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SahmAdrangi surprises many by raising $100 Million to short a single stock on an upcoming public company set to be launched in mid-May. Adrangi, the founder, and CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC together with Shane Wilson, Kerrisdale analyst, established a strategy to ensure the campaign was a success. The duo did reports, videos, and website info to let everyone understand their motive towards the investment.

Investment shorts

Founded in April 2009, Kerrisdale has previously placed bets against companies among them being Sage Therapeutics and Zafgen. The firm manages approximately $500 million with an average of 28% returns over the past five years. Adrangi began betting after becoming the talk of Securities and Exchange Commission by shorting on prominent Chinese companies.

Bio and previous employment

The 33-year-old Canadian born studied Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Yale. He has skills in Investments, hedge funds, investment banking, equities among others. Adrangi began his career in a leveraged finance group of Deutsche Bank where he helped structure and syndicate high yielding bonds and non-investment grade bank debt. He later moved to Chanin Capital Partnership where he advised creditors and performed bankruptcy restructuring acting on behalf of bank debtors, bankrupt companies, distressed creditors, bondholders and preferred equity committees. Before founding Kerrisdale, Adrangi moved to Longrace Fund Management as an investment analyst for equity and credit fund. It was until 2009 that he launched Kerrisdale which has a portfolio value of $108, 672, 000 investing in technology, financial, services and other sectors.Adrangi began hedge fund investment by acting anonymously in the dodgy Chinese dealers. He later swept out corrupt foreign companies from the New York stock exchanges by exposing them, and this act tripled his investment earnings. In three years, Adrangi managed to grow his hedge fund from just $1 million to $200 million investment house. The investment move is driving hedge fund into the social media era.


SahmAdrangi is the CIO and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. The 33-year-old Canadian born hedge fund investor holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University. Prior to founding Kerrisdale, Adrangi worked in various investment firms among them being Deutsche bank and Longrace funds management. Adrangi helped clean up the New York stock exchange commission by exposing corrupt Chinese investors. He has earned significantly from his anonymous act and managed to grow his hedge fund from $1 million to $200 million in just three years. The company as of now manages approximately $500 million. SahmAdrangi’s Raises $100 Million to Short on a Single Stock.


You are looking to buy something, maybe a car. You want to get a great deal, at a great price. If you want to succeed in this way, you have to understand the laws of economics. A lot of buyers competing for a scarce supply drives up the price. If you are repeating the behaviors of the people around you, you are going to suffer from the collective greed of buyers in the marketplace by way of high prices.

Identify the things about your car that you have to have. That might be safe, fuel efficient, and luxurious. After you have done this, identify the common things that most people want in their car, including the variables that you like. This might be cars that are safe, fuel efficient, domestic, luxurious, cheap, new, low maintenance, easy to find, buy on credit, silver or black color. Now that you have the popular variables, recognize that everyone pursuing these characteristics in their cars is driving up the price for cars. Identify the popular variables that you must have in your car. Then make the other variables opposite to find lots of cars that make you happy at low price. An example would be safe, fuel efficient, luxurious, international, expensive, old, high maintenance, hard to find, buy with cash, purple or neon color. You now have the type of car that you hypothetically wanted at a much lower price.

Of course, this is just a silly example, but the point is clear. Copying the behaviors of your competitors in the marketplace makes the market more expensive. The trick is to know that, and not do it. Sacrificing a little of what is popular for a low price level is worth it in the long run. Your portfolio grows immensely. The laws of wise investment hold true for all.

Martin Lustgarten is a skilled investment banker who wants to help you and your organization succeed. Martin recognizes that most people do not find success, because they ignore basic economics. Martin wants to help you and your organization thrive.

You can reach Martin at his Linked In account. Martin Lustgarten looks forward to hearing from you further.

Investment banking is a field of finance that consists of helping businesses find ways to raise capital. In most investment banking deals, two companies will come together to form one new company. This is known as mergers and acquisitions, which is the most common activity that takes place in the industry. As well as providing mergers and acquisitions, investment banking also entails managing capital for clients and also researching markets. As a result, investment banking is a field that uses a number of methods to help various companies get the most out of their capital.

With investment banking, companies will have an opportunity to issue new stock, provide more products, offer more services and expand. In a typical scenario, a company will want to make its stock more valuable. In order to do this , they will often look to partner up with another company that offers other products and services that they can benefit from. As a result, the company will contact an investment banking firm to finalize the deal. An investment banking firm will research the industry, put together a proposal and submit it to the companies. If the proposal is accepted then, the deal will be completed and a new stock will be issued.

While most investment banking activities are done with larger corporations, some smaller firms offer similar services. There is one firm in Florida that is run by Martin Lustgarten. For a number of years, he has been running a boutique investment banking firm that helps businesses get the capital they need in order to reach their goals. Lustgarten offers a number of options such as financing assistance and also small mergers. As a result, companies that are looking to expand and offer more products and services will benefit by working with Martin Lustgarten.

Martin is also experienced in providing assistance to individuals. He often helps offer investment options as well as advice to clients. With this assistance, clients will be in better position to reach their financial goals thanks to Martin Lustgarten. By providing comprehensive services to both businesses and individuals, Martin Lustgarten has established himself as one of the more successful investment bankers in the business community.

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Investment banking is a component of banking that deals with raising funds for private entities, governments, or any other prominent organization. Most investments banks are private companies and unlike commercial banks; they do not take deposits. Additionally, they aid in mergers and acquisitions of companies and offers advice to their clients on when and where to invest. Investment banks also work in collaboration with big banks to raise the necessary funds successfully.

A career in investment banking requires more than academic qualification; it needs passion, patience, and excellent research skills. Martin Lustgarten is among the most successful investment bankers of the 21st century. The most reliable and convenient investment banks keep up with the new and trending business ideas to advice their clients promptly.


Martin Lustgarten and investment banking

Martin Lustgarten is an entrepreneur who lives in Florida. He was born on July 9, 1959. He is an investment banker and the chief executive officer of Lustgarten, Martin, an investment firm situated in Florida, Miami. Lustgarten has dual citizenship and uses this to source clients from both Australia and Venezuela. This company has set a record as one of the best investment firms in the United States. Over the years, the Lustgarten, Martin firm has received awards as an acknowledgment of merit mainly due to the incredible leadership by its CEO.

Lustgarten has been offering outstanding services in the investment banking business for a while, and this has enabled him to acquire sufficient experience in the business world. Due to his immense experience, Lustgarten, Martin investment firm has been at the forefront in delivering quality services, thereby, acquiring many clients in the U.S. Lustgarten is known to be great by offering customer service, and he has extended this to his employees who in turn, have improved their skills in customer relations. Lustgarten’s clients include corporations, big companies, business owners, financial sponsors, beginning investors, and financial management firms. He is versed in dealing with the most complex transactions to assist his clients to grow their businesses. Martin Lustgarten is well respected in the investment business due to the top-notch services he renders to his clients and the results that are achieved.

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