology and then took his family to the US in 1981 to complete his master’s at USC. He cofounded Hager Pacific Properties shortly after that and started the Milstein Foundation in 2000. He’s started several non-profit groups and served on the boards of others including Hillel International, the Israeli-American Council, AIPAC, Birthright Israel, StandWithUs and Students Supporting Israel.