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OSI Group is one of the leading producers of chicken in the world. They are responsible for delivering a large percentage of poultry products to South America, Asia, and Europe. These regions are large consumers of chicken, beef, and pork products. Across Spain, the demand for poultry has been increasing. OSI Group has been at the lead in increasing production. According to reports from the Aurora area, they are currently increasing their production capacity by investing in their operations centers. These factories were previously able to produce a massive amount of chicken, now they will be able to produce more. They have improved their facilities in Spain so much that the actual capacity of chicken used to be a mere 12,000 tons, and now it is doubled at 24,000 tons.

Thanks to the doubled production capacity, OSI Group in Spain is now able to produce more than 45,000 tons of food. That is, they can produce more than 45,000 tons of beef, pork, and poultry for the area. The entire expansion project has created 20 new jobs within the factory and has increased the overall workforce to more than 140 people. This improvement is massive and has created a substantial amount of economic improvement. The improvements were made in response to the demand for meat in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil. These areas are wanting more meat so OSI has taken the initiative to provide it. It is a great strategy with many rewards.

OSI Group is a private company with many public partners. They represent suppliers within the food industry and the health industry. Their many clients are all thankful for the quality food they produce and eager to continue business in the future. The 22,600 square foot building addition was added to the facility in Spain and has benefited multiple countries since it has been introduced. This cannot be ignored and it will continue to prove its worth as demand for chicken continues to grow. The demand for chicken has increased at a steady rate over the past 10 years and shows no signs of slowing down so OSI is predicted to be the main supplier for many years to come.

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Last I checked, Tacobell was a fast food restaurant. It was a meal that many could grab on the go, or perhaps stop in real quick to enjoy a quick lunch or dinner. For whatever reason, myself and many others, never considered it an actual sit down dine in restaurant. Well, it seems that Tacobell is doing a little rebranding of it’s own and wants to be known as a place that serves more than just tacos and burritos.

According to Reddit, Tacobell will soon be adding alcohol to its menu. That’s right. A location in Chicago near Madison Street Capital has the first patent to do so. It’s a, well, interesting idea to say the least. Beer, wine, and whiskey will now be added to the menu. This is quite dangerous for people who drink and get hungry. They now have the answer to both dilemmas in one place! Instead of saying hey guys lets go drink at so and so’s house, or that bar over there, people will now be adding tacobell as one more place to get hammered.

Of course, there will be some rules and guidelines. Customers cannot take alcohol out of the restaurant in a to go cup, that’s illegal. This will not be turning into some drive thru liquor store type of deal. The alcohol will also be served in a cup that’s different from other cups so that employees can differentiate. Overall, it’s going to be interesting to see what type of drinks they come up with to compliment their food menu options. It will also be interesting to see if this will help to increase sales. If it works, you might just be seeing a tacobell with alcohol at a location near you.

Fast food is setting out on a new frontier, and the biggest names in the industry are revamping their menu’s to stay on top of consumer demands, as well as the cost efficient demands of their corporate structures, as there has been a significant decline in sales compared to last year’s numbers. It’s the wild wild west out there, with firework-like displays of guns blazing to guide our attention, and taste buds, towards new specialty artisan sandwiches, healthier menu options, mascot enhancements, and allowing consumers to get the most from their dollars. People are not only interested in the cheapest fare anymore, it’s all about a delicate balance between quality and quantity. As a fast food consumer I feel this fierce, and healthy, competition among chains across the country, proves the value of my business to these brands, and it honestly makes me want to go get a pretzel burger right now! says however, I do wonder how the low income consumer will be accommodated.