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Wes Edens is a renown financial investor and business owner. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration. He is also known for his purchase of the Milwaukee Bucks and the owner of the eSports Team FlyQuests. He is the Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors for Fortress Investment Group. His career experience in the financial industry spans from his humble beginnings with the Lehman Brothers in 1987 to his current position with Fortress Investment Group, which was established in 1998. Wes Edens made his mark by becoming a partner and managing director at Lehman Brothers. While at Lehman Brothers he cultivated and honed his financial skills to catapult him to his next position with Black Rock.

Here at Black Rock, Wes Edens held the reigns for the private equity division as its managing director and partner. Wes Edens is best known as the man with the golden touch, he has an in tuned intuition on using his investment skill to create and build up businesses. His firm, Fortress Investment Group, is the first to become a publicly buyout trading firm. Due to creative share purchasing into the company, it is now worth billions since 2006. It seems that Fortress Investment Group will continue to grow at a steady pace with Mr. Edens and the collective founders championing the way.

As of 2008 Mr. Edens has been listed as one of the top 500 billionaires in the world. Eden was also responsible for the purchase of Springleaf Financial Services, a subprime lender. Because of his financial instincts the meager investment of 124 million in to Springleaf brought a major return of 3.4 billion to Fortress Investment Group and its stockholders. Mr. Edens is also the force behind Naionstar Mortgage formerly known as Centex Home Equity, a major subprime lender in the United States. With Mr. Edens making financial decisions, there seems to be no end to how for Fortress Investment Group will grow. Wes Edens is truly the man with the golden touch.

Equities First Holdings London (UK) was formed in 2013. The main reason of establishment was to offer stock-based loans for Investors form United Kingdom and other neighbouring countries. The reason behind the establishment of this subsidiary was due to the increase in number of individuals who were seeking stock-based loans. Over the years, Equities First Holdings Indianapolis, IN, United States was gaining so much traffic and individuals who were seeking security-based loans in their premises. Thus, they decided to establish additional subsidiaries so that they could serves as many investors as possible.

The establishment of Equities First Holdings London turned into a great success. The branch was able to attract a lot of clients just three years after their initiation. The subsidiary has done numerous transactions and has offered stock-based loans to large investments projects. In addition, they have managed to disburse over 100 million Euros to their clients, and resume them.

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of JCL capital. He grew up in New York. He knew that he wanted to become an entrepreneur and change the world with a company that he would create. The first time that Jordan Lindsey visited San Francisco, he immediately found a love for the place, and what was going on around the area.


Today Jordan Lindsey is experienced in founding companies in the technology and the financial service industry. He self-taught himself to program. He has lived in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. He met his wife in Bosnia as a volunteer.

There are over five trillion dollars a day that are being traded between countries, central banks, commercial banks, and other corporations. To make the algorithm even more successful, Jordan Lindsey did something extraordinary.

He decided to create his own cryptocurrency, and the currency appreciated because of supply and demand. He sold the tokens on the Waves platform in the third quarter of 2017. The site framework is being prepared for launch.


The key to the success of Jordan Lindsey is following through on what he says he is going to do.


There is an upward move in of the EUR/USD towards a fifty percent Fibonacci level of 1.1065. The currency pair is currently trading just below this level. The analysts say that this is because of short-term volatility. A target of 1.1125 can be set to the reversal of this trend. Setting a stop loss at 1.1145 may benefit investors in the short term. Selling the currency below 1.1125 may benefit short-term currency traders.


This upward trend is good for investors around the world, as they can take advantage of compound interest and can make a lot of money over the long-term bull market in foreign exchange trading.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a Brazilian businessman and the current President of Bradesco, a company that has pioneered a series of revolutionary banking innovations in Brazil. The exceptional leader became the President of the banking institution in 2009 after the then President, Marcio Cyriono, retired. Marcio is said to be the man behind most of Bradesco’s successes. He is credited with helping the company increase its market value from $5 billion to $30 billion dollars. However, in 2009, the same year he retired, Bradesco lost its first position to its longtime competitor, Unibanco.

Everybody expected Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to come up with a plan to help Bradesco reclaim its position. Surprisingly, Luiz decided to focus on improving customer experience rather than running for the first position. According to him, clients were the most important resource, and making them happy was his first priority. He introduced new strategies that transformed the Brazilian banking industry. Soon, Bradesco’s client base expanded and the bank started to penetrate more regions.

How did he do it? Luiz believed in team work and encouraged collaboration in the company. He also came up with an ingenious platform that brought all executives together to help him manage the company smoothly. Bradesco expanded its products beyond financial and banking. Luiz also gave the executives a chance to raise issues and run their branches without interference from the headquarters. The move led to the improvement of Bradesco’s products and also encouraged executives to work harder.


In 2015, Luiz acquired the Brazilian branch of HSBC for $5 billion dollars with the approval of the Board’s Chair, Lazaro Brandao. The acquisition was huge and reported to be one of the largest acquisitions in Brazil that year. The courageous move made Bradesco an indomitable force. The two companies, Bradesco and HSBC, had a combined market share that enabled Bradesco to regain its first position.

Luiz Trabuco’s relentless efforts have made him a recipient of many awards. In 2015, after helping his company regain its first position in the banking industry, Luiz received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Finance by Dinheiro. He is also among the few recipients of the Insurance Personality of the Year Award for two years thanks to his unique leadership skills. Luiz was invited to take over the Ministry of Finance by President Dilma Rousseff, but he opted to stay at Bradesco. Being invited to fill and manage the Ministry shows how influential Luiz is in Brazil.

How did Luiz start?

His story is not a winding path but more of a straight line. From early years, it was clear that Luiz had a solid plan from the beginning. He joined Bradesco at the age of 18 and served as a Clerk. He was then elected as a Director in 1984 and served until 1999. He was then appointed as the Bradesco’s Vice President. He worked alongside Marcio Cyriono and together established foundations and strategies that are credited for 30% of Bradesco’s successes. In 2009, after Marcio retired, Luiz took over the presidency. He is the 4th President of Bradesco since the death of the first President and Founder, Amador Aguiar, in 1991.

Luiz’s personal life

If we were millionaires, most of us would spend money on yachts, jets, and mansions. However, despite the fact that he is a multi-millionaire and among the richest people in Brazil, Luiz leads a very frugal life. According to a recent leading Brazilian magazine, Luiz is among the best-paid CEOs in the country with a compensation package of $1 million per month. He wears modest suits and gives away huge amounts of money to charity.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, just click here.

Recently, George Soros re-emerged as a leading supporter of democratic politics after having scaled back his political donations for a long period. Soros cut back his political contributions after spending $27 million in a bid to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004. He committed over $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton along with other Democratic candidates. Some of Soros’ associates noted that they expected his contributions to increase as Election Day neared. George Soros amassed a fortune of $24.9 billion by engaging in risky currency trades. Read more at Washington Times.

The Hungarian-born investor had planned to attend his first Democratic Convention to watch Hillary Clinton accept the Democratic presidential nomination. However, one of his associates said that he cancelled the trip. After making a comeback to active trading, Soros felt that he needed to monitor Europe’s economic situation. Nonetheless, individuals close to him noted that he seemed to be more interested in politics than in the past. According to his associates, George Soros engaged in politics owing to his faith in Clinton, whom he has known for 25 years, and the fear of Donald Trump. His political advisor Michael Vachon noted that he has been a consistent contributor to Democratic causes. However last election’s political stakes were remarkably high. Vachon added that in the last election, the political stakes were high. This is because of the hostilities fronted by each side towards a number of issues and causes that Soros cares most about and has supported for many years. They include religious tolerance, immigration reform, and criminal justice.


Soros has made a great fortune in the financial markets. However, he fears that the unrestricted intensification of laissez-faire capitalism and the extension of market values into all aspects of life is endangering people’s open and democratic societies. According to Soros, the primary enemy of open society is not the communist but the capitalist threat. The term Open Society was invented by Henri Bergson. Karl Popper advanced the idea in his book, “The Open Society and Its Enemies,” which was published in 1945. The Austrian philosopher explained that totalitarian ideologies such as Nazism and communism have a common element. They are both in possession of the ultimate truth. However, since the ultimate truth is beyond humankind’s reach, the proponents of these ideologies have to choose oppression in order to impose their vision on society. Popper offered a different view of the society that recognizes that no one has a monopoly of the truth. According to popper, people have different interests and views. To this end, there is need for institutions to facilitate these views for people to live together in peace. Institutions guarantee the freedom of choice and protect the rights of citizens. Popper referred to this form of social organization as the Open Society.

Soros studied Popper’s book and delved further into his philosophy. After making more money than he needed, Soros decided to establish his own foundation. Having lived through the communist oppression and Nazi persecution, he understands what the effects of repression. To this end, he called his organization the Open Society Foundation. Through the foundation, George supported Czechoslovakia’ Charter movement in 1980. Know more on about George Soros.

Warren Buffett often says that for most investors the best return will be obtained by buying an inexpensive passive fund that follows the S&P 500. He also advocates for then just holding the fund through good times and bad as it is impossible to time the market.

The CEO and Chairman of Capital Group, Tim Armour, agrees that investors should find low-cost funds as well. However, he disagrees with Mr. Buffett in that you can find low fee, well managed actively managed funds that beat the market.

The key to finding a great actively managed fund, Tim Armour has said, is to find one where the fund manager also invests his money into it. The hedge fund manager has much more incentive to “earn his keep” when his or her own money is at stake.

Tim Armour has spent his entire career at Capital Group and continues to work as an equity portfolio manager. He has almost 35 years of experience in the industry. He has also been an equity investment analyst where he focused on U.S. service companies and the global telecommunications industry.

Capital Group recently partnered with Samsung Asset Management. The partnership was formed, according to Tim Armour, in order to introduce retirement solutions in South Korea. He said that Capital Group will provide its wealth of experience in actively managing funds to its Korean partner. Mr. Armour continued on saying that the overarching plan is to co-design financial products that will fulfill the needs of Korean investors.

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Jeffry Schneider founded Ascendant Capital LLC, an alternative investment firm. Under Jeffry, Ascendant Capital has grown to more than thirty employees in a period of five years.


His extensive knowledge of alternative investment strategies has been acquired through working with numerous companies including; Axiom Capital Management, Paradigm Global Advisors, Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Alex Brown. Jeffry holds a degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Ascendant Capital is aiming at raising $50 million every month. With the purchase of tech companies, real estates, and auto dealerships, the company’s growth is seemingly wonderful. Jeffry maintains that alternative investments is a great course if you want to maximize your holdings and minimize unpredictability.


About Ascendant Capital LLC


Ascendant Capital was established in 2011. Open dialogue and trust among Ascendant Capital’s workforce has proven to play an important role in the success of the company. It offers unique investment strategies focusing on income-generating private equity and creates long-term relationships with both its clients, business partners, and employees.


Ascendant Capital’s product development process starts by singling out, then developing innovative contributions for real estate or private equity funds not regularly available to investors. Broker-dealers, private banks, and registered investment advisors (RIA) further distribute the offerings developed.


The company aims at being the best alternative investment firm using their extensive knowledge in providing customized and topnotch services to its clients. Some of the company’s strategies include private equity, real estate, and hedge funds. Its workforce is built on integrity, civility, and steadfast leadership and regularly rewards hard-working members.


Outside the financial realm, Jeffry is a triathlete and loves staying fit while eating healthy. He has taken part in several marathons such as half ironman and iron man. His other hobby includes travelling, having gone to South America, Asia, and Europe. He owns a blog where he posts tips on healthy eating and places to visit when the weather is perfect. Jeffry’s enthusiasm on nutrition influences those around him.




Jeffry Scheider commits himself to helping the needy in the community. He is closely associated to a number of charitable organizations such as the Gazelle Foundation, God Loves We Deliver, Wonders and Worries, and Cherokee Home for Children.



Jeffry Schneider handles his work with a lot of diligence and commitment. He is the founder of a financial institution referred to as Ascendant Capital Company. The firm raises funds for new and existing alternative fund assets in the private and public sector. It has raised over one billion dollars for its clients. The employees working with Schneider are equipped with experience and the required knowledge for the job. The staffs are well taken care of in terms of salaries and their well-being in general. Schneider is a graduate from a university in Massachusetts. Before forming his company, he had worked in different financial institutions and this is where he gained experience from. He likes being fit and he does this by attending different events in running competitions, moreover he eats clean all the time.


Jeffry Scheider has over the years improved the company and made it growth to a more competent company. He and his team coordinate very well to ensure god service delivery is achieved. He assures that transparency and integrity is practiced within the company He believes that anything is achievable through hard work and experience there is possibility of penetrating in any financial market. The team working in the marketing department are very experienced. They concentrate much on sales by providing the investors with the different products they offer.


The firm provide historical information of the company and tax forms. On the contrary the company has met half of its expectations. Employees are always encouraged to diversify their career and also focus on the family values. Moreover, it offers job creations and whenever there is a job position the company advertises it in the local daily, also offers opportunity for attachments for students.


It is wise to trade in the company since they have people who are well conversant with secondary markets, capital markets, investment management and mortgage banking. It is involved in real estate investments, venture capital and hedge funds. Another important thing they offer is educating wholesale and markets brokers. They have many years of experience in the field of brokerage. Investors should look this direction for financial assistance.