Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Pizza is a food enjoyed by Americans on a regular basis. We all have our favorites, thin crust, deep dish, stuffed crust, pepperoni, sausage, onions, extra cheese, you name it. American pizza is always built beginning with a crust and a sauce. says then the variations begin. We build them with cheeses and lots of toppings. The one thing we don’t do is vary from the realm of normalcy.

In Sweden, one pizza maker has decided to do just that, vary from the norm. They’ve created a monstrous concoction that they have the nerve to call pizza. It even has a name. They call it the ‘Vulkan’.

The Vulkan is a ring of bread with an open center topped with calzones stuffed with cheese, bacon and prosciutto. That’s bread topped with more bread, a diabetic’s nightmare. That’s just the beginning of the abomination. They also top it with a salad. That’s right a ‘salad’ with lettuce, cucumber and tomato. But, it doesn’t stop there, they throw in French fries, banana peppers and add tzatziki sauce; completely ruining the pizza experience for the American traveler hoping to get a taste of home.

After glimpsing this pizza, most people would be happy to avoid this Swedish version of an American favorite. You would be overwhelmed with trepidation just figuring out how to eat it. Do you use your hands like eating an American pizza or should you use utensils? Even attempting to eat that pizza is just too confusing!