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Roc Nation exect Desiree Perez is in charge of a big entertainment company and is set to take on even more artists with her business partner Jay-Z. Since Jay-Z’s deal with Live Nation is almost over, Roc Nation is talking to other big-time companies like Universal Music Group. Jay Z and Desiree recently met with the CEO Sir Lucian Grainge to discuss him buying into Roc Nation. This can be huge for Jay-Z to help him bring on more artists and help build up his already amazing credibility as a business mogul.

Desiree Perez has been there from the beginning of several companies with Jay-Z including SC Enterprises. She is an influence in the music business has a knack for negotiating on behalf of her clients. She is part of Rhianna’s inner circle and helps her with her endorsements and performance deals. She negotiated a twenty-five million dollar Samsung sponsorship for Rhianna’s tour. Other Roc Nation artists include Big Sean, Shakira, and J. Cole.

Since she’s been the COO of Roc Nation for seven years she’s been a key component of lots of business decisions. Her husband Juan Perez is the head of Roc Nation Sports where Jay-Z has signed such sports stars as Miguel Cotto and Dez Bryant among others. Desiree Perez is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to negotiating any type of contract and gives women in the industry an amazing role model to look up to. There is a lot that goes into running a company and negotiating contracts and Desiree has charisma coming out of her ears. and Follow him

We are a society obsessed with personalities. To be famous is be to recognized and this recognition makes one rich. For those with energy, charm and good looks and sometimes even talent, there are opportunities to achieve the envious success of celebrity. Celebrity status is difficult to achieve alone often an agency or an “unagency” is necessary to achieve success and make your dreams reality.One such “unagency” is Nine9. they offer a fast-track method to success that is appealing to young wannabe celebrities. Nine9 uses the proliferation of social media to achieve success for its “unclients.”

Whether an aspirant is an “unclient” or investigating becoming a celebrity there are many caveats to consider. Each candidate should take a good look in their mirror. List the positives and the negatives that are there. Determine your level of being photogenic. Have a friend or a professional take many photos of the candidate and determine your strengths and weaknesses. After the total photographic experience is concluded and analyzed, the candidate can write a short resume to accompany the photos and then personally shop this portfolio to agencies and the “unagency”.

While it is important to think globally, first examine your local area. Celebrity status can not be achieved overnight. But volunteer work and any public relations position will be a step, a small step, in your quest for celebrity.Look at two past examples of successful celebrities: Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Both were extremely wealthy due to the successes of their families and they had the time and the money to attend galas and society affairs and could very easily achieve a celebrity status.For those who want to achieve this celebrity status, it is not easy and requires the efforts of an agency or an “unagency” like Nine9.