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The role a banker plays in the lives of a local community rarely sees the individual given official recognition for their role in benefiting the region as a whole. The city of Santo Antonio do Monte took the step of rewarding BMG Bank Vice President Marcio Alaor for the role he has played in making this area one of the top agricultural regions in Brazil, including its move to become the top milk producer in the central area of Minas Gerias.

The role the BMG executive has played in pushing forward the local community cannot be downplayed, particularly as he has backed the growth of farming in this area that has little history of being a major force in the agricultural industry. BMG Bank’s Marcio Alaor took the unusual step of looking beyond the financial health and credit status of the individual seeking his help and instead looked at the possible benefits to the community when asked for assistance. A large amount of the different approach taken by Alaor comes from the fact he himself has moved up from the lowest levels of Brazilian society; Alaor did not begin his career as a banker, but instead set out on a career shining shoes before moving in an upward trajectory he has not forgotten.

Many local officials appeared at the 33rd Annual Agricultural Exhibition in Santo Antonio do Monte to honor Marcio Alaor with the renaming of the food court with his name. Local politicians and members of the Rural Union took time out of their busy schedules to attend the ceremony and give short speeches explaining their own respect for Alaor. The BMG Bank Vice President was stated to have played an important role in helping establish the agricultural industry in and around the city, despite the fact that the land was always claimed to be unhelpful to farming.

Marcio Alaor also gave his own speech to the gathered dignitaries and local people explaining his pride in the growth of the city and the success that has been achieved by the local community. Alaor promised those gathered with him that his work was not complete yet and he would continue to work with the local community in the best possible ways. Alaor also took the time to thank his wife and family for their help and support throughout the course of his career as he accepted a plaque detailing his service to the community of Santo Antonio do Monte.