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Amicus Therapeutics is not your average pharmaceutical company. It is a biopharmaceutical company that uses biologically generated drug treatment therapies to heal a person’s body. Biological components taken from blood, vaccines, gene therapies and bodily tissue process account for some of the primary biopharmaceutical treatments that are utilized by Amicus Therapeutics (

The thing that separates this organization form other pharmaceutical companies is their focus on the elimination of rare and orphan diseases. While they are not the only company that works to eliminate these conditions; this organization is leading the way in this field.

Amicus Therapeutics came into existence in 2002. They were founded by various venture companies that pooled their resources together to make the company a viable operation. The venture companies that founded Amicus consisted of Radius Ventures, Canaan Partners and New Enterprise Associates.

Orphan and rare diseases are not common but they still have the potential damage many people’s lives. Both of these disease types affect a small percentage of a population. They are also genetically based conditions. The researchers at Amicus develop their biopharmaceutical products to ensure that affected people have a fighting chance at recovering or managing their disease.

The company generates $18 million a year in revenues (Yahoo Fincace) and it is a public organization. Amicus Therapeutics uses its own patented biopharmaceutical products to provide healing that patients need. Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy or CHART is a specialized enzyme replacement therapy. It is a proven biopharmaceutical product.

John Crowley is the company’s CEO. He currently leads the organization at levels operation. Bradley Campbell is the Chief Operating Officer and the CFO is William Baird. These three men were chosen to run Amicus Therapeutics because of their biopharmaceutical knowledge and business acumen. Many people with rare and orphan diseases have been treated by Amicus Therapeutics. This organization continues to provide high quality care and solutions to some of the world’s toughest diseases.
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Independent Investment Management is the expert managing of an individual’s assets which may include bonds, shares, real estate among others. The managing is done regardless of the client’s financial status, age or demographics. The independent investment management basically administers and supervises the client’s various financial investments for a fee.

Investment Management Beneficiaries:

An independent investment advisor carries out the services of managing your finances at a fee. This means that they operate autonomously and they don’t depend to be managed by dealers and brokers and their fee comes from a portion of the services that they are managing for you.

Many investment managements carry out their services indiscretion this means that they can never disclose their client’s financial status. One may choose to give their consultant investment discretion. This means that he/she may trade with the account under a Limited Power of Attorney. Under this capacity, the investment consultant will be allowed to trade on your behalf without your permission. However, you will still be able to preserve access and decisive control over the account. Nonetheless, the advantage of these terms assists in safeguarding the interest of your trading accounts, bonds, and securities.

Top Investment Management Firms:

Some of the top and successful investment management firms are those that maintain a close relationship with their clients. This relationship is cultivated with trust and communication. These firms also have unbeaten long-term strategies that accurately predict their client’s financial goals. These firms have expert investment management advisors who have a top-tier education. They include Boston Consulting; WIN Wealth Management, Cerulli Associates among many others.

About Mathew Autterson:

Mathew Autterson is a competent investment management advisor. He is also the chief wealth advisor at WIN Wealth Management. Some of the roles that the independent investment management professional carries out include advising clients on their investment choices, consultations on staying calm even during economic upheavals. Mathew Autterson has over 20 years experience in the financial service industry. Autterson studied at the Michigan State University and the Buena Vista University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance.