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Mikhail Blagosklonny is a former professor of oncology at the prestigious Roswell Park Cancer Institute located in New York. His major point of interest was cancer and aging. Mikhail has a solid educational background. Mikhail joined the University of St.Peterburg where he excelled in the field of medicine. He attained an MD & a postgraduate degree in internal medicine and experimental medicine respectively. He later earned recognition by Ordway Research Institute who hired him as a senior scientist after being offered a position as an associate professor of medicine at the renowned New York Medical College. Mikhail served as a committed scientist in Ordway until he was chosen as a professor of Oncologist at Roswell Park Center Institute.Mikhail Blagosklonny had a wide range of interests.

His strong will and desire to learn is what drifted him from the rest and kept him well informed. He researched in molecular and cell biology. Also, he made clinical investigations that included cellular processes such as mitosis, apoptosis, cell cycle, and signal transduction. Since Mikhail had always been eager to have a better scope of understanding regarding cancer, he researched on anti-cancer therapeutics to attain basic science knowledge and strategies that can be used to eliminate cancer from the face of the earth. Mikhail discovered that he could take advantage of the cycling of cancer cells to form a counter attack drug with a resistance that would selectively form an immunity to normal cells was also a viable option.Later as he developed, Mikhail Blagosklonny developed more passion to studying age and the diseases that tag along. He even authored theories to prove that age is just a problem like any other disease and that it has a cure. Mikhail was on a quest to prove to humans that immortality is not after all well beyond limits. If aging can be curbed, why then should a man not be termed as an immortal being? He conducted research and proposed the use of Rapamycin drug, a renowned cancer drug for an increment of life span. Mikhail was also responsible for the theory regarding the function of TOR signaling concerning cancer and aging.

His dedicated passion for proving that biogerontology was a manageable menace which made him one of the all-time greats in the longevity research.Mikhail is also well recognized for his authoring skills. He has drafted and published about important projects and science topics. He majors in Cell Cyclotherapy, Chemotherapeutic Engineering, and the aging hyper function theory. He works as an associate editor of the American Journal of Pathology known as PLOS ONE. It is worth noting that Mikhail has achieved great feats in Oncology. He has over 300 research articles. His hard work, commitment, and desire for success have been his secret to his ascent to his current status. In his perception, Mikhail Blagosklonny says that his profound love for the human race is what led him to this field. His objective is to have a disease-free community in the future with healthy people living a comfortable life.

Preventive Screening is a technique that dynamically identifies patients with a risk of disease or amelioration with respect to the use of specific symptomatic tests, including examinationsin population screening or different contingents. Each test has been done with the intent of early detection of the disease or impotence to it.

The evidence is to take into account common disease taking into account (or a set of diseases), its risk variables and advanced materiality. Here in the study of disease transmission and the inverse effect of the detection of cardiovascular infections the ratio of individual types of heart disease in the population and the rate in a similar population of these risk factors determine, prolonged bleeding pressure, High cholesterol, smoking and alcohol. Based on the evaluation of the individual risk variables and their mixtures, the creation of tables describes the risk of occurrence of new cases.

The basic requirements for screening are proximity to qualified personnel and a standard method of identification function in the study and evaluation of treatment outcomes. Strategies should be really simple, reliable and reproducible. Must have sufficient affection and specificity.

Never forget that it is better to prevent disease, than find a cure. Life Line Screening specialists will help you discover the early stages of coronary heart disease, diabetes, risk factors for glaucoma and hepatitis when they are easier to adapt to the disease and have unpleasant drawbacks: stroke, heart attack, vision problems, cirrhosis And liver infections.

Their aims to eliminate changes in your body that increase infectious growth and also distinguish between tumors in the early stages of recovery. It is imperative that you schedule routine screening for early detection of precancerous and developed infections. Life Line health centers understand the importance of these screenings, they stay ahead of the curve to repair and practice preventive care.


Are you thinking of getting insurance for your family and friends? Then worry no more let me introduce to you the USHEALTH group formerly known as Ascent insurance. The USHEALTH group is an insurance company based in Fort Worth Texas. It was incorporated in the early 1980s and changed its name in 2005. This insurance company has been in service for more than 50 years and has served over 15 million customers.

This has been made possible with the company having different groups of insurance companies. USHEALTH offer insurance on:

  • Innovative Life.
  • Specified Disease/Sickness.
  • Accident.
  • Disability Insurance.

USHEALTH has two main rules that will ensure better services to their wide range of customers. First, they believe that every customer has his/her taste. Secondly, they believe that “one size fits all” is not the best solution to the client’s need. The company boasts of being in payment cycle and claims processing in America.

USHEALTH Group insurance

This company offers a range of insurance policies that meet the customer’s plan. The following are the insurance they offer:

Securedental package

A smile makes a person live longer and that is what USHEALTH Group put in mind when offering this package. This secure dental package comes with three plans which are:

  • Premium plan- deductions are $50 for individual and $150 for family, this caters for Insured Covers Preventive Care, Basic Care, Major Care. Also, we have Orthodontic Deductible $150, Orthodontic benefit per Insured $1,000 lifetime.
  • Saver Plus plan- deductions are $50 for individuals and $150 for a family it covers Covers Preventive Care, Basic Care, and Major Care. There are also Orthodontic Care Services discounted at participating providers.
  • Saver plan- the deductions are $50 for individuals and $150 for the family this caters for Preventive Care and Basic Care, with Major Care and Orthodontic Care Services discounted at participating providers.


This package is a five-year renewable insurance with death benefit and specified critical illness or surgery. It allows the insured to obtain all or part of their death benefit in case of a critical illness or critical surgery. If diagnosed with a critical illness, Medguard gives you cash; this will be given to you immediately you are diagnosed with the disease. Their Facebook Page.

There are several other packages like:

  • Life protector- this package ensures that your finance is taken care of in case anything happens to you or your family.
  • Accident Protector- you can’t be too careful to prevent accidents from happening. Hence USHEALTH has a cover for you in term of accidents. It provides you with finances to cover for out of pocket accidents.
  • Income protector-this package ensures that it provides cash for monthly use on expenses.
  • Essential health benefit
  • Secure advantage

In conclusion, as you have seen USHEALTH is the best insurance company to depend on.