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Whitney Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer and founder of the dating app Bumble, weds Texas oil heir Michael Herd. The bride and groom united in marriage at Villa Tre Ville in Positano, Italy. Positano, by the Amalfi Coast, stuns with views of Mediterranean seascape, sharp cliffs, and thick forest. For an armchair sneak peek of this romantic getaway and its surrounding beauty watch the film, Under the Tuscan Sun in which Positano is distinctly featured.

Wolfe, born in Salt Lake City was transplanted to Paris when 11 years old, but went on to higher education at Southern Methodist University, majoring in International Studies. While still in college and working with Patrick Aufdenkam, together they created the nonprofit organization “Help Us Project” selling organic bamboo bags with the proceeds going to the Ocean Futures Society. Continuing to work with Aufdenkam, the two also created a line of clothing to raise funds for the fight against human trafficking.

Bumble, Wolfe’s very successful date-networking app, has grown wildly popular having over 11 millions users at the beginning of 2017 and now is reporting over 21 million users.

People use Bumble as a platform to begin friendships, make contacts, and exchanging safe connections for personal empowerment where women always makes the first contact, the company’s feminist tradition. Bumble creates additional value by providing advice on topics such as campus safety, depression, finances, alcohol and drugs along with modern dating and power networking tips.

Bumble officially opened its new headquarters in Austin, Texas this year where plans to continue growth by furthering social media expansion and creating more collaborative technologies, such as BumbleBizz, are well under way.

BumbleBizz is driven towards developing connections purely for the purpose of networking. A chance to connect with people on a professional level versus Bumble BFF, which is used to search for a best friend forever, a pal, a buddy. Bizz is geared toward changing the course of careers and employment. Networking has been studied and shown to be the best way to find a new job. It really is, who you know. BumbleBizz plus BumbleBFF works to dominate in all areas of connecting, from work to play.

Wolfe continues strong with her values and now adds marriage to her successful mix of business and life.

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