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People always want to know WHAT the current trends are in fashion or anything else. As far as the currency market, what are the current trends?

As far as Australian Dollar to the US dollar, it last closed at 0.7845 with a change of +.77%. The major and minor trends say that it is going to continue to go up. The outlook for the future currently is bullish.

If you looked at the Euro to US dollar, you would see that it closed at 1.2304 at a change of -.05%. The minor and major trends show it is going to go down in the future. The future is going to be bearish.

When it comes to the British Pound to US Dollar, it closed at 1.3845 with a change of +.25%. The minor and major trends say that it is going to go down. Like the euro, the outlook is bearish.

The US dollar to the Canadian dollar is 1.2809 with negative change of .67%. The trends for these currencies is down. The future is going to be bearish.

The last state trend of the US dollar to the Swiss Franc is that it was .9508 with it going down .03. The trends predict that it actually going to go up and the outlook is bullish.

The US dollar to the Japanese Yen was last at 106.803 with a change of .57%. The trends are that it is going to continue to go up and the future is bullish.

If you were going to ask a person about what is happening in the Forex market, it would be good to ask Jordan Lindsey, the founder of JCL Capital.

Lindsey grew up in New York and as a child, he loved to compete. He also had the mind of an entrepreneur. He always wanted to make new businesses and see how he could make things better.

Today he is a veteran trader and has experience in the technology and financial services industries. He taught himself to be a computer programmer and systems architecture designer. He is a graduate of Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College.

He has traveled extensively, He lived in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. While he was in Bosnia, he met his wife while he volunteering at a small village called Medjugorje.

Lindsey has the experience to help a person navigate the currency markets.

Greg Secker is a prominent trader in the financial markets. That is the stock and currency trading. He is the founder of Learn to Trade, which is a company that teaches people on how to profitably trade the financial market. Greg Secker started his career in the financial sector at the Thomas Cook Financial Services. Here he was the trader technologist for the firm. He later moved to foreign exchange trading and started his new business called the “Virtual Trading Desk”. Commonly known as VTD, the trading platform was the first online based to hit the market by then. The trading platform gave traders access to real time quotes for all foreign exchange transactions. Greg Secker career gained momentum very fast due to the fact that he has so much passion for this job. He went on to become the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. Mellon Corporation was a big fortune 500 investment bank in the US at the time. At Mellon he got a chance to interact with the best traders there was in the world. He learned so much while at the same time implementing all this knowledge in creating trading strategies. After some time at the Mellon, Greg personal trading account had accumulated so much that he no longer wanted to work. He quit employment and joined started his own trading floor at home.

After three years of trading from home, Greg Secker started what is known today as Learn to Trade. Learn to Trade has benefitted so many people through seminars and workshops that are held in various cities across the world. He teaches his students on how to trade and generate income from financial markets either as apart time or full time trading.

In the 2010 London Excellence Awards Greg emerged a finalist. Also his company Learn to trade was number 49 in the “2010 Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards.” According to the World Finance Magazine, Learn to Trade was the best educator for two consecutive years. Other rewards that Learn to Trade has received include: ‘Best Forex Educator in Global Banking & Finance Review’, Best Trading Education Product from Wealth and Finance Awards and Best for Forex Trading Training.