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Mikhail Blagosklonny is a former professor of oncology at the prestigious Roswell Park Cancer Institute located in New York. His major point of interest was cancer and aging. Mikhail has a solid educational background. Mikhail joined the University of St.Peterburg where he excelled in the field of medicine. He attained an MD & a postgraduate degree in internal medicine and experimental medicine respectively. He later earned recognition by Ordway Research Institute who hired him as a senior scientist after being offered a position as an associate professor of medicine at the renowned New York Medical College. Mikhail served as a committed scientist in Ordway until he was chosen as a professor of Oncologist at Roswell Park Center Institute.Mikhail Blagosklonny had a wide range of interests.

His strong will and desire to learn is what drifted him from the rest and kept him well informed. He researched in molecular and cell biology. Also, he made clinical investigations that included cellular processes such as mitosis, apoptosis, cell cycle, and signal transduction. Since Mikhail had always been eager to have a better scope of understanding regarding cancer, he researched on anti-cancer therapeutics to attain basic science knowledge and strategies that can be used to eliminate cancer from the face of the earth. Mikhail discovered that he could take advantage of the cycling of cancer cells to form a counter attack drug with a resistance that would selectively form an immunity to normal cells was also a viable option.Later as he developed, Mikhail Blagosklonny developed more passion to studying age and the diseases that tag along. He even authored theories to prove that age is just a problem like any other disease and that it has a cure. Mikhail was on a quest to prove to humans that immortality is not after all well beyond limits. If aging can be curbed, why then should a man not be termed as an immortal being? He conducted research and proposed the use of Rapamycin drug, a renowned cancer drug for an increment of life span. Mikhail was also responsible for the theory regarding the function of TOR signaling concerning cancer and aging.

His dedicated passion for proving that biogerontology was a manageable menace which made him one of the all-time greats in the longevity research.Mikhail is also well recognized for his authoring skills. He has drafted and published about important projects and science topics. He majors in Cell Cyclotherapy, Chemotherapeutic Engineering, and the aging hyper function theory. He works as an associate editor of the American Journal of Pathology known as PLOS ONE. It is worth noting that Mikhail has achieved great feats in Oncology. He has over 300 research articles. His hard work, commitment, and desire for success have been his secret to his ascent to his current status. In his perception, Mikhail Blagosklonny says that his profound love for the human race is what led him to this field. His objective is to have a disease-free community in the future with healthy people living a comfortable life.

2.6 million people die annually in the United States because of diseases that could have been prevented. Knowledge of these diseases are low because preventive care is often pushed aside. What people don’t understand is that preventive care can save their life. Preventive health care is often mistaken for the standard physical that gets done every year. But what people don’t understand, is that the standard physical doesn’t dig as deep as preventive health care does.

Our bodies are similar to cars. Without a tune up, the car will start experiencing health problems. These problems get worse over time and then what could have been an easy fix, is not an easy fix anymore. It becomes more costly to repair if it can be repaired. Our bodies are the same way. Without routine maintenance, our bodies start experiencing small ‘hiccups’ that get ignored until they become bigger hiccups. Preventive health care is just like an oil change with the car. It digs a little deeper than the surface to see if you are starting to experience issues that haven’t caused any symptoms yet.

Each individual is different. And each individual carries different risk factors that predisposes them to different health issues. A careful history is taken of each patient. Once a thorough health history is done, the appropriate tests are done to see if a person is having issues they are unaware of. The tests are non-invasive and the results are generally ready before the patient leaves. If the results reveal anything, the results can be shared with the patient’s primary care doctor so further testing can be done.

Life Line Screening is a company that screens patients for various health issues. These issues are blood pressure, heart issues, cholesterol issues, liver disorders, thyroid; the list is endless. They offer Life Line Screening services at an affordable price so that patients can continue to monitor their health. The company can identify markers that predisposes patients to diabetes too. It puts the control of your health back into your hands. Early treatment is needed so that many of the diseases out there can be controlled or stopped before they have a chance to start.

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USHEALTH Advisors prides itself on being a completely-owned national distribution and sales subsidiary of the larger USHEALTH Group, Inc. USHEALTH Group Advisors company has made a name for itself in the selling of individual health insurance plans and other products, which are underwritten by The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

Since its inception in 2010, USHEALTH Advisors has been focusing on serving families, individuals, small business owners and the self-employed. Some of the specialties under the company include health insurance agent, dental insurance guarantee issues plans, innovative fixed indemnity health plans, accident coverage, life insurance among others.

USHEALTH leverages expertise experience of its trusted and licensed team of agents to deliver exceptional buying experience to customers. All the agents are required to meet certain certification and training standards before being approved to represent the company’s products. Additionally, USHEALTH Advisors’ personal attention has propelled the company into a renowned leader in customer care, innovation and business growth.

Training for Agents

At USHEALTH Advisors, agents and field leaders are provided extensive training opportunities to help them realize their full potential. This training includes in-office training, local webinars among other strategies. All the training programs utilized by the company are intended to help each trainee to excel in his or her career. Additionally, the company offers complementary services in the form of support, valuable tools and resources to help each agent kick-start his or her sales success.


USHEALTH Advisors offers its agents an opportunity to make unlimited income for today while building long-term wealth for the future. As such, they are given the ability to determine how much income they will earn not only this year but also in the upcoming years. The income is directly proportional to the annualized premium production.

For wealth building purposes, agents are allowed the opportunity to engage in the company’s innovative stock ownership program. USHEALTH Group program is a way for the USHA to allow agents to have a sense of ownership in the company they are striving to build. Additionally, the company recognizes, motivates and rewards the crème de la crème from its career agency field force through organizing exciting incentive programs and contests.

Northern Nevada’s largest health network, Renown health has been making an impact on the community for quite some time. Recently Renown announced that it would be expanding one of its facilities by opening a new clinic at The Summit Mall in South Reno. The overall purpose behind this expansion is to create a more inviting and comfortable area for workers to provide services. As Dr. McCormack, medical director of Renown Medical Group, recently put it- “When patients come in, we wanted it to look like their living room” to learn more: click here.

With the new expansion the center in south Reno will be a 10,000-square-foot health care clinic that covers three vacant storefronts. This includes the store Jos. A Bank a former menswear store. The staff will start off with a modest 11 employees, but with planned expansion of services of medical to include a possible conference room, that number should grow.

Renown’s new center is being contracted by Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC, a company based in Carson City. Demolition on the center has already started and is expected to be completed by February. Director Dr. McCormack recognizes the growing population in this area and therefore is striving to meet those needs with better health care facilitates.

Renown Health is the only locally owned non-profit health care network in the Northern Nevada area. They are one of the Top 100 health networks in both Nevada and in the country. The Company’s roots date back all the way to 1862. Originally known as Washoe County Hospital during the civil war, today the hospital ownership has been transferred. Today, both Renown Health along with Renown Regional Medical Center work together to form one of the best non-profit organizations around. Renown Health has made a tremendous impact in the local community. Their track record is evidence that they should continue to be impactful for many years to come.

Are you thinking of getting insurance for your family and friends? Then worry no more let me introduce to you the USHEALTH group formerly known as Ascent insurance. The USHEALTH group is an insurance company based in Fort Worth Texas. It was incorporated in the early 1980s and changed its name in 2005. This insurance company has been in service for more than 50 years and has served over 15 million customers.

This has been made possible with the company having different groups of insurance companies. USHEALTH offer insurance on:

  • Innovative Life.
  • Specified Disease/Sickness.
  • Accident.
  • Disability Insurance.

USHEALTH has two main rules that will ensure better services to their wide range of customers. First, they believe that every customer has his/her taste. Secondly, they believe that “one size fits all” is not the best solution to the client’s need. The company boasts of being in payment cycle and claims processing in America.

USHEALTH Group insurance

This company offers a range of insurance policies that meet the customer’s plan. The following are the insurance they offer:

Securedental package

A smile makes a person live longer and that is what USHEALTH Group put in mind when offering this package. This secure dental package comes with three plans which are:

  • Premium plan- deductions are $50 for individual and $150 for family, this caters for Insured Covers Preventive Care, Basic Care, Major Care. Also, we have Orthodontic Deductible $150, Orthodontic benefit per Insured $1,000 lifetime.
  • Saver Plus plan- deductions are $50 for individuals and $150 for a family it covers Covers Preventive Care, Basic Care, and Major Care. There are also Orthodontic Care Services discounted at participating providers.
  • Saver plan- the deductions are $50 for individuals and $150 for the family this caters for Preventive Care and Basic Care, with Major Care and Orthodontic Care Services discounted at participating providers.


This package is a five-year renewable insurance with death benefit and specified critical illness or surgery. It allows the insured to obtain all or part of their death benefit in case of a critical illness or critical surgery. If diagnosed with a critical illness, Medguard gives you cash; this will be given to you immediately you are diagnosed with the disease. Their Facebook Page.

There are several other packages like:

  • Life protector- this package ensures that your finance is taken care of in case anything happens to you or your family.
  • Accident Protector- you can’t be too careful to prevent accidents from happening. Hence USHEALTH has a cover for you in term of accidents. It provides you with finances to cover for out of pocket accidents.
  • Income protector-this package ensures that it provides cash for monthly use on expenses.
  • Essential health benefit
  • Secure advantage

In conclusion, as you have seen USHEALTH is the best insurance company to depend on.