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The Kabbalah Center was founded in 1922 by an individual known as Rav Yehuda. Yehuda is known to many as the master and specialist of the Kabbalah teachings. His main aim was to modernize the closely guarded wisdom. The Kabbalist did his best to ensure that the knowledge is accessible to every generation. He led the center for several years before passing the leadership mantle to one of his best students, Tzyi Brandweon. Later on, Tzyi handed the leadership to Rav Berg.

The Kabbalah wisdom has been in existence for several decades, and its primary objective is to help humans to understand God, the universe, and other supernatural activities. Some individuals, however, believe that Kabbalah wisdom is a Jewish mysticism and secret wisdom. The knowledge is passed from one generation to the other through word of mouth. In the past, the Kabbalah wisdom was reserved for the elite group of married males who were above the age of forty. The group were scholars of the Jewish law, and they could not give the information to the rest of the individuals in the community. The Kabbalah wisdom, however, has never been limited by the universal regulations. The Jews preferred to prevent its widespread dissemination for their reasons and read full article.

The Jewish men who were in their thirties or twenties chose to learn the Kabbalah teachings directly from a trained Kabbalist. Pursuing the study alone was not encouraged in the community. It was not easy to access written materials such as manuscripts and books. These materials were a scarce and costly commodities in the region. The elite team of Kabbalist also believed that the wisdom should be taught, and few of them decided to share the information with the people outside the Jewish religion. The wisdom was, however, not taught to women, children, and unlearned men in the community.

The Kabbalah teachings were not disseminated to everyone because it specialized in matters about God, and they were considered sacred. The wisdom has been accepted in the recent times, and many people from different parts of the globe can access the information through online course, books, and the Zohar. The modern generation has widely used Kabbalah jewelry.

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The Kabbalah Centre focuses on helping learners who attend learn and understand the various Kabbalistic principles. The learning is conducted through online lectures, classes, books and even audio products that are written in a simple language to help learners comprehend what they are studying. The Kabbalah principle is an ancient wisdom that seeks to explain to human beings how the whole universe and life works. The word Kabbalah literal meaning is “to receive,” and the Kabbalah study aims at helping one acquire fulfillment in his life.

A big number of individuals get to a point where they feel like they have a level of insufficiency. The more they concentrate their energies towards seeking fulfillment, the more drained they get. The Kabbalah principle tries to help one understand that all spheres of our lives are from the root, and to feel life fulfillment one has to start from the core since everything else will depend solely on that fact.

The teachings that Kabbalah principles pass to people apply to people of all religions, races, and ethnic groups. The beauty of embracing the teaching is that one can free his mind and think independently without having to adhere to a particular set code of thinking. The Kabballah principles make one be able to be more assertive and be in a position to avoid religious coercion. Once we understand the Kabbalistic principles, we can connect to the light of our creator and know how and why things happen to us.

Kabbalah Centres teach about the principles that help us to have a broad understanding of what chaos are and to believe that they should not at all be part of our lives. The Book of Formation is very imperative for anyone seeking the Kabbalah knowledge. It has over 5000 years from the time it was written and unlocks all the hidden secrets that the universe has and understanding them makes life very joyous. Two thousand years ago Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai revealed the book of Splendor. All the teachings taught in Kabbalah Centres are sourced from this holy book.

When Philip Berg decided to make an esoteric offshoot of Judaism accessible to a wider audience, he could not have imagined how the Kabbalah Centre would grow into a worldwide organization where thousands of men and women would study the universal wisdom in order to find peace. The main draw is that the Kabbalah Centre is not a religious organization; instead, they stress spiritual education and self-improvement in a world where people are unhappy, yet they do not know why they feel this way.

Berg knew that people wanted to reach their full potential; however, they did not have the tools that they needed. Knowing that Kabbalah supplied these tools, Berg decided, with a great deal of help from his wife, that limiting the study of Kabbalah to male Jewish scholars was not the way to make the world a better place through positive change; instead, Berg decided to open his classes to everyone.

Since Berg took all his teachings directly from the Zohar, which is written in Aramaic, he translated them for his students. Today, the Kabbalah Centre carries on Berg’s work by publishing versions of the Zohar in many languages, so that everyone who wants to study the books can do so in person or online. The Centre also publishes a wide variety of Kabbalistic texts and audio products to support students.

Current Co-Directors, Karen and Michael Berg continue Philip Berg’s mission by reaching out to individuals who feel a sense of hollowness and wonder how the spiritual practice of Kabbalah can help them achieve personal growth.

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