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Fighting For Justice Reform
Although it didn’t receive as much coverage, George Soros put up a strong fight for justice reform in 2016 at Specifically, Soros made hefty contributions to the campaign funds of attorney generals looking to challenge the currently high numbers of Americans incarcerated. The states where Soros contributed the most where those with the largest prison populations. These states were overwhelmingly located in the southern United States such as Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Arizona. While the success of the left in other areas was more disappointing this year, Soros appears to have done well in this pursuit.

Giving Migrants A Starting Chance
Across the Atlantic Sea migration from the Levant and North Africa into Europe has increased this year. Driven to Europe after wars devastated their countries, these migrants have experienced some difficulties in assimilating into European culture. To aid the migrants in their efforts to assimilate into Europe Soros donated $500 million to the European Union. The money was intended to help create education programs on Biography for the migrants and invest in businesses created by the refugees. Despite these efforts tension between native Europeans and migrants is strong as indicated by the success of Brexit and efforts to create similar movements.

Standing Up To Donald Trump
In America, George Soros bashed heads with fellow billionaire Donald Trump. Offended by Trump’s campaign promise to restrict immigration, Soros contributed heavily to the campaign funds of Hillary Clinton. Others followed Soros and eventually Hillary Clinton had the largest campaign in American history. Despite this funding Clinton was not able to win the 2016 presidential election. She was ultimately defeated by Donald Trump in the electoral college, although she was able to win the popular vote by at least 2 percentage points.

Deciding The Future Of The Left
With the success nativist movements across the West have experienced this year is not ending on a high note for progressives. However, Soros has a plan to help liberals bounce back from this loss. He is turning to the Democracy Alliance, an organization made of powerful progressive donors, to help him in his quest to take back power. With the first meetings of the Democracy Alliance and George Soros taking place shortly after the Donald Trump victory, the majority of discussion is centered around one topic: how to keep Donald Trump for fulfilling his campaign promises. The left has a long road ahead of them, but this isn’t the first time George Soros has faced an uphill battle.