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Jacob Gottlieb is a son of Polish immigrants who relocated to the United States back in the 1960s in search of better working conditions. The parents of Gottlieb had successful careers such that the mother was a pediatrician while his father was a professor in economics. As a result of the early exposure in economics and medicine, Jacob Gottlieb developed an interest in the two disciplines where he pursued them in the higher education. The love and passion for investing were identified at an early age. For instance, when he was in 7th grade, Gottlieb won a stock selection contest that was held at his school. As a result of his newfound passion, his father set him up with his investing trading account. Later after completing his secondary education, Gottlieb enrolled in the university where he studied the two discipline of economics and medicine. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in economics and Doctor of Medicine from the University of Brown and NYU Medical School respectively.

Jacob Gottlieb at first had interest in pursuing medicine, and he even completed an internal medicine internship at St. Vincent Hospital before changing his mind and enrolled for a finance course on Wall Street. Changing his career from medicine to finance proved essential since it enabled him to develop crucial managerial skills. After completing his studies, Gottlieb began his trading in 1998 by working with Sanford C. Bernstein as an analyst dealing with global healthcare. After a short duration working with Sanford C. Bernstein, Jacob left to advance his career and became the healthcare portfolio manager in Merlin Biomed Group. Jacob Gottlieb did move from Merlin to Balyansy to become a top earner. After having an extensive portfolio gains Jacob and his team left the BAM and went on to incorporate Visium in 2005. Consequently, Jacob enabled the Visium to generate more than $8 billion worth of investment with more than 170 employees.

The popularity of Jacob is not a result of only enabling Visium to become the largest hedge fund but also by charity work he engaged. For instance, he was involved actively in the operation and the management of Covenant House. The Covenant House is a global organization that has been in operation since the 1970s, and the primary purpose is to help and protect children from a poor background. The primary focus of the organization is to give shelter, food and other essentials to the youth who are homeless as well as running away from human trafficking. Besides, Jacob is involved in Math for America Foundation.

David Zalik is the official owner and founder of GreenSky Credit  with a position at the company as the CEO of the organization, so his business entails making sure that things are running smoothly inside of his business venture which he has capable control of. He is the boss, so what he says goes. David Zalik was not always the successful entrepreneur who got rocketed to the moon with his business plan and massive action steps towards greatness. He lived inside of the country where the communist movement was the most prevalent which feigned tyranny in the citizens of the country of Argentina. He and his family witnessed and experienced much hardship at the hands of a corrupt governmental system which obviously does not promote or endorse the action of starting a business for money in a free marketplace like the United States does. David Zalik was always fascinated by the subject of allocating an income through the means of starting a business even as his family and he moved to different parts of the world searching for the freedom that they were so desperate to discover. David Zalik and his family finally happened upon the fertile land of the United States Of America which is where he began constructing his master plan in building a business that allowed its customers to proved the goods and services of credit to customers who came to them. Thank his determination and hard work ethic that remained consistent a steady, he accomplished his goals and is now a billionaire listed on Forbes and the newest member of the billionaires club. His business system currently makes an average of about two hundred and fifty million dollars per annual cycle and company has about three billion and five hundred million dollars so far in assets derived from the loans they gave to the individuals and companies who needed financial assistance in some way, shape, or form. David Zalik never gave up on his goals and thanks to his vision and his ever continuing efforts, credit and loan services are now available to all who need to provide credit to their clientele base. sky-billionaire-David-zalik-built-a-tech-empire-from-age-14.html

David Giertz is concerned with the insufficient retirement plans by most Americans who do not save enough money for life after retirement. A good number of people begin withdrawing social security disbursements very early in life cutting down on the amount they will be paid out. It also implies to low monthly payments as people are not patient enough to wait for retirement age. The mistakes come about as people do not start saving money early enough in their lives. Saving money six years to retirement can be difficult unlike when you start saving in your 20’s making it a disciplined culture early in life.

Young people should take advantage of the various retirement plans available in the US as advised by David. Roth individual retirement accounts (IRAs) provide one of the best retirement plans in the US because they are run by the government and area employer-supported. Individuals can contribute no more than $5,500 for those below 50 years and $6,500 for those over. Since most single people cannot contribute fully to their Roth IRAs unless they earn $120,000-135,000, it is crucial for them to start saving when they are still young.

410 (k)s are another type of savings account. Starting this year, yearly contributions for 401(k)accounts will rise to $18,500. David recommends that young people take the Savers’ Credit known as the Retirement Savings Contribution Credit seriously. They can make annual contributions of up to $31,500 when they file as singles before they enter into a marriage where couples reporting filing status as married contributes $63,000 annually.

For health savings account, young people should start saving the $3,450 for singles, and when they hit 65 years, they can spend their share anything without penalties. David Giertz says that the earlier one plans for retirement, the more comfortable they will manage to contribute towards the plan avoiding panic when retirement nears. David Giertz has over 30 years experience working in financial services, developing his skills and knowledge as a financial adviser in retirement and other areas.

As part of his continuing research into megatrends that will make early investors wealthy while they disrupt businesses and change our world, Paul Mampilly has identified 3-D printing as a technology that will dramatically reduce the cost of building a new house.

In 2017, Hurricanes Maria, Harvey and Irma did enormous damage. Maria destroyed $30 billion of property across the Caribbean Ocean, including an estimated 100% of the homes in Dominica. Irma trashed 25% of all the houses in the Florida Keys. Harvey wrecked 12,700 houses. The ordinary home construction industry is just not up to repairing and rebuilding so many houses the conventional way. On an island such as Dominica, people just don’t have enough money to rebuild the old-fashioned way.

Therefore, they may all turn to the 3-D printing company Cazza. Cazza has an X-1 3-D printer that can put up houses, warehouses, villas and commercial buildings in just a week. And, Cazza estimates, the total cost will be 40% cheaper than using conventional building methods. Evidently, Cazza uses a lot less labor than regular construction crews. Paul Mampilly estimates using Cazza could save $40.8 billion for the reconstruction of just the damage caused by those hurricanes. That’s huge for the home owners, insurance companies and government agencies involved.

Eventually, Cazza or another 3-D printer company will build ordinary new houses, and they’ll save the young people building homes a lot of money. This will affect the real estate markets and banks.

Paul Mampilly writes the investment newsletter Profits Unlimited, published by Banyan Hill. He tracks many advances in technology because he knows investing in undervalued companies on the verge of huge breakthroughs is a great way for ordinary people to get wealthy. Therefore, he specializes in telling his subscribers about them.

Paul Mampilly is a legend on Wall Street. With his MBA from Fordham University in hand, he started out in 1991 as an analyst for Bankers Trust. Soon the professional investment community discovered his superior talent for finding terrific stocks, and he began managing money for the Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, Sears, Swiss private banks and Deutsche Bank. He saw the dramatic effect the dot com boom had on the stock market from 1995 through 1999, as well as the even more dramatic impact the Tech Wreck of 2000-2001 had on high tech stocks. He learned buying the stock of a small company while its technology is trending up is the way to massive wealth.

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SahmAdrangi surprises many by raising $100 Million to short a single stock on an upcoming public company set to be launched in mid-May. Adrangi, the founder, and CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC together with Shane Wilson, Kerrisdale analyst, established a strategy to ensure the campaign was a success. The duo did reports, videos, and website info to let everyone understand their motive towards the investment.

Investment shorts

Founded in April 2009, Kerrisdale has previously placed bets against companies among them being Sage Therapeutics and Zafgen. The firm manages approximately $500 million with an average of 28% returns over the past five years. Adrangi began betting after becoming the talk of Securities and Exchange Commission by shorting on prominent Chinese companies.

Bio and previous employment

The 33-year-old Canadian born studied Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Yale. He has skills in Investments, hedge funds, investment banking, equities among others. Adrangi began his career in a leveraged finance group of Deutsche Bank where he helped structure and syndicate high yielding bonds and non-investment grade bank debt. He later moved to Chanin Capital Partnership where he advised creditors and performed bankruptcy restructuring acting on behalf of bank debtors, bankrupt companies, distressed creditors, bondholders and preferred equity committees. Before founding Kerrisdale, Adrangi moved to Longrace Fund Management as an investment analyst for equity and credit fund. It was until 2009 that he launched Kerrisdale which has a portfolio value of $108, 672, 000 investing in technology, financial, services and other sectors.Adrangi began hedge fund investment by acting anonymously in the dodgy Chinese dealers. He later swept out corrupt foreign companies from the New York stock exchanges by exposing them, and this act tripled his investment earnings. In three years, Adrangi managed to grow his hedge fund from just $1 million to $200 million investment house. The investment move is driving hedge fund into the social media era.


SahmAdrangi is the CIO and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. The 33-year-old Canadian born hedge fund investor holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University. Prior to founding Kerrisdale, Adrangi worked in various investment firms among them being Deutsche bank and Longrace funds management. Adrangi helped clean up the New York stock exchange commission by exposing corrupt Chinese investors. He has earned significantly from his anonymous act and managed to grow his hedge fund from $1 million to $200 million in just three years. The company as of now manages approximately $500 million. SahmAdrangi’s Raises $100 Million to Short on a Single Stock.


One of the greatest challenges for retirees is finding the courage to spend their hard-earned savings without feeling guilty. For many retirees, the uncertainties of the future usually inhibit their desire to live a fully enjoyable life. Therefore, they end up spending their savings on the basics that they consider as important. Consequently, they do not achieve their dreams due to fear of the unknown. However, David Giertz believes that seniors can live a fun-filled life by spending their savings wisely.

According to the experienced financial advisor, the key to having a sound retirement plan is having the discipline to follow through with the approach that you have chosen. These approaches are developed according to individual retiree’s preference. Having a retirement plan will ensure that retirees are able to decide how much they spend on various activities, duties and leave for their heirs. Budgeting is a great way of spending without any guilt as long as retirees have the discipline to stick to the budget. Seniors are also encouraged to avoid the temptation of saving all their money without setting aside any cash. Having a cash reserve at hand can go a long way in avoiding the need to sell shares every time financial need arises.

Decades of Excellent Financial Advisory

Over the past three decades, David Giertz has carved out a name for himself as one of the leading financial advisors in the country with specialization retirement planning. Currently serving as the president of Nationwide Financial, Mr. Giertz has evolved professionally to specialized financial services and mutual funds.

David Giertz’s excellent track record and longevity in the industry have been built on solid academic background and constant professional development. He graduated from Millikin University in 1986 with a degree in business administration and management before joining University of Miami – School of Business for a Master of Business Administration degree. Additionally, he taken various exams, which has seen him certified as an investment broker in addition to being a financial advisor.

Paul Mampilly is a renowned American investor. He is the founder of Profits Unlimited that guides people on the stocks that are likely to shoot higher. Paul won the distinguished Templeton Foundation Investment Competition and has been featured on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, as well as CNBC. He has at least 25 years’ experience in investment and an impressive list of clients that include Swiss Private Bank and European Aristocracy.

In an interview with IdeaMensch, Paul says that he has maintained the same routine of a typical day for close to fifteen years. He wakes up between 5 a.m to 6 a.m and checks on the market news focusing on Canada, USA, and North American markets. He also focuses on news on the stocks that are surrounding his three trading services with True Momentum, Profits Unlimited, and Extreme Fortunes.

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The two main trends that excite Paul Mampilly are the millennial mega trend and the Internet of Things mega. In his opinion, The Internet of Things will alter the course of several industries including the manufacturing, food, and energy sectors. On the other hand, he believes that the millennials are about to take over the economy of the US since they are many in number thus altering market preference. His common sense tells him that it is advisable to pay keen attention to the companies that attract the millennials because they have a high purchasing power due to their large numbers.

One habit that makes Paul Mampilly productive is following the same routine. He constantly tracks and reads his stocks so as to always be updated with new market information. This dedication to his work is what makes him stand out from the rest. The main strategy that has helped him grow his business is having his priorities right. According to him, you have to put the needs of clients first before focusing on making money for the project to succeed.

One business idea that Paul Mampilly sells out to the public is to focus on big trends because they have the power to drive the market stocks involved in that particular pattern. At the moment, if he was to start a company, he would establish a technology company. Paul’s thoughts captured during this interview are important in assisting business people succeed in their activities.

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Adam Milstein is a longtime real estate investor who cofounded Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate property management firm of which he is currently Managing Partner. Hager Pacific Properties has many commercial and residential real estate holdings across California, Texas, Illinois and now Wisconsin. Milstein is also a philanthropist whose non-profit groups, including the Milstein Foundation are aimed at strengthening relations with the Jewish community and the US, and supporting Israel’s welfare. Active philanthropy is an important cornerstone to Milstein’s business and recently Ideamensch, an independent entrepreneur’s blog interviewed him to find out what’s made him successful and how philanthropy impacts his decisions.


Milstein told Ideamensch that he got the idea for Hager Pacific Properties while completing graduate school because he felt the real estate field was something he could get into on his own. He said one thing that’s made him successful is having the drive to accomplish something even if it means doing it all on his own, and he says entrepreneurs should always be willing to take the initiative to do things. He also says making contacts and always following up with them is essential both for successful business and philanthropy. For Milstein active philanthropy helps give his day structure because in the real estate market you never know what any given day will bring.


Adam Milstein is from Israel where his parents relocated to from Latin America back during the nation’s founding in 1948. He’s the oldest of three sons and the first to serve in the military. He fought in Ariel Sharon’s unit during the 1973 invasion of Egypt in the Yom Kippur War. After completing his tour of duty he joined his father in building framing and married Gila Elgrably. He and Gila have three daughters and now several grandchildren.


Milstein got his bachelor’s degree from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology and then took his family to the US in 1981 to complete his master’s at USC. He cofounded Hager Pacific Properties shortly after that and started the Milstein Foundation in 2000. He’s started several non-profit groups and served on the boards of others including Hillel International, the Israeli-American Council, AIPAC, Birthright Israel, StandWithUs and Students Supporting Israel.