Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

In the viewer’s eyes, it’s Judgment Day, and the entire world is now fully aware. It is no time for laughter, mirth, or dancing; this is a time of tribulation and storms, especially for the poor residents of beautiful Sao Paolo — a city known for its excitement and racing nightlife — but not today. As shrieks of rolling thunder part the skies and drop down their heavenly dew, the people run and scream in every effort to simply stay dry. It is not an easy task, especially when sunshine and warmth were what filled the atmosphere only seconds prior. As you can see, things can unexpectedly take a turn for the worst, and that is why you must always be prepared.

Not only is this picture of a dark overcast a sight of gloom and terror — or, for many, of impending judgment and destruction — but it also speaks to the beautiful contrast that any proper display of light, whether natural or artificial, can hold in such a dark and dismal setting, bringing a small ray of hope into the soul. Since viewers may also note a variety of lights emanating from several buildings, signs and light posts collectively, all is not lost; thus, people can have some joy and still see where they are going, not entirely blinded. There is always light in the darkness, and that is the point worth making: Even in the darkest of moments, there is always a place where a small bit of light will shine in contrast.

Well, I’ve set up a lot of blogs for people but I’ve never written on a blog (however I am a writer for my school newspaper). What makes a good writer is actually understanding what you’re writing about and having an extremely clear understanding of who you’re writing to.

I have never just been given the option to write a topic of my choice. I normally will get a topic, if needed research more about that topic, and then provide the article. This time, it was about racer Michel Terpin’s recent stormy day and of overcoming.