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After earning his bachelor’s degree in mathematical economics and gaining a little experience in the classroom, Sam Chaudhary traveled to Palo Alto in hopes of introducing a new education app to the world of teaching. Although Chaudhary had a general idea of what he wanted to do-provide an educational app that would help teachers in the classroom, he was unsure of exactly how he would bring his idea to life. With the help of Liam Don, Chaudhary went back to the drawing board and started from scratch, developing and discussing ideas for the soon-to-be popular ClassDojo app.

Once back in the United States, Don and Chaudhary planted their feet in California, where they began reaching out to teachers in the area, asking them questions about what they feel would help improve their teaching experience. After determining that the main thing missing from most classrooms was parent involvement and communication, the duo immediately began working on an app that would change the way parents and teachers communicate all over.

Often times, parents want to be more involved in their child’s education than their work schedule will allow. After working long hours, and picking everyone up on the way home, you’re exhausted and just simply want to relax. Art work, homework and study material often gets overlooked in the evening shuffle, and important information is sometimes missed. ClassDojo serves as a bridge between parents and the classroom, and gives parents the chance to be involved no matter where they are and no matter the time of day. Similar to other social media apps like Snapchat and Facebook, teachers can download the app for free, and upload and photos of students work with parents who purchase the app.

ClassDojo believes that the voices of teachers will help continuously improve the app, and highly values their opinions and stories about their classroom experience with ClassDojo. More than 10 million students use ClassDojo and roughly 50% of schools in the United States have begun using the app regularly to encourage and support parent involvement in the classroom. ClassDojo also helps boost students confidence in their work by allowing them to display their work in a safe and secure digital environment and share it with their classmates and parents.

With the increased use of social media among students, it is important to supply a platform that is safe and positive. Class Dojo encourages everyone to be more involved in the classroom by offering fun and innovative ways to share some of the most important moments in a child’s life, their education.