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Dr. Mark McKenna not only holds a medical degree, but he has also earned his Master of Business Administration. Upon obtaining his medical degree from Tulane University Medical School, he joined his father’s medical practice and also launched his first business: McKenna Venture Investments. He later added Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. to his ever-growing portfolio.

Having been born and raised in New Orleans, Dr. McKenna was devastated to watch Hurricane Katrina unleash its wrath on the Louisiana city. The loss of the majority of his business interests paled in comparison to the damage inflicted on the vibrant city. The doctor immediately joined the recovery efforts and helped to rebuild low and moderate-income housing.

Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta, Georgia near the end of 2007 and currently licensed in medicine and surgery by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. Soon after he launched ShapeMed, an aesthetic based wellness practice that he later sold to Life Time Fitness Inc.

Most recently, Dr. McKenna launched OVME. OVME’s mission is to reinvent elective healthcare using the latest in medical technology. Dr. McKenna came up with the concept for the newly launched business after working in the aesthetic branch of medicine for more than 10 years. After growing his business to be one of the largest in the nation, he sold it, hoping to find new ways to disrupt the aesthetic industry.

Dr. McKenna sees a bright and beautiful future for the medical industry in America. He’s encouraged by the growing population that is swearing off cigarettes, seeing it as a sign that Americans are actively taking part in improving their overall health.

Dr. McKenna lists Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg and Barack Obama as some of his greatest influences. After admitting that being a voracious reader has played a large part in his success, he recommended that all entrepreneurs read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. McKenna also believes in surrounding himself with people who are more intelligent than he is.

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Amicus Therapeutics is a global biopharmaceutical company that deals mainly with rare disorders such as Fabry disease, Lysosomal Storage Disorder, and Connective Skin Disorder Epidermolysis Bullosa. These are rare kind of illnesses found in human body. The company’s primary role is to provide the necessary digital technologies that help patients with the rare disorders to get the required treatment. Amicus therapeutic company has the required clinical programs which include mainly therapy sessions that aid in the treatment of the patients with the rare disorders. View the market summary of Amicus Therapeutics at

Amicus therapeutic is the most significant company in the industry that has the extensive portfolio that deals with this kind of rare disorders found in human body. The company has however partnered with other pharmaceuticals companies to help in growth and advancing of the company. These organizations include JCR Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, and much more. Following Amicus therapeutics growth and establishments, the company has also received several donations from different agencies to boost its operations and ensure quality treatment is administered to the patients. These organizations include Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, the Michael J fix foundation and much more.

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Amicus therapeutic company is significantly managed by Mr. Bradley l Campbell who is the company’s chairman, president and also the chief operating officer. His exceptional managerial skills and ideological skills have led the Amicus therapeutic company to its massive growth and global recognition. Moreover, he has led the company to find new and better therapies, educational research that helps the individual patients together with their families fight the rare diseases affecting the human genetics.

The Amicus Therapeutic Company moreover supports the community to promote outreaches for individuals with rare diseases to come out and get the necessary treatments. It advocates treatments for people suffering from addiction, mental illness, poverty, and homelessness. They promote and improve quality of life. Know more about Amicus Therapeutics on

Besides being one of America’s best plastic surgeons, she couples in as a media commentator and an academician.

Meet Jennifer Lee Warden, the founder of Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLLC. Her foundation capitalizes on private practice of plastic surgery and ambulatory surgery. The center is based in Austin Texas with an outpost office in Marble Falls, Texas.

Jennifer who is a native of Austin, Texas hails from a family whose father was a dentist, and the mother was a nurse. Jennifer Walden received her honors undergraduate Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology at the University of Texas. She then proceeded with her Medical Doctorate at University of Texas Medical Branch and more information click here.

Jennifer began her career at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital under the mentorship of the renowned DR. Sherrell Aston. In the year 2014, Jennifer got listed as one of Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 best beauty surgeons and learn more about Jennifer.

Besides her career as a plastic surgeon, Jennifer Walden has on many occasions featured on the terms of an expert commentator on ABC News and Fox News amongst other major television outlets. She serves as a Member of Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice Editorial Board of Directors. She has co-authored the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery textbook and is one of the few women ever elected to serve as one of the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is as well a fellow at the American College of Surgeons.

She is a specialist in cosmetic plastic surgery, and she is a certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.Her desire is to help people change and enhance their body image to build confidence.She says that 90% of her patients are women and is even happier that all of her team comprises of women only and Jennifer’s lacrosse camp.

She says it’s fulfilling to see that a patient is happy with the immediate results that come from her work and resume him.

USHEALTH Advisors prides itself on being a completely-owned national distribution and sales subsidiary of the larger USHEALTH Group, Inc. USHEALTH Group Advisors company has made a name for itself in the selling of individual health insurance plans and other products, which are underwritten by The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

Since its inception in 2010, USHEALTH Advisors has been focusing on serving families, individuals, small business owners and the self-employed. Some of the specialties under the company include health insurance agent, dental insurance guarantee issues plans, innovative fixed indemnity health plans, accident coverage, life insurance among others.

USHEALTH leverages expertise experience of its trusted and licensed team of agents to deliver exceptional buying experience to customers. All the agents are required to meet certain certification and training standards before being approved to represent the company’s products. Additionally, USHEALTH Advisors’ personal attention has propelled the company into a renowned leader in customer care, innovation and business growth.

Training for Agents

At USHEALTH Advisors, agents and field leaders are provided extensive training opportunities to help them realize their full potential. This training includes in-office training, local webinars among other strategies. All the training programs utilized by the company are intended to help each trainee to excel in his or her career. Additionally, the company offers complementary services in the form of support, valuable tools and resources to help each agent kick-start his or her sales success.


USHEALTH Advisors offers its agents an opportunity to make unlimited income for today while building long-term wealth for the future. As such, they are given the ability to determine how much income they will earn not only this year but also in the upcoming years. The income is directly proportional to the annualized premium production.

For wealth building purposes, agents are allowed the opportunity to engage in the company’s innovative stock ownership program. USHEALTH Group program is a way for the USHA to allow agents to have a sense of ownership in the company they are striving to build. Additionally, the company recognizes, motivates and rewards the crème de la crème from its career agency field force through organizing exciting incentive programs and contests.

Northern Nevada’s largest health network, Renown health has been making an impact on the community for quite some time. Recently Renown announced that it would be expanding one of its facilities by opening a new clinic at The Summit Mall in South Reno. The overall purpose behind this expansion is to create a more inviting and comfortable area for workers to provide services. As Dr. McCormack, medical director of Renown Medical Group, recently put it- “When patients come in, we wanted it to look like their living room” to learn more: click here.

With the new expansion the center in south Reno will be a 10,000-square-foot health care clinic that covers three vacant storefronts. This includes the store Jos. A Bank a former menswear store. The staff will start off with a modest 11 employees, but with planned expansion of services of medical to include a possible conference room, that number should grow.

Renown’s new center is being contracted by Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC, a company based in Carson City. Demolition on the center has already started and is expected to be completed by February. Director Dr. McCormack recognizes the growing population in this area and therefore is striving to meet those needs with better health care facilitates.

Renown Health is the only locally owned non-profit health care network in the Northern Nevada area. They are one of the Top 100 health networks in both Nevada and in the country. The Company’s roots date back all the way to 1862. Originally known as Washoe County Hospital during the civil war, today the hospital ownership has been transferred. Today, both Renown Health along with Renown Regional Medical Center work together to form one of the best non-profit organizations around. Renown Health has made a tremendous impact in the local community. Their track record is evidence that they should continue to be impactful for many years to come.

Multiple Sclerosis is known to be a chronic progressive disease involving damage to the nervous system in the brain and spinal cord. Its symptoms vary from numbness, impairment of speech and of muscular coordination, blurred vision, to fatigue. Recently conducted clinical trial results provide evidence that high dose immunosuppressive therapy followed by transplantation of a person’s own blood-forming stem cells can induce sustained remission of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the central nervous system.

A percentage of up to 69% is known to survive for at least five years without experiencing progression of disability, relapse of MS symptoms or new brain lesions, considering the fact that patients are never put under any medication. This however, tends to change in the long run. Other studies have indicated that currently available MS drugs have lower success rates.

A medical trial, called HALT-MS, sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has been conducted to get extended findings on one-time treatment with HDIT/HCT which may be substantially more effective than long-term treatment with the best available medications for people with a certain type of Multiple Sclerosis.

The most common form of MS was established to be relapsing-remitting MS, which is characterized by periods of mild or no symptoms interspersed with symptom relapses which worsen over years. In HALT-MS, researchers tested the safety, efficacy and durability of HDIT/HCT in 24 volunteers. The experimental aimed at suppressing active disease and prevent further disability. Though the treatment had some risks associated with it, positive results were recorded in most of the volunteer patients.In case the findings are confirmed in larger studies, HDIT/HCT may become a potential therapeutic option for patients with active relapsing-remitting MS, particularly those who do not respond to existing therapies.

On the same line of specialty, shedding light to Dr. Gopal Vasishta would be of much importance as Dr. Gopal’s has committed his life to helping people living with nervous system dis-orders. Having practiced medicine and majored in neurology, his work and contribution towards finding medical solutions to multiple sclerosis and other nervous system related disorders has been a major achievement, taking the practice a milestone ahead.

Dr. Gopal Vasishta is a practicing professional Neurologist in Voorhees, who graduated from Government Medical College in 1979 and has been in practice for a period of more than 35 years, having completed a residency at Boston City Hospital. Dr. Gopal Vasishta is also a specialist in Psychiatry. He currently practices at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates which is affiliated with Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. He is licensed by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology as well as Certified in Neurology NJ State Medical Licensed.


Most people don’t really like to think about insurance. Companies like USHEALTH Group know that insurance should be as simple to understand as possible. This company’s main office is located in Fort Worth, Texas. Their plans are available in 32 of the 50 U.S. states.

USHEALTH is a relatively large insurance company. They offer a comprehensive number of different insurance products to their customers. The company’s CEO believes that customers want to purchase all forms of insurance from the same company. Life insurance and health insurance should be tied into the same comprehensive plan. This makes it easier for customers to manage the various policies that they are paying into.

The company also puts a lot of effort into making sure that they have a strong presence online. Customers that log into the USHEALTH site can view and customize their plans. The ability to quickly alter a plan is a luxury that many insurance companies do not offer.

USHEALTH Group is also considered a great place for insurance agents to work. The company’s LinkedIn page provides information for agents that are seeking employment with the company. Many employees report that they like their job. Employees claim that the plans are very easy to sell because they are significantly better than most plans on the market. Their extensive PPOs are designed to match any customer’s budget and needs. They also offer comprehensive family plans for customers to select from. The specifics of the plans often vary based on the state that the office is in.

USHEALTH Group is growing at a relatively rapid pace. They offer their employees and private investors the option of owning part of the company. USHEALTH’s CEO is very optimistic about the future of the company. Recent changes in insurance laws may leave a lot of people trying to find affordable health and life insurance. USHEALTH approaches insurance at an angle that is different from most companies. They have been around for more than 30 years because their plans adapt to the rapidly changing insurance markets.

Everyday people are becoming more aware of the benefits from a natural diet and is leading the surge in organic and herbal supplements for health cleanses. Used by over 3 million people, has a plethora of vegan products ranging from herbal allergy relief supplements to 10 day colon cleansing multivitamins and even aromatherapy inhalers to help boost healthy respiratory passageways. Dherbs wants their customers to experience healing by providing the right tools for people to responsibly reclaim their birthright of vibrant and optimal health.

One story of a successful transition that has been apart of is the account of Pastor Hosea Collins. The story begins with the tragic news when Collins found out that his wife needed a new kidney. Collins volunteered himself to donate his own kidney, but was told he was overweight for the procedure. Inspired, Collins went from 352 pounds to 222 pounds by adhering to the Dherbs cleanse program and by sticking to a vegan diet with some exercise everyday. In just 7 months he was able to lose 130 pounds. Collins was a guest on the Steve Harvey show and told his uplifting story to a televised audience with the CEO A.D. Dolphin.


Dherbs is actively contributing to the education of healthy living. From posting Facebook Live videos with topics covering the benefits of coconut oil, to the type of condiments you should have in your fridge, and even natural ways to reverse diabetes. Aside from social media, Dherbs sponsors community events like fun walks that help motivate healthy living. This year was the 14th annual Neighborhood Awards in Las Vegas and Dherbs was one of the main supporters of this celebration honoring neighborhood leaders, educators, churches and businesses.


When the day comes that you feel like your not being responsible for your own well-being look no farther than With ingredients of kelp, turmeric root, flaxseed, spinach, chlorella, and many more natural components Dherbs is achieving wholesome wonders for the human body. The motivation to live a strong nutritious life is the meal that Dherbs wants to bring to the table. And with the variety of products they offer it makes that task much easier to manage.  Find them on Instagram, as well as their Dherbs Family Facebook page, for further information.

You could call Marcus Rothkranz a nutrition and fitness guru. He would say that he is just someone who has learned what to eat to keep himself healthy, and that he wants to share that knowledge with all of us.

Rothkranz has made a number of YouTube videos. In one video, focusing on nutrition, he explains his philosophy on how to fuel the body. He states that as long as you eat the correct foods, you can eat less and still have increased energy. This is because your body processes raw and natural foods more efficiently.

So what should we eat? We should eat nutritionally dense foods and Rothkranz states that we should eat those foods exactly the way they are found in nature. There is no need to boil, fry, or bake those foods. He eats one main meal per day and that meal consists of greens, nuts, and seeds in a huge salad. He eats the salad late in the afternoon. The remainder of his daily nutrition comes from snacking on fruits or nuts and he enjoys a green and fruit smoothie in the morning. He has created a number of protein powders and uses these to supplement his diet.

Marcus Rothkranz is quick to point out that his system may not be for everyone but he uses himself as the example of health and wellness. There is scientific evidence that this type of diet works. Eating less than three meals per day may be a totally foreign idea for you but letting your body work the way it was designed really makes perfect sense. It seems like it might be worth a try.

I recently read in Q Buzz the online magazine for Qnet, that the Be The Rhythm Foundation initiative will be donating home pure red units for improving water purity in Tirana, Malaysia, and Rashad’s Center UAE. The way the project works is that for every 1000 positive comments left on their site, they will donate one Homepure red unit. This contest is occurring on their Facebook page. I saw that if they get an additional 500 comments during phase 2, they will donate a unit to the Rashad’s center for the disabled in UAE. If they get 500 comments in the first two weeks, they will donate a unit to Taarana their school for children with special needs. I see that only three posts maximum allowed per person. I feel like this is a great way to help children get the clean water that they need. If you share the project, you can help spread the word and get more comments to help these kids.

Qnet is a direct selling company located in Asia. It encourages entrepreneurship and help people 2 obtain solutions to enhance their lifestyles. Do not believe in helping the everyday person enable themselves and create a profitable business with hard work. Qnet gives individuals and families the opportunity to achieve the dream of financial independence with their unique business model, and philosophy 2 help others. Qnet is deeply inspired by the teachings of Gandhi. Qnet believes in service and Leadership and instills that into the culture of their business. I can tell from what I’ve read about the company that they cared deeply about helping the community and their Associates to live a better life and strive to achieve. Qnet believes in cultural diversity and the celebration of ethnicity. They have employees from 30 different countries and customers in over 100 countries. Qnet is a member of the United Nations of network marketing.

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