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David McDonald began his career at OSI Group and has remained with the company ever since. He has moved up to the top spot due to his dedication and loyalty to the company’s vision. McDonald has been an intricate part of the company’s growth and decision-making processes. He continues to be a driving force in the expansion of the company’s influence in the food manufacturing industry. David serves in the capacity of COO and has conducted several mergers which put OSI in a leading position in the market.

David McDonald carefully realigned the management structure at OSI Group. He used the company’s China division to set an example of how the organization should maintain readiness and be consistent throughout every aspect of its operation. McDonald ensured that management is being held accountable from the bottom to the very top of the company. Leaders will be held to a uniform standard no matter where they are located in the world. David McDonald plans to implement necessary change to ensure that OSI Group operates as a team.

The Tyson Foods buyout was especially important due to the nature of the situation. Tyson Foods is a local Chicago-based food manufacturer that was in jeopardy of going out of business. Closure would have left nearly 500 people unemployed. David McDonald supervised the purchase of Tyson Foods for 7.4 million dollars. The food plant remained in tact and its employees went back to work.

Flagship Food Group and Baho Foods were two more key acquisitions that were overseen by David McDonald. The two European manufacturers will help OSI solidify its position in that particular region. Each company also specializes in a unique facet of the food manufacturing industry. Flagship Food Group is an expert in mayonnaise and various serving sauces. They will open up a new market for OSI Group to spread its influence. Baho Foods is a growing company that has made acquisitions of its own. Its executives look forward to working with a worldwide organization such as OSI Group.

Turi Foods is the largest meat manufacturing company in Australia. OSI Group conducted the merger with the Australian company in order to solidify itself in that particular area. Turi Foods serves a variety of vendors and has a number of plants operating throughout the state of Victoria in Australia.

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The primary objective of any given business is to make the maximum profit as much as possible. This is what makes Osi group company successful. More individuals have been able to start a business, but they end up operating it in short run. Having ready market for your products is a critical factor for the long-lasting and successful business. Most entrepreneurs think that having a lot of a capita can lead to the most significant and successful business, but this is not the case. OSI Group Company can prove all these facts as true.

OSI Group, which is currently the most significant business in the United States, started as a small butchery shop owned by Kolschowsky. It initially, it supplied meat to its customers as a retail shop. Through the entrepreneur, hard work in areas such as understanding the customer tastes and preferences at different period created him more market. This transformed the business from retail shop to a wholesale shop. Getting more involved in this business gave him more experience. He, later on, got the main supplier known as MacDonald, the one that owned the most prominent restaurant.

This was just the beginning of success in his business. Having a constant supplier assured him of the ready market for his products. This means that besides the change in market demand and supply, his products were still secured in the market. This was more adventitious to him because he had a steady market which a contract with MacDonald’s business and other retailers. He was now able to sell meat products in bulk, and this provided more economies of scale.

The Osi group company continued to expand by an increase in the number of customers. This meant that the management had become more complex and this led to him introducing his sons to the business. Their skills and experience for an extended period enable them to have rapid growth. Otto and his sons’ industry did not just stop at this point because the business had already made its roots in the market. However, they aimed higher by making their business to stand on their own.

This is depended on ownership opened more branches in the United States as well as other parts of the world such as Brazil and Europe. They introduced more activities such as innovation and research in their business. Research helped them to study the world market, and change enabled them to use the new system of technology in their operation. Having a value chain technique helped them develop their products. Supplying quality custom products has made them win several Awards such as California Green Business Award, the award in Globe Honour among others

With the advancements in technology that is opening up many different avenues, there has been a steep increase in the female workforce, especially in top executive positions. Whether it is the chief executive officer, a senator or an entrepreneur, we find women successfully delivering challenging roles across the spectrum. And Mina Ebrahimi is a perfect example of someone who belongs to the class of female entrepreneurs who came from nowhere and launched a successful catering business that is also voted as the best one in the Northern Virginia region. While she was very young, she worked at her parents’ bakery and that’s where she understood the needs of customers and that combined with her passion for cooking gave rise to Saint Germain Catering business.

In her daily operations, she does not involve any third parties and involves herself directly while she is dealing with her clients. Her keen business acumen transformed the bakery into a full-scale business with over 30 full-time employees. In order to keep herself updated with the latest trends in the cuisine industry, she makes a point to attend seminars and workshops so that she does not miss on the competitive edge. Nineteen years into the business and this kind of work ethic are indeed commendable. This is why she has been able to get so much positive impact to her business and also one of the reasons why she has been voted as the 2010 Top 40 Under 40 Award Winner and 2014 Enterprising Woman of the Year Winner.

She also has a great passion for animals and hence she started a Radiology Veterinarian Programs at the University of Pennsylvania. Her philanthropic activities do not stop here. She has been actively involved in a lot of initiatives involving women empowerment and how she believes that a diversified workplace could outperform companies that do not believe in this concept. Besides her exceptionally intelligent business acumen, she is a strong advocate of giving back to the community in whichever way possible. She also assisted soldiers who came back from war through her Operation Homefront initiative, which she feels is very dear to her.

Consistency is a key component to success. We all know the phrase success doesn’t happen over not, but we sure want it to. Staying faithful to what one is doing is the thing that most people don’t realize will make them victorious in the end. The journey that a person goes through while remaining constant is the thing that will give a person the tools and know how to deal with the success of career they are chasing. It’s all about the process and there are many examples of successful people to show us this. David McDonald is one in particular that is a direct example of this.

David McDonald grew in Iowa and attended Iowa state University. He majored and got a degree in animal science. He always loved and had an affinity for biology and so pursued it. He in time grew to become the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. He was not destined to stay here as soon he started working with OSI, a food processing company. Instead of being a chairman he started as a project manager. David McDonald remained humble and started working. OSI is a huge company with international departments and plants all over the world. Overtime OSI has made huge moves in the food processing and industry and David was there the whole time. He actually has been with the company for 30 years and has moved up year after year. Eventually David’s time came and now he is the president of OSI.

David’s hard work and experience has led the company in a positive direction. He strongly emphasizes teamwork and understanding. He has helped creative an ability for OSI to create important and valuable partnerships all over the world by connecting with people from other cultures, geographic areas, and general backgrounds. This ability and work has paid off as OSI recently purchased Baho Foods. A Dutch deli meat processing company. Thanks to this key business move they now have notoriety in the European marketplace. David McDonald’s influence wouldn’t have led the company to such success if he had quit before becoming president. Thanks to is endurance and hard work we have another example of what that type of mindset and patience can provide to all of us still working towards success.

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You could call Marcus Rothkranz a nutrition and fitness guru. He would say that he is just someone who has learned what to eat to keep himself healthy, and that he wants to share that knowledge with all of us.

Rothkranz has made a number of YouTube videos. In one video, focusing on nutrition, he explains his philosophy on how to fuel the body. He states that as long as you eat the correct foods, you can eat less and still have increased energy. This is because your body processes raw and natural foods more efficiently.

So what should we eat? We should eat nutritionally dense foods and Rothkranz states that we should eat those foods exactly the way they are found in nature. There is no need to boil, fry, or bake those foods. He eats one main meal per day and that meal consists of greens, nuts, and seeds in a huge salad. He eats the salad late in the afternoon. The remainder of his daily nutrition comes from snacking on fruits or nuts and he enjoys a green and fruit smoothie in the morning. He has created a number of protein powders and uses these to supplement his diet.

Marcus Rothkranz is quick to point out that his system may not be for everyone but he uses himself as the example of health and wellness. There is scientific evidence that this type of diet works. Eating less than three meals per day may be a totally foreign idea for you but letting your body work the way it was designed really makes perfect sense. It seems like it might be worth a try.

In a recent video fitness and health expert, Markus Rothkranz explains that being thin does not necessarily mean that they are healthy. Even thin people can be incredibly unfit on the inside. He goes on the explain that the modern diet of processed foods has no real nutritional value. Although you may be acquiring your daily amount of recommended calories, they are in fact empty calories and your body will be starving for nutrition. Even those individuals that claim they are eating mostly raw diets are in fact in some aspect cheating by ingesting some sort of food that is incredibly unhealthy.

Fat manifests itself when we eat food that cannot be used and is stored in the body. We also gain weight during times of stress when we eat as a comfort mechanism.During periods of stress, our bodies produce Cortisol which is what creates unwanted fat in our bodies. It can be a vicious cycle that can lead to serious health problems. Another serious issue with our modern way of living is the damage that we do to our thyroid. Many of our daily activities in addition to stress affect the thyroid which regulates our hormones.

Some of Markus’s biggest tips include getting enough sleep and not eating three to four hours before going to bed. When we don’t get enough sleep we produce Cortisol and that can also cause added stress. When we eat we use up much of the body’s energy digesting food. When refraining from eating before bed we have a more healthy sleep process.

He recommends that individuals refrain from consuming sugar which can come in many forms. It can be in fruit juice or in pasta and bread. According to Markus, most serious diseases in the country can be linked to sugar consumption. He recommends getting his recipe book and creating healthy sugar-free meals that taste great. He also makes a point to suggest interval training which is the best way to loose weight and feel great when combined with a healthy diet. He has supplements that you can take throughout the day to promote health and well-being when paired with a healthy lifestyle.

Dog owners are well aware of the importance of a healthy diet for their pets. Long gone are the days of passing along table scraps to your beloved pooch. In order for them to enjoy a long, healthy and full life, they must be fed a high quality diet with the right dog food. Purina has been a trusted brand of pet food products for over 80 years. Their Beneful line of dog food and treats has the high quality ingredients and great taste that you and your pet are searching for.
Beneful has a wide variety of dog foods to meet your dog’s needs. Beneful offers several versions of their original flavor suitable for puppies, active dogs, small dogs and a formula for weight management. Beneful has twenty eight different dry and wet versions all containing beef, chicken or salmon plus healthy vegetables and grains that will give your dog 100% of their daily nutrition requirements. As a reward for your canine companion, Beneful also has treats that can help improve their oral health and will have your dog begging for more
Beneful is just one more way that Purina is helping you show your dog how much you care.

As a canine owner, it is vital that you purchase the best dog food for your dog. You should focus on purchasing dog food that can help your dog stay healthy. Purchasing dog food that contains poor ingredients can put your dog’s health at risk. Poor ingredients are notorious for causing various canine health issues.

Some dog owners make the mistake of being loyal to a particular brand without examining the ingredients of the food. It is imperative for you to examine the ingredients of dog food before making a final purchase. This simple measure can help you determine if the food contains ingredients that will stimulate and maintain your dog’s vitality.

Beneful is one exceptional option for dog owners that are serious about keeping their canines healthy and happy. Beneful is produced by Purina. Purina has an excellent reputation for producing exceptional dog food over the years. The Beneful brand has the perfect balance of great taste, quality nutrition, and wholesome ingredients.

It is vital that you take precautionary measures when it comes to buying dog food. Some popular commercial brands do not have the essential ingredients that can help your dog live a long and productive life. The Beneful brand has all the ingredients that can keep your canine happy and healthy.

“You are what you eat” is an age old mantra but experts are certain there’s truth to those words.

A study published in the journal “Psychiatry Research” shows a possible connection between fermented foods containing probiotics (pickles and sauerkraut or sour cabbage), and social anxiety.

Foods such as yogurt, kimchi and kefirs, and pickled onions and maybe even some types of dark chocolate, help those who suffer from anxiety, neurotic symptoms and social phobia.

To demonstrate this, a group of psychologists led by Matthew Hilimire and Catherine Forestell , professors of psychology at the University of Maryland, examined the habits of 710 college students.

According to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, people that consumed more fermented foods were less likely to have any social anxieties.

In particular, it showed that volunteers with high levels of neuroticism (emotional instability) and more frequent consumption of fermented foods had fewer symptoms of social anxiety.

Consistent with previous studies, the results suggest that fermented foods containing probiotics may have a protective effect against the symptoms of social anxiety for those with higher genetic risk. That is, the probiotics may have an anxiolytic effect.

Fortunately, there are a variety of fermented foods that contain a powerful amount of probiotics: green peas, olives, cabbage, miso, soy, most teas (especially the Kombucha), prunes and pickles in general .

Matthew Hillimire, co-author and psychologist at the College of William and Mary, says that probiotics have positive effects on the digestive system and this leads to changes in your overall health.

According to several animal studies, we do know that probiotics can help stimulate the release of important neurotransmitters associated with mood.

Beneful dog food has become quite popular over the years because there are more than a few different brands on the market. A wide spectrum of pet owners are fans of this brand of dog food because there is such a diverse amount of it on the market today. This brand stands out among the rest because it is advertised and promoted as more than dog food. It is the food pet owners search for when they want specific things.

The Beneful brand has food for puppies. It also have dog food on the market that is designed to promote a healthy weight. This is a big deal with dog owners that may have pets that are underweight. When dogs have been sick for a while they may be under their regular weight, but the Beneful brand has foods in place that can help these animals get back on track. There are also some dog foods that are designed specifically for the wide range of pet owners that are trying to make sure that their dogs have a radiant smile.

Another thing that makes the Beneful brand stand out is the healthy ingredients that are placed into these foods. This healthy nourishment that comes from the Beneful brand can ultimately be something that improves the life span of a dog. That is something that many pet owners take into consideration when they consider what Beneful has to offer. There are foods from this Beneful brand that are designed with beef stew, salmon and vegetable blends. There are also snack foods like bacon and cheese snacks that many dogs are also fond of. This wide array of dog foods has made it easier for owners to try more than one type of food. Sometimes dogs may not eat the first type of dog food that is placed before them. Luckily, Beneful has a plethora of different brands that are reasonably priced. There are wet and dry foods available so there is bound to be something that the dogs will like.

Most people that have pets have tried different dog foods, but Beneful tends to be a brand where customers are loyal. The diverse number of dog foods on the market make it easy for people to stick with Beneful. It’s the type of dog food that is designed for a wide variety of animals, and pet owners find this very affordable.