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Stream Energy is one of the fastest growing energy providers in the country today. The company was founded in 2004, and in just a short amount of time, they managed to expand beyond their home state of Texas. Illinois and Delaware are just two of the most recent states that were added into the company’s list of areas where they are currently operating, and locals are satisfied and contented with the service that the company provides. Stream Energy has more extravagant plans for future expansions, and they are excited to announce this information to their clients and investors who are positively thinking of their future.

Aside from their expansion plans, Stream Energy also revealed their newest company department that would handle all philanthropic activities of the company, called the Stream Cares Foundation. One of the first activities that the group did was to offer assistance to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane destroyed much of coastal Texas, and scientists are stating that it dumped 56 inches of rain, causing massive floods even in big cities. Many Texans have lost their properties and pets, and Stream Cares aims to provide these people with assistance and relief that would help them get through the disaster.

The leaders of the company  believe that helping the people is already embedded in their DNAs. Stream Cares Foundation is the result of their objective of assisting those who are in need, as a form of gratitude for all of the profits and the support that they received since 2004. The Stream Cares Foundation has launched programs all across the state of Texas that would help the victims of the hurricane to receive necessities that they need to survive. They will also receive financial assistance from the company, and according to Stream Energy, they will also mobilize their teams to fix the energy flow in areas that are greatly affected.

After the hurricane, a lot of electric posts have given up and were lifted above the ground. What Stream Energy will do is to restore power in the areas that have been damaged significantly, and they wanted to finish the project as soon as possible.