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Wes Edens is a renown financial investor and business owner. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration. He is also known for his purchase of the Milwaukee Bucks and the owner of the eSports Team FlyQuests. He is the Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors for Fortress Investment Group. His career experience in the financial industry spans from his humble beginnings with the Lehman Brothers in 1987 to his current position with Fortress Investment Group, which was established in 1998. Wes Edens made his mark by becoming a partner and managing director at Lehman Brothers. While at Lehman Brothers he cultivated and honed his financial skills to catapult him to his next position with Black Rock.

Here at Black Rock, Wes Edens held the reigns for the private equity division as its managing director and partner. Wes Edens is best known as the man with the golden touch, he has an in tuned intuition on using his investment skill to create and build up businesses. His firm, Fortress Investment Group, is the first to become a publicly buyout trading firm. Due to creative share purchasing into the company, it is now worth billions since 2006. It seems that Fortress Investment Group will continue to grow at a steady pace with Mr. Edens and the collective founders championing the way.

As of 2008 Mr. Edens has been listed as one of the top 500 billionaires in the world. Eden was also responsible for the purchase of Springleaf Financial Services, a subprime lender. Because of his financial instincts the meager investment of 124 million in to Springleaf brought a major return of 3.4 billion to Fortress Investment Group and its stockholders. Mr. Edens is also the force behind Naionstar Mortgage formerly known as Centex Home Equity, a major subprime lender in the United States. With Mr. Edens making financial decisions, there seems to be no end to how for Fortress Investment Group will grow. Wes Edens is truly the man with the golden touch.

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of JCL capital. He grew up in New York. He knew that he wanted to become an entrepreneur and change the world with a company that he would create. The first time that Jordan Lindsey visited San Francisco, he immediately found a love for the place, and what was going on around the area.


Today Jordan Lindsey is experienced in founding companies in the technology and the financial service industry. He self-taught himself to program. He has lived in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. He met his wife in Bosnia as a volunteer.

There are over five trillion dollars a day that are being traded between countries, central banks, commercial banks, and other corporations. To make the algorithm even more successful, Jordan Lindsey did something extraordinary.

He decided to create his own cryptocurrency, and the currency appreciated because of supply and demand. He sold the tokens on the Waves platform in the third quarter of 2017. The site framework is being prepared for launch.


The key to the success of Jordan Lindsey is following through on what he says he is going to do.


There is an upward move in of the EUR/USD towards a fifty percent Fibonacci level of 1.1065. The currency pair is currently trading just below this level. The analysts say that this is because of short-term volatility. A target of 1.1125 can be set to the reversal of this trend. Setting a stop loss at 1.1145 may benefit investors in the short term. Selling the currency below 1.1125 may benefit short-term currency traders.


This upward trend is good for investors around the world, as they can take advantage of compound interest and can make a lot of money over the long-term bull market in foreign exchange trading.


As one of the biggest organization in providing better financial security, AXA Advisors make their clients feel safe in their financial matters. The organization also through their commitment they are able to serve their esteemed clients with proper financial services. Investment management and international insurance are some of the services that they provide and it’s known as the French International Company.

As recognized financial brands in the year 2016, they were able to expand their services all over the Western Europe, North America, The Asia Pacific and The Middle East. The organization before it was known as AXA Advisors it was named Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie. Due to the organization increase income the organization was able to obtain one of the biggest insurance organizations in Switzerland named Winterhur group for approximately €9 billion.

The organization also participates in various charities in the world and made the life of people to be safer. AXA Research Fund is one of the biggest projects that the organization established in order to make human life comfier. The project main aim is to do research in order to prevent the environment and human race from facing hazardous danger. Visit Rocket Reach to know more.

Vincent Parascandola is the reason behind of the development of AXA Advisors and he is the senior vice president of the organization. His main role at the organization is to employment, providing financial expertise, ensuring that the organization daily activities take place and ensuring that staff members are effective when they are attending to their clients. He got his bachelor degree in science from Pace University.

Furthermore at MOY Life Insurance Company that he also served when he left Prudential where he was an agent and made the organization to be known all over the world. At AXA Advisors Vincent when he began from AXA Equitable unit as the president. New York City is where the offices that the organization was situated. Vincent Prascandola also made the organization to reach and higher level which led him to be awarded in the various award. Lastly, the organization made other organization to develop through guiding them in the management sector.

Check out Vincent Parascandola’s Vimeo channel and learn how to be a financial expert.

It is common to want to make plenty of profits from the market on However, the market is not always going to be in the condition that makes it easy for people to do so. This is especially true for people who have very little if any experience making investments. For this reason, it is important for people that are new to the market of investment to get as much knowledge as they can about the market so that they can make better choices when they try to invest. VTA Publications will protect them from some major losses down the line as they try to make more money.

One company that people can learn from is VTA Publications. VTA Publications is a type of company offers a lot of different investment strategies that will help people profit from their activities. For one thing, it shows people the many different options that they have in order to make the money that they want. One thing that is certain with VTA Publications is that each potential opportunity for gaining greater amounts of money is always going have some level of risk involved. However, some opportunities are less risky than others. While many do say that it is important for one to step out of his comfort zone, it may not be a good idea with finances.

Other types of investments that one could make include putting money into an account that gains interest over time. It is probably a better idea to look for some of the lower risk opportunities sense the climate is rather terrifying at this point according to VTA Publications. Many people are very anxious about making investments because of Trump. Donald Trump has already shown a lot of eagerness in doing things. The country is changing at a very rapid pace. There are also a ton of controversial issues on at play that is getting people to want to hold onto their money a bit.

In the world, there are many things which separate the good and the bad. Moreover, there are also many things which separate innovative ways and non-innovative ways of securing money during a harsh economic world. For this reason, there are also companies which have come up with the best ways of mitigating the effect of the harsh economic crisis where banks and financial companies offering loans using credit as collateral work by increasing their interest rates and lending capabilities to their clients to reduce the number of applicants to have minimal number qualify for the credit-based loans. Equities First Holdings has been treated as one of the best companies to provide a hedge between your problem and the solution they offer to become a better part of the world.

During a harsh economic crisis, many people suffer due to lack of capital to keep on with working for their daily projects and personal needs. This is the reason why they fast work to seek the best options to generate capital which goes a long way to assist them in meeting their daily needs. In an economic environment, there are few companies in the world which have been noted to keep on issuing loans to aid the people in their quest to make life a better place for their projects and companies. Equities First Holdings has a reputation as the only trusted company with the provision of the fast capital in the world. As a matter of fact, Equities First Holdings has become a giant in this great innovation.

Equities First Holdings has its headquarters in Indianapolis. For this reason, it also has more offices in all the continents of the world including London, Perth, Sydney, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney, and Hong Kong. Equities First Holdings has also completed more than 2,000 transactions.

Keith Mann is a committed New Yorker who has plans to serve the city in a new way, and he has ideas that give back as much as possible. This article explains how Keith plans to help the city come together, and he is doing so in two unique ways for investment. He is willing to reach out to both sides of the aisle, and he is investing in kids where possible.

#1: What Does Keith Do For Schools?

Keith has committed quite a lot of time to helping Uncommon Schools raise money, and he has started a scholarship to help kids make their way to college. He is reaching out to children as he knows their education is important, and he wants to see kids dreaming of college. The $5000 award is one that will help a child cut into their college education, and their schools are improving as he ensures they are raising as much money as possible.

#2: Keith Wants To Support The Police

There is a news story about Keith sending lunch to his local precinct. It is a poignant story about the community reaching out to the police, and Keith Mann believes more people should do the same. He wants the city to respect the police and believe they are doing all they can to help. The connection between the people and the police is one that Keith has quite a lot of faith in, and he will continue to promote it as much as possible.

#3: How Does Keith Manage His Businesses?

He is happy to offer quite a lot of information about how he manages his businesses in interviews and articles. The interviews that are given by Keith have meant a lot to young business people in the city, and he continues to offer information that he believes will help companies grow.Keith Mann is one of the scions of New York who gives something back to the community with every new article or piece of information. He wants to ensure everyone in the city knows how to run a business, support their community and work together.


Investment banking is a component of banking that deals with raising funds for private entities, governments, or any other prominent organization. Most investments banks are private companies and unlike commercial banks; they do not take deposits. Additionally, they aid in mergers and acquisitions of companies and offers advice to their clients on when and where to invest. Investment banks also work in collaboration with big banks to raise the necessary funds successfully.

A career in investment banking requires more than academic qualification; it needs passion, patience, and excellent research skills. Martin Lustgarten is among the most successful investment bankers of the 21st century. The most reliable and convenient investment banks keep up with the new and trending business ideas to advice their clients promptly.


Martin Lustgarten and investment banking

Martin Lustgarten is an entrepreneur who lives in Florida. He was born on July 9, 1959. He is an investment banker and the chief executive officer of Lustgarten, Martin, an investment firm situated in Florida, Miami. Lustgarten has dual citizenship and uses this to source clients from both Australia and Venezuela. This company has set a record as one of the best investment firms in the United States. Over the years, the Lustgarten, Martin firm has received awards as an acknowledgment of merit mainly due to the incredible leadership by its CEO.

Lustgarten has been offering outstanding services in the investment banking business for a while, and this has enabled him to acquire sufficient experience in the business world. Due to his immense experience, Lustgarten, Martin investment firm has been at the forefront in delivering quality services, thereby, acquiring many clients in the U.S. Lustgarten is known to be great by offering customer service, and he has extended this to his employees who in turn, have improved their skills in customer relations. Lustgarten’s clients include corporations, big companies, business owners, financial sponsors, beginning investors, and financial management firms. He is versed in dealing with the most complex transactions to assist his clients to grow their businesses. Martin Lustgarten is well respected in the investment business due to the top-notch services he renders to his clients and the results that are achieved.

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According to Jim Samson, the publisher of The Midas Legacy, it is possible to earn quick income from the millennials that are currently flooding the market. So how exactly can you do this? Samson provides a simple blueprint to follow in one of his real estate articles for The Midas Legacy.

Jim reveals that by understanding and appreciating how cycles and patterns work, you can easily analyze the stock market, politics and even how traffic runs. Paying attention to patterns is an essential skill to possess and can easily be turned into a personal fortune when utilized well in the real estate market.

First, it is important to consider the typical cycle of generations. Neil Howe documented in his book ‘The Fourth Turning’ that the American society keeps repeating just 4 generations over the years. This means that each generation is affected by its predecessor and will in turn affect its successor. When it comes to millennials, some of their common characteristics include a community based society, putting emphasis on heroes when it comes to environmental and social consciousness as well as exhibiting less financially aspirational traits compared to its predecessors.

This means that since this generation has low financial aspirations, it is more likely to exhibit a mainstream renters’ mentality. In addition, those who do purchase homes are likely to prefer living in community areas. Therefore, investing in property that encompasses some or all of the above millennial traits allows you to easily rake in huge profits.

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The Midas Legacy

The above article on real estate and how to exploit the millennial mindset is basically one of the many informative pieces from The Midas Legacy. The company prides itself as a highly successful shortcuts advisory that empowers its members with visionary and informative content. The firm’s physical address is listed as Winter Garden, Florida.

The Midas Legacy offers well-researched content for people looking to succeed in their personal and business lives. This includes investors, aspiring entrepreneurs as well as individuals looking to improve their lifestyles, health and retire early. The mission of the firm is to offer guidance to all its members in achieving their personal and professional goals.

The Midas Code book is issued to all members who become part of The Midas Legacy. The publisher is Jim Samson while Sean Bower and Mark Edwards serve as chief editor and natural health expert respectively. The management trio is instrumental in ensuring that the Midas Legacy thrives.

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According to George Soros, the current economy of China is largely dependent on debt. This situation on makes it resemble the United States crisis of 2007/2008. Soros asserts that credit-growth figures are a clear warning sign. Soros believes that in China, hand landing is unavoidable. However, the Chinese government believes that the economy is stable. In addition, George Soros believes that the Chinese banking systems holds more loans compared to deposits. This situation makes China susceptible to have problems with both their asset and liabilities sides.

Soros added that there have been lending between banks and this situation on is an indication of uncertainty and instability. According to Soros, China has been deferring its problem from one to the next, thus the situation is growing at a faster rate. With the Chinese real estate in trouble on, the bubble may not stay for long before it bursts. Asia Pacific Sovereigns head at Fitch Ratings, Andrew Colquhuon, is concerned about China’s addition of more debt to an already debt-driven economy. Andrew added that it would be prudent for China to slow down on its debt, as there are little signs of any commitment by the government on structural reforms.

In the recent past, George Soros has made warnings over 2008-like catastrophes. He contends that there is concern over China’s capital outflows as caused by the anti-corruption campaign, which makes people, pull their money out because of being nervous. George Soros cites that the nation’s capital controls have seen companies such as Anbang Insurance Company withdraw from a takeover by Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. The takeover would cost $14 billion. However, George Soros praised China’s foreign-exchange policy. He argued that linking the Yuan to other currencies inclusive of the dollar was healthy because it would reduce the effects of competitive devaluation. The US-China cooperation was instrumental in calming the markets after the crisis that was experienced as the year began. Soros is of the opinion that the service industry is being productive through at a slower rate compared to the manufacturing industry.

There have been worries about stability of China’s economy. Central bank research bureau’s chief economist, Ma Jun, asserts that all different sectors of the economy have registered impressive growth as opposed to forecasts forwarded by some economists. China Securities Regulatory Commission’s former vice chairman, Gao Xiqing, argues that the trend of stabilization is not giving much confidence to the investors. This information was originally reported on Bloomberg.

About George Soros
George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations and Soros Fund Management. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics. Born in 1930, Soros fled Hungary for England before settling in the United States. Through the International investment fund, Soros was able to accumulate a fortune. Soros is a philanthropist. He is an author of many books. His essays, which discuss much about politics, economics and society, find their way to major magazines and newspapers around the globe.