Ruminations of a Taco-Obsessed Philly Native

Emoji enthusiasts can soon rejoice at the fact that soon, new emojis will be added. We’ve all been there, struggling to describe something we ate or drank only to find out after going through pages of emojis that one doesn’t seem to exist! Gravity4 suggests taking a snapshot of your food and sharing it on social media.

According to Eater The most common problem people ran into was when they were looking for the taco emoji. There wasn’t one! But, why? Tacos are one of the most common foods, and because of their deliciousness people will always be messaging about them. After all, how much more convenient would sending a text with the taco emoji then the word Tuesday be then writing it out. Not to mention more fun too!

Taco Bell even started a petition to get the taco emoji to become a real deal. There were countless other strange and obsolete food emojis that many will never use, so why not have one everyone uses?

The taco isn’t standing alone, there are a few others that are appearing as well such as popcorn and a hot dog emoji. Texting about our food will get a lot easier as soon as the iOS and Android opperating systems update!