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The Goettl Air-Conditioning Company merged, latterly, with Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. The merger added twenty employees and over fifteen trucks to their operations. Las Vegas Air provides service, mainly to the residential community, while Paradise Air provides services to the rental home marketplace and to multi-family units.


Ken Goodrich, Owner of Goettl Air Conditioning, optimistically, embraced the merger. Goodrich mentioned that the addition of Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air was a good fit, due to their respective Southwest locations. Goodrich further conveyed that Goettl was excited about the integration of the other two companies—stating that the merger—stood to benefit Goettl’s consumers. He stated that with regard to the merger, two second generations of heating and air-conditioning families, joined forces; complementing one another’s strengths. Goodrich added that the merger was relevant to Goettl’s continual objective of providing top-notch service to its customer-base, with the attribute of integrity attached, within the Las Vegas Valley area.


Stephen Gamst is a partner at Las Vegas Air. He mentioned that what drew him to the Goettl team was the fact that he wished to take better care of his personnel and his heating and air-conditioning customers. He said that he felt the Goettl Air-Conditioning Company and Las Vegas Air was a terrific mixture of qualities and unique strengths—and that it just made sense to integrate. He said too that he saw Ken Goodrich, while growing up, at the parts store with his Dad. Stephen intimated that he and Ken were both raised with the same value system. He elaborated, saying that both of them had HVAC in their respective DNAs. He further said that he knew the combination of their combined forces, could prove successful.


The Goettl Air Conditioning Company was established in 1939, in the state of Arizona. Ken Goodrich acquired the company in 2013 and brought the Goettl Air-Conditioning Company to his hometown—that being, Las Vegas—in April of 2016. Goettl, since 2015, has recorded a growth of five-hundred percent—per annum.


The merger between Goettl Air-Conditioning, Las Vegas Air, Paradise Air and The Sunny Plumber has brought about several offerings, according to Goodrich. Prior to the merger, The Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air Service Offerings were limited. The two entities were only able to supply their customers with heating, ventilation and air conditioning services; however, now their customer-base is supplied with quality plumbing services, too. The Goettl Air-Conditioning Company was limited to that of residential customer service. The merger, has proved effective, in this regard, according to Goodrich, in expanding services into the commercial sector, inclusive of strip malls and multi-family style properties.

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Notes Regarding Goettl Air-Conditioning:


Goettl has served as a leader in the way of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning services for decades. The company provides its consumers with the best in HVAC services, within the Southwest portion of the United States. Goettl makes it their commitment to provide its specialized market with the best in reliable air-conditioning, ventilation, and heating services. Historically, the Goettl Air-Conditioning Company began its journey, in 1926, in Mansfield, Ohio. The company was originally established by the Goettl Brothers. The brothers—Adam, John and Bill– moved to Phoenix, AZ, in order to seek new opportunities. The era of the move was during the Great Depression. Accordingly, the Goettl Air-Conditioning Company was born in the Southwest. It continued its evolution by becoming a mass producer of evaporative coolers and manufactured a number of other heating and cooling products. Today, Goettl continues its time-honored service by supplying its customers with the best in service and current technologies.


Goettl is in the position of providing many practical heating and air-conditioning services to its Southwest clientele. It can install and repair a consumer’s home air-conditioning system or heating unit. Too: if a customer requires repair of a heat pump, the service can easily be performed. An A/C repair presents no problem, either. The service offered by Goettl Air Conditioning is almost always on the same day when the customer requests it. The Goettl Company performs repair jobs on holidays and weekends, too. Preventative maintenance plans are offered, as well, in order to assure A/C units and heating systems continue to work properly. It is this commitment of service and reliability that allows Goettl to stand apart from the competition.